Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

John F. and Louella (Colburn) Stott, mother-in-law Mary (Ensley) Colburn, 6 South 49 West

In 1860 Knox County, Illinois, Arthur Stott is 31 (census says 21), Mary 30, John 9, Lucy Ann 7, and Wm. 5.
(Lucy Stott married William Thomas Hall in Morgan County, Illinois on March 14, 1878.
Lucy (Stott) Hall 1852-1897 is buried in Clay Center, Kansas # 100543802.)

One tree said Mary died January 6, 1861 in Illinois.
Arthur is a Baptist minister in 1880 Lee County, Iowa, 51, married to Rebecca 34 born in Indiana, with Royal 3 and Nelly 2.
Arthur Stott and Rebecca J. Ward had Nellie on January 17, 1878, who applied for a delayed certificate in 1942 Los Angeles as Nellie Stott Miller.
Arthur was born at Oldham, England, and Rebecca at Rising Sun, Indiana.

In 1885 Lee County, Iowa, Arther is 56, Rebecca 38, Royal 8, Nellie 7, and Mary 3. Mary E. Furr, 14? is with them.

Arthur Stott 1829-1892 is buried in Harrison County, Iowa # 104288152.
"Rev. Arthur STOTT, Pastor of the Baptist Church at Logan, is a native of England, and came to Harrison County in 1888.
He was born near Manchester, England, in 1829, and is the son of John and Jane (O'NEIL) STOTT, both of whom are deceased. They were the parents of four children, of whom our subject was the second child.
His early life was spent in England, and he received his early education in a Government school, endowed by an old resident, and known as "Oldham Blue Coat School," graduating from the same in 1844. He came to the United States in 1854, locating at Jacksonville, Ill., where he worked at the tailor's trade, and began preaching in 1859, at Winchester, Scott County, Ill., having preached one year, at Tremont, Ill. During the Civil War he enlisted in the First Nebraska Cavalry, at a point twelve miles east of Little Rock, Ark., was taken prisoner, August 24, 1864, and was taken to Benton Barracks. He was mustered out of service, June 15, 1866, and went to Centerville, Iowa, as a minister, and lived in Washington, Washington County, at Columbus City, Erie, Ill., and went from there to Atlantic, Iowa, and also lived at Ft. Madison; lived eight years at Denmark, Iowa, then removed to Taylor County, and from there to Riceville, and in February, 1888, came to Logan. Politically Mr. STOTT is a hearty supporter of Republican party, and belongs to the Grand Army Post at Logan.
He was married in 1849, in England, to Mary WALKER, daughter of James and Alice WALKER. Mrs. STOTT died January 15, 1861, leaving three children--John, Lucy and William, all living. In March, 1875, our subject married Rebecca J. WARD, at Pella, Iowa. She was the daughter of Eben and Mary (ARMSTRONG) WARD, both of whom are deceased. Mr. and Mrs. STOTT are the parents of three children- -Royal, Nellie and Mary.
Since Mr. STOTT has been connected with the ministry, he has officiated at the marriage ceremony of one hundred and twenty couples, attended one hundred and twenty-nine funerals , and administered the ordinance of baptism to one hundred and sixty-six persons; built a church edifice at Atlantic, Iowa, and improved church property at various places. "

Estella Lucy Stott Devore 1878-1896 buried in Morgan County, Illinois was the first wife of Robert L. Devore 1867-1958. They haEstalla was the daughter of William S. Stott, Arthur's son.

In 1900 Los Angeles, Rebecca Stott is widowed, 54, with Royal 23 a day laborer.

Royal died in 1925, buried in Los Angeles National # 3756351.
When he was at Sawtelle Military Home, he listed his sister as Mrs. Mary Campbell of 1158 W. 10th, Pomona, California.

Mary Stott was born August 21, 1881 in Iowa, per the California death register. She died as Mary Campbell in Los Angeles County on April 21, 1948.

Mary married James R. Campbell, a carpenter, in Butte County, South Dakota on April 1, 1911.
and they're in Butte County, South Dakota in 1920. James is 47 born in Iowa, Mary 38, born in Iowa, with Lucille 7 in South Dakota and Clifford 5 in Washington.

In 1930 all four are in Pomona, California.

In 1940 James and Mary, still in Los Angeles County, have no occupations.

Lucille Eleanor Bowman was born May 31, 1912 in South Dakota to father Campbell and mother "Scott", dying July 7, 1993 in Los Angeles County.

Clifford Eugene Campbell was born to James Ralph Campbell and Mary "Stot" in Snohomish Wshington march 10, 1914.
Clifford is buried in Riverside County 1914-1996 # 55140985.

In 1870 Sangamon County, Illinois, William Colburn is a carpenter, with Mary, both 39. Malinda is 14, Louella 12, and William H. 1.
William served in the 28th Illinois Infantry, and Mary A. applied for a widow's pension on January 25, 1883.

Louella's brother William Henry Colburn 1894-1944 and his wife Olitha 'Ollie' (Milstead) Colburn 1872-1963 are buried in Cass County, Illinois.

In 1880 Menard County, Illinois, Mary E. Colburn is widowed, 49, born in Ohio, with son Harry W. 11.

William had died January 14, 1880, to be buried in Concord Cemetery near Atterberry, Menard County, Illinois.
The headstone has William S. Colburn, "Pvt, Co. F. 28th Vol Inf", # 28607633.

William Harrison Colburn 1879-1944 is buried in Chandlerville, Cass County, Illinois # 72082155.

Malinda had married Lycurgus Smith, then in 1898 married John J. Baker. John is buried in Menard County, # 35833043 with his first wife Martha A. Baker 1841-1897.

In 1880 Nuckolls County, Nebraska, "Henry" Stott is farming 29, Lilly 22, Jesse 3, and James 2. In 1885 Phelps County, Nebraska, John F. Stott is farming, 34, with Luella 27, Jessie A. 8, James A. 6, Mary C. 3, and Grace 1.

John claimed a tract in sections 6 and 27, 6S 49W in 1891, and another in 1895.

Mary A. Colburn claimed a quarter in 21, 6S 49W in 1891. That would be about a mile north of John Stott's section 27 claim.

She might be the Mary Colburn buried July 6, 1891 in Colorado Springs # 3446630.

In 1900 Kit Carson County, John F. Stott is a teacher, born October 1850 in England, married 25 years to Luella B. May 1858 Illinois. James is 21, born in Illinois, Mary 17, Grace M. 16, and Lucy M. 13 born in Nebraska.

In 1901 John Stott of Thurman attended the teachers' Institute in Wray.

December 1902 Burlington "Supt. Stott left Tuesday morning for Colorado Springs where he went on business."

In 1910 Kit Carson County, John is a laborer, with Louella and James.
January 20, 1910 Burlington "Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Stott, who have been residents of this city for several years, left Monday for Seibert where they will remain for some time. Mr. and Mrs. Stott have been very active members of Burlington's society and will be greatly missed."

"Judge Haynes and family are now occupying the J. F. Stott residence.

June 1910 "Mrs. J. F. Stott of Seibert accompanied her daughter, Mrs. Grace Jones to her home in Eldorado Springs, Arkansas where she will spend several weeks if the climate agrees with her health."

June 1910 "Mr. John Jones arrived here Thursday night to visit his wife and her parents, John Stott and family. Mr. Jones is timekeeper on a division of the Rock Island in Arkansas."
Seibert Settler.

September 1910 "Old Settlers day will be Wednesday, Oct. 5. A fine program is being prepared, and every body in the county is invited to attend. People attending this meeting should arrange to stay the remainder of the week to attend the Fair. For particulars address J. F. Stott, Secretary, Burlington, Colorado.

November 3, 1910 Burlington, Colorado "J. F. Stott, of Seibert, was in the city a few hours Monday Mr. and Mrs. Stott contemplate moving to Arkansas for the benefit of the latter' health."

February 16, 1911 "Mrs. Stott writes from Eldorado, Ark.; that they are settled in their new home and pleased beyond all expectations. They are enjoying sunshine, balmy breezes, outdoor flowers in bloom, a variety of evergreen trees and last, but not least, an abundance of kindling wood which she would like to share with her Kit Carson friend. Her health is much improved."

On April 29, 1912, John F. Stott, administrator of the estate of Orville A. Miller, deceased, appeared in Kit Carson court for final settlement.
In 1920 Dallas County, Missouri, John 68 and Louella B. 61 have no occuptions. James E. 40 is a railroad section foreman.

John F. Stott 1850-1926 is buried in Bentonville, Arkansas, # 43001404, with Luella B. 1858-1928 # 43001405.


Henry Scheidegger was in Richardson County, Nebraska in 1880, 17, with parents Nicholas 52 and Anna 47, both born in Switzerland. Samuel 15, John 12, Ruella 12, Francis 9, George 7, and Henrietta 5 were born in Nebraska.

In 1885 Richardson County, N. Scheidegger is 56, A.M. 54, with Samuel 20, John 18, "Prucilla" 16, Fanny 14, George 12, and Henrietta 9.

Henry Scheidegger married Jessie A. Stott on May 29, 1893 in Chaplin, Kit Carson County. The marriage was performed by minister George E. tuttler of Flagler.

Henry Scheidegger claimed a quarter in 24, 6S 49W in 1896.

Drusilla Scheidegger claimed a quarter in 24, 6S 49W in 1894, and married Peter Rasmussen on June 5, 1869 in Kit Carson County.

In 1900 Richardson County, Nebraska, Jessie A. is 23, born in Illinois, married to Henry Scheidegger 37, with Carl S. 6, Walter G. 5, and Louis N. 4.

They're in Kit Carson County in 1910, with Carl 16, Walter 15, Louis 14, Arthur W. 9, and Edwin S. 8. They said all the kids were born in Colorado....

In 1920 Kit Carson County, they have Arthur 19, Edwin 18, and Paul F. 3.

In 1930 they have only Paul, 13, and a boarder, Frank D. Grady 50, divorced, a newspaper printer.

Jessie A. 1876-1941 # 14810132 and Henry 1862-1946 are buried in Seibert, Colorao.

So are Walter G. Scheidegger 1894-1936 and his wife Irma 1898-1976.
So are Louis N. 1895-1970 and his wife Ida May Dennis Scheidegger 1894-1978.

Edwin married Refina Madison on November 19, 1928 in Kit Carson County.

Edwin is farming in 1930 Kit Carson County, 28, married to Refina H. 23 , with newborn Donald.

Refina 1907-1935 is buried in Seibert # 30859654.

In 1940 he's in Cheyenne County, Colorado, widowed, living with in-laws Fred M. Madison 63 and Della A. 59. Donald is 10, Grace E. 8, adn DEavid L. 7.
Fred 1877-1959 # 60873086 and Amelia Della Madison 1880-1952 # 60873083 are buried in Longmont, Colorado.

Edwin S. Scheidegger 1902-1981 is buried in Trenton, Missouri # 112260870.
Donald is buried in Trenton, Missouri, 1929-2002 # 112260838.

Paul Scheidegger is a radio station operator in 1940 Denver, in a boarding house.
He died June 1987 , last residence Las Cruces, New Mexico.


James E. Stott, 46, married Mary Lindsey 38, in Dallas County, Arkansas May 4, 1925. Both lived in Carthage.
In 1930 Dallas County, Arkansas, James is 51, married to Mary E. 40.
They're in Little Rock in 1940, James 61, Mary 54 born in Texas, with daughter Nobia Heene 30 born in Texas.
James Edwin Stott, born July 16, 1878 in Menard County, Illinois, died June 30, 1949 in Pulaski County, Arkansas, buried there, per # 172604941.

Mary (O'Rear) Stott 1885-1970 is buried in Rains County, Texas # 67523098 "Mother of Nobia Presswood Benedict"
Nobia is buried in El Dorado, Arkansas 1909-2000 # 17140086.


Peter J. Verhoeff married Lottie Stott on December 19, 1900, recorded in Kit Carson County.
Peter T. Verhoeff proved up a quarter in 20, 9S 51W in 1907.

In 1910 Searcy County, Arkansas, Peter J. Verhoeff is 44, born in Iowa, with Lottie 24. James is 8, Hazel 4 both born in Colorado, and Cleora six months born in Arkanss.
Charlotte 1882-1974 is buried in Bentonville # 43001407, with Peter T. Verhoeff 1866-1933.

Hazel Irene (Verhoeff) Sadlin 1905-2002 is buried in Fayetteville, Arkansas, with Wily Sandliln 1892-1981.

James Lester Verhoeff was born October 29, 1901 in Flagler, Colorado, registering for WWII in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Lucy M. Stott married Lewis E. Harbour on April 8, 1906 in Kit Carson County.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Lucy M. Harbor, 22 is in Kit Carson County, married four years to Louis E. Harbor 32 born in Iowa, with Raymond E. 1.
In 1920 Lewis - a blacksmith, Lucy and Raymond are in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Lucy Mable Harbour, born June 17, 1886, father Stott, mother Colburn, died in Los Angeles County December 13, 1949.
Lewis Edgar Harbour, born in Iowa April 24, 1877, mother Bryan, died in Orange County May 14, 1949.
He's buried in Westminster # 17592443.
May 15, 1949 "Services for Lewis E. Harbour, 72, of 1510 E. Ocean Ave., Seal Beach, who died Saturday, will be at 1:30 p. m. Tuesday. Interment will be in Westminster Memorial Park. A Seal Beach resident for a year, he is survived, by his widow, Lucy M.; son, Raymond E., Seal Beach; two grandchildren, and four sisters in Colorado."
December 14, 1949 " Lucy M. Harbour, 63, of 1510 Ocean Ave., Seal Beach, died Tuesday. Born in Nebraska, she came to Seal Beach four months ago. She is survived by her son, Ramon, of Seal Beach. Services will be announced by Christensen-Pino Mortuary. "

Raymond Harbour, born October 8, 1908, died in Los Angeles County December 21, 1969.

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