Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

George F. and Persis A. (Wivinis) Tucker, 6 South 49 West

In 1870 Dubuque County, Iowa, Albert Tucker is 34, born in New York, Sarah J. 28 Iowa, with George 9 and John A. 2.

In 1880 Dubuque County, A. C. is widowed, 47, farming, with George 15 and John 11.

Albert Tucker is in Linn County, Iowa in 1900, born Feb 1833 in New York, married to Esteher L. Augsut 1826 Maine. Esther's daughte Katherine G. Stock August 1875 in Iowa, and Albet's niece Mary Heston April 18783 Vermont is with them. In 1880 Jackson County, Iowa, Julia Wivinis is 34, with Percie 10 and Frank 7, all born in Iowa.
Her father Joseph Skinner, dying 1877, is buried in Jackson County, # 130548330.
Julia Ann Skinner Wivinis was born November 21, 1845 in Iowa.

"Baldwin is located as nearly as may be in the center of Monmouth Township, on the line of the Midland Railway and is an unincorporated town of probably four hundred inhabitants. February 9, 1859, at this point a few lots were platted and recorded by Henry Haines, under the name of Fremont, and a few houses were built there. It was not until the building of the railroad in 1871, however, that any considerable progress was made. The town of Baldwin adjoining Fremont on the east, was platted by Edward Baldwin, October 20, 1871, being located on the northwest quarter of Section 22, in Monmouth Township. The village is now known as Baldwin, that being the name given alike to the depot and the post office. On the county records, however, the name Fremont has never been changed. An addition to the town was laid out about 1873 by J. M. Zook, and the lots now unsold in the town belong to Mr. Zook or Mr. Baldwin. This land was formerly owned by Joseph Skinner, who settled in 1844, on what is now known as the Baldwin farm. Here was born in 1845, Julia A. Skinner (now Mrs. Wivinis). "

Julia might have been the second wife of Michael Wivinis, who with Elizabeth Sobren might havbe had Emma Belle on January 2, 1856 in Iowa.

(Barbara Wivinis married Daniel Hanser /Houser in Jackson County on April 19, 1860.)

Julia Skinner married Nicholas Wivinis on January 5, 1869 in Jackson County, Iowa.

In 1889 Jackson County "the eldest, a daughter, Julia, now Mrs. Wivinis, is a resident of Colorado."

Julia filed for a widow's pension on August 25, 1890 from Nebraska, for Nicholas Wivinis' service in the 2nd Iowa Cavalry.
In 1892 "Mrs. Julia Wivinis whose home is in the western part of this state is visiting among friends and relatives in this neighborhood."

Jane Skinner, dying June 2, 1897 at age 73, is buried in Pence Cemetery, Jackson County, # 81945684.
So is Julia 1845-1923 # 148378089, with Nick 1845-1873, # 9486330.
Frank Nicholas Wivinis, born February 3, 1873, was a barber in San Francisco when registering for WWI. Effie Belle Wivinis of the same address was his refereence.
In 1930 Frank, a barber on a ship, and Effie B., both 57, live on Schwerin Street in San Francisco.
Frank, born about 1873 in Iowa, mother Skinner, died in San Francisco County September 27, 1941, buried in San Mateo County, California, # 87551036.

In 1885 Jackson County, Iowa, Julia Wivines is 39, Percie 14.

Julia is in Jackson County in 1910, a baker, living alone, born in Iowa, father and mother in Virginia.

Persie Wevinis married George F. Tucker on October 18, 1888 in Clairmont, Elbert County, Colorado.
Alberta Clare Alexander was born November 15, 1889 at McCook, Nebraska to George F. Tucker and Persie A. Wivinis.
George claimed a quarter in 31, 6S 49W in 1890.

In 1900 Kit Carson County, George F. is a stock raiser, born July 1861 in Iowa, married eleven years to Persis June 1869 Iowa. They hae Alberta November 1889 born in Nebraska.

In 1906, the Iowa Supreme Court heard a case from Linn County: A.C. Tucker died intestate May 15, 1906, leaving a widow as exectrix and two sons froma previous marriage. He had depostied $4,500 in teh Coggon State Bank in 1905, and in November wrote two certificates, one "Pay to George F. Tucker" and on the back of the last "Pay to John A Tucker". "As George was then in Colorado, the cashier handed George's to John, and John placed it in a safe deposit box at the bank.,

John, born July 4, 1868 in Dubuque County, Iowa, father Albert Tucker, died in Lackawanna Pennsylvania May 23, 1950, a blacksmith, widowed.

He's buried in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania # 91854895.

George, per # 133489170, is buried in Linn County, 1860-1908, dying in Colorado Springs.

In 1910 Colorado Springs, Percie is widowed, Alberta 20, both working as sales ladies.

In 1930 Denver, Percie Tucker is widowed, 59, living with daughter Alberta and her husband Ernest Alexander,

In 1940 Denver, Alberta is married but no spouse, 50, and Percie 69 widowed is with her.

Ernest is also in Denver in 1940, in a lodging hotel on California Street, still a locomotive engineer, 48, married but no spouse.ALBERTA

Alberta C. Tucker married Ernest P. Alexander in Littleton, Colorado on August 2, 1919.

In 1920 Denver, Alberta works for a railroad as an comptometer operator, 29, married to Ernest P. Alexander, 30 born in Colorado, a carpenter for the railroad.

Alberta is buried in Jefferson County, Colorado 1889-1974, # 58746060. FindaGrave # 83582185 says Persie A. Tucker is buried there, too.

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