Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Mary Edna Remillard, 6 South 48 West

Lizzie "Cramott" married Gilbert Remillard on January 11, 1879 in Iorquois County, Illinois.
Mary was born July 11, 1881 in Cissna Park, Illinois. There were so many people from Quebec in that area that people valled it "Canada."
(my great-great-grandfather came in 1853 from Quebec to Cissna Park.)

Charles Gustav and Charlotte Hortense Cramotte, the first and second of five children of Charles Frederick and Sophia Frene Cramotte, were born in Reconvilier, Switzerland, January 12, 1854 and July 28, 1856, respectively. Charles Frederick Cramotte, was born in France in 1828. Sophia Frene was born in Switzerland in 1818. They were married in Switzerland in 1852. Charles Frederick, who was a watchmaker, brought his family to the United States in 1868; first settling in Fairbury, Illinois. He soon moved his family to Cissna Park in Iroquois County. All of the Cramotte children married into Iroquois County families. Charlotte Hortense married John Charles Thomas September 10, 1876. Charles Gustav married Mary Frances Thomas September 27, 1876. Milo married Bridgett ?. Lizzett married Gilbert Remillar. Edward married Hester Van Dorn January 1, 1888.
After their marriage John Charles and Charlotte Hortense lived 11 years on a farm owned by her father, in the SW 1/4 Sec. 6, Fountain Creek Township, Iroquois County. There they had six children. Charles William born September 28, 1877; Mary Lenora August 13, 1879; Henry Garfield March 18, 1881; Frank Lincoln March 27, 1883; John Fremont November 26, 1884; and Della Mae December 9, 1886. In 1887 John Charles, an older brother Van Rennselear or Vanranciler, commonly called Banner, and Charles Gustav Cramotte moved their families to farms in Douglas Township, Clay County, Iowa. Mary Jane, widowed mother of John Charles, Banner,and Mary Frances (wife of Charles Gustav) went with them. Gilbert and Lizzett Cramotte Remillard moved to Sioux Rapids, Iowa, a few miles from the others, about the same time. John Charles and Charlotte Hortense, who had become known as Uncle Charlie and Aunt Hort, had four more children in Douglas Township. Raymond Edwin was born November 2, 1888; Ernest Alvin December 31, 1890; Blanch Irene January 6, 1893; and George Allen August 18, 1895.

In 1900 Buena Vista County, Iowa, Mary, born July 1879 in Illinois, is with Gilbert, a railroader born July 1857 New York, and Eliza January 1860 Switzerland, married 21 years. Edward is 17 bonr in Illinois, William 15, Frank 13, Lula 11, Isaacv 9, Jesse 6 and Oscar 2 were all born in IOwa.
Gilbert 1857-1920 is buried in Buena Vista County # 64857308.
"Spencer Reporter. 25 Aug 1920.
The entire community was shocked and saddened Wednesday of last week when it was learned that Gilbert Remillard, an old and highly repected citizen of this place, had been fatally injured by an unruly horse he was taking home from the pasture. In some way Mr. Remillard became entangled in the rope attached to the halter and was thrown to the ground and dragged about the pasture. He was terribly bruised and mutilated and unconscious when found and remained in that condition until the end came a few hours later. The deep sympathy of all goes out to the bereaved ones in their hour of sorrow. "

Clarence married on April 19, 1922 in O'Brien County to Edith Walstrom, said his parents were Gilbert Remillard and Elise Carinotte.

Gilbert, a farm laborer, and Elice are in Buena Vista County in 1910, with Mary 29, William 24, Lula 20, Isaac 19 a hostler, and Jesse a railroad laborer.

Mary cash-claimed a quarter in 4, 6S, 48W in 1912. Near her in time and place was George Foote.

Mary 1881-1940 is buried in Buena Vista County # 132134523 "Sister"
If anyone knows why she filed the Kit Carson County claim, please let us know.

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