Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Joseph and Naomi (Davis) Vermillion, 6 South 49 West

In 1860 Barry County, Missouri, Joseph 21 and Rebecca J. 26 have Uriah 1.

In 1870 Laclede County, Missouri, Joseph Vermil.ion is 33, born in Missouri, with Rebecca J. 29 Ohio. Uriah 12, Adolphus 10, Cronelia 8, Rebeca J. 6, Calvin M. 4, Daniel A. 3, and Joseph E. 2.
Rebecca Jane Garrison, born May 3, 1832, married Joseph Vermillion, and died October 3, 1877.

In 1880 St. Clair County, Missouri, Joseph Vermillion is 41, Onie wife 22. Son Uriah is 22, son A.F. 19, Cordelia A. 18, Rebeca J. 16, Calvin M. 14, Daniel 12, Joseph E. 10, Rosa L. 8, and John K. five months.
In 1900 St. Clair County, Joseph born December 1838 in Missouri, married 20 years to Neoma October 1855, have John K. Dec 1880, Guyh April 1892, and Ula July 1896.

Joseph, born December 24, 1838 in Monette, Berry County, Missouri, died May 19, 1918 in Henry County, Missouri, a farmer, informant Naoma Vermillion of Brownington, Missouri.

He was to be buried in Bethlehem cemetery. # 27327225
"Joseph was the son of Reuben & Rebecca (Compston) Vermillion. He served for the Union as Private in Company L, 16th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry during the Civil War. He was 1st married to Rebecca Jane Garrison. Joseph and Rebecca had nine children:
1. Uriah "Bud" married Mary Ligget
2. Frank Adolphis
3. Cordelia Ann
4. Mary Malisia
5. Merrey Rebecca
6. Calvin
7. Daniel Asbury
8. Joseph Edward
9. Rosie Rosa Lee married Robert Chime in 1891 in St. Clair County, and in 1900 is living with brother Daniel in Phelps County, born May 1870 with may May 1893, Lottie April 1895, and Joseph May 1897.August C. Bischel, buried in in Phelps county 1872-1950, with her daughter Lottie 1895-1918.
Rosa and August divorced between 1920 and 1930. August is buried in Fillmore County, Nebraska 1858-1942 # 120534893.
Her son Coleman Joseph Bischel registered for WWI in Sterling Colorado, born May 7, 1897 in Carson City, Missouri, nearest relative Rose Lee of Exeter, Nebraska.

In 1930 Converse County, Wyoming, Rose Vermillion is 59, living with Coleman J. Chinn 31 i and mable V. 22. Rihard is 4, Rosalie 3, and newborn Donald E."
In 1940 Maricopa County, Arizona, Coleman is 42, with Mabel 33 born in Nebraska. Richard 14 in Colorado, Rosalee 13 adn Donald 10 in Wyoming.
Coleman J. Chinn, a laborer in Yolo County, California, was imprisoned at San Quentin for sex perversion in September 1946.
He's buried in Riverside County 1897-1974 # 54639987.
Mabel C. Chinn 1907-1965 died in Riverside County, mother's maiden name Kitchen.
In Douglas Park Cemetery, Converse County, Wyoming, stillborn Joseph Chinn, June 15, 1933 left behind but not alone. His Uncle Ed Vermillion is also buried in the Douglas Park Cemetery. Joseph married 2nd Naomi Davis. They had three children:
1. John Kirk - married Grace E. Pogue, buried in Kansas City 1879-1963 # 76301414.
2. Guy Solomon - married Elsie Wool, buried in Torrington, Wyoming 1892-1971
3. Eula T. married William McElwee buried in Henry County, Missouri 1896-1978"


Joseph claimed a quarter in 14, 6S 49W in 1891.

Joseph E. Vermillion, 31 married Emma M. Keller in Berrien County Michigan DSeptember 10, 1898.

Joseph Vermillion was the postmaster at Sacramento, Phelps County, Nebraska from 1895 to 1897.

In 1900 Phelps County, Nebraska, Joseph is farming, born May 1868, married two years to Emma Jaune 1867 Michigan, with Nora Dec 1899 Nebraska.

In 1910 Colorado Springs, Emma K. Vermillion is a dressmaker, widowed, 43, with Elnora H. 10 and Ruth K. 6, both born in Nebraska.

"Edd" is a real estate dealer in 1910 North Platte, Nebraska, 37, in a boarding house., single.

In 1920 Colorado Springs, Emma 52 has Ruth K. 16.

Joseph is farming alone in 1920 Converse County, Wyoming, 49.

"Ed" Vermillion is widowed in 1930 Converse County, farming alone.

Emma Keller Vermillion 1867-1920 is buried in Colorado Springs # 71812421.

Dorine Vermillion 1902-1928 is also buried in Colorado Springs # 35173702.

Elnoe Vermillion married John Bruce Conklin on February 16, 1919, recorded in Denver.
They're in Grand Junction COlordo in 1920, and in 1930 are in Glendale, California, with Maybelle 9 and Rosemary 2 both born in California.

Elnora Helene Conklin was born January 28, 1900 to Joseph E. Vermillion and Emma M. Keller, dying at Conroe, Texas May 11, 1976, informant Maybell Rapean. She's buried in Brookside Memorial Park, Houston # 160803632.

John Bruce Conklin born July 29, 1894 to Luthur Conklin and Julia Terry, died June 8, 1975 in Conroe, Texs. He's buried in Houston, too # 160803696.

Ruth married Clement G. Swan, had Jack Alden Swan in 1930 in Kansas City, and Jack died July 5, 2002.
They also had Elaine V. Kaylor 1924-1996 buried in Los Angeles County # 71406899.
Elaine V. Swan and Lawrence L. Kaylor divorced in Los Angeles in 1971.

Joseph Edward Vermillion 1870-1936 is buried in Converse County, Wyoming # 79691078 "Joseph Edward Vermillion, aged 66 years, died Sunday night, Oct. 26, at his home one mile south of Douglas on the highway. He had been in ill health, but was not thought to have been seriously ill. He lived at the filling station he had recently erected. A friend found him dead when he called Monday morning. Mr. Vermillion came to Wyoming in 1919. He was a native of Missouri where he was born October 15, 1870. He is survived by a sister, Rose Vermillion of Orin, a sister and brother in Nebraska and two daughters who live in California."


"Heirs of Calvin M. Vermillion" claimed a quarter in 17, 6S 49W in 1891.
Calvin 1865-1887 is buried in Phelps County, Nebraska.


Daniel A. Vermillion claimed a quarter in 28, 6S 49W in 1891, and another in 17 in 1894.

In 1900 Phelps County, Daniel is a grain dealer, born April 1867, with Anna January 1868 in England. Ella Nov 1891, Mary May 1892, and Pearl Augsut 1893 were born in Colorado, and COra Feb 1895 in Nebraska.

Daniel 1867-1954 is buried in Phelps County, Nebraska # 25461524, with Margaret Anne (Cain) Vermillion 1868-1936.
Daniel & Margaret were married 1889 in Holdrege,Phelps,NE. They had five daughters.
1. Ella Lee
2. Rebecca Mae
3. Anna Pearl
4. Cora Emily (Vermillion) Kentner born 1895 in Kit Carson County, married Raymond Lee Kentner, buried in Phelps County 1895-1969.


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