Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Robert Regester, son Fred R. and Ruby A. (George) Regester, daughter Mary (Regester) Martin, 6 South 48 West

The first settlement in this township in Republic County, Kansas was made by Thomas Regester and his two sons, Job and Robert, and one daughter, May 15th, 1866. The first prairie was broken by them on the NW 1/4 of section twenty-one (21) soon after making settlement, consisting of about five acres of bottom land which for nearly three years was the only land in cultivation in the township and which has been cropped continuously for thirty-four years and still produces well. "

In 1895 Republic County, Kansas, Robert Regester is 51 born in Ohio, with Elizabeth 38 Missouri. Lorenzo 20, Mary 15, Harry 13, Nellie 7, Grace 5, and Hattie 4 were all born in Kansas.
Robert claimed a quarter in 23, 6S, 48W in 1898.

In 1900 Republic County, Elizabeth born August 1836, with Robert October 1844, have Harry Dec 1881, Millie May 1883, Ora Grace 1889, Hattie E. 1891, and Fred 1896.

Robert 1844-1900 is buried in Republic County # 54837969, with Elizabeth 1856-1945 # 54837959.


The George's were in Phillips County, Kansas in 1900 and 1910, in Kit Carson County in 1920, in Albany Wyoming in 1930, and in Morrill County, Nebraska in 1940.

In 1910 Thayer County, Nebraska, Fred Regester is a laborer 23, living with E.C., 65.

Fred R. Regester of Chester, Fair County, Nebraska, married Ruby A. George of Vona Colorado on February 15, 1921. in Kit Carson County. Ruby's parents were Charles 1878-1954 # 85139616 and Dora George 1882-1964, # 85139602.

In 1930 Cheyenne County, Nebraska, Fred is a state patrolman, 33, with Ruby A. 27, both born in Kansas. Lorenzo C. is 8, born in Colorado, Glenna M. 4 in Wyoming, Imogene R. 2 in Nebraska. Ruby's brother Lorraine W. George 14 born in Colorado and Elizabeth C. Regester 73, widowed, born in Missouri are with them.

September 1938 Fred and Ruby visited the Lloyd Ryel family in Joes, and left for Colorado Springs.

May 1948 "Fred Regester, 51, of Minatare, was pinned between a truck and concrete bridge abutment for more than an hour Saturday before he could be released. He suffered a compound fracture of the left leg. Regester was guiding a truck into a washed out area on a highway four miles ±rom Scottsbluff when the side of the road caved in, dumping the truck on top of him in the ditch."

Ruby, born January 19, 1903, died October 5, 1993, last residence Scottsbluff.

Fred, born May 21, 1896, died November 1985, last residence Scottsbluff.

Lorenzo "Cash" Regester, born December 12, 1921 in Vona, Colorado, is buried in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, dying August 3, 1998 # 60392631, with Mary (Gallawa) Regester 1925-2012.

Imogene (Regester) Lewis 1928-2005 is buried in Gering, Nebraska, #50286024, with Richard C. Lewis 1927-2007.

BEULAH - Ruby's sister

Beulah Mae George married Lloyd A. Ryel 1892-1945 buried in Yuma Colorado, and Beulah 1900-1982 is buried in Merced, California, per # 25871204.

HARRY- Fred's brother

Harry was living in Woodland Park, Colorado, and is buried there 1881-1968 # 21041329, with Elva M. 1886-1969.


In 1900 Mary, born October 1879 in Kansas, is married to Fred Martin April 1877 Nebraska. They're with Fred's parents Asa May 1826 Belgium and Anna Jan 1834 Canada.
"Martin, Fred T., Farmer, S. 27, T. G, R. 48, P. O. Vona Mr. Martin was born in Nebraska in 1877, settled in the County in 1907, and married Mary Regester. They have five children."

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