Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Charles F. Wagaman, 6 South 49 West

Charles claimed two quarters in 33, 6S 49W in 1914.

Possibly the Charles F. Wagaman 1876-1927 buried in Marion County, Iowa # 136000586 " Death due to an accident in a coal mine."

Charles was born in Iowa to Charles Marion Wagaman of Pennsylvania and Mary Yansey of Iowa.

Charles F. Wagaman married Maude Liike on November 11, 1903 in Marion County, Iowa.
Maude Luke Wagaman was born October 11, 1883 (1882 per the California death index) in Marysville, Iowa to Leopole Luke and Emaline WSaisner.
Maude died as Maude Holman in Los Angeles County August 7, 1956.

If he was the Kit Carson County one, he didn't stay long. Charles Franklin Wagaman registered fro WWI in Knoxville, Iowa, farming, born january 20, 1876, farming, with Maud as his nearest relative.

Charles Franklin Wagaman and Maude Luke had Merle Luke Wagaman on February 29, 1908 in Marysville, Iowa.

Charles was farming in Marion County, Iowa in 1910, 35 born with Maude 26 and son Merle 2, all born in Iowa.

They're farming in Marion County in 1920, too, with only Merl L., 11.

In 1930 Maude (wid C.F.) is living in Des Moines, Iowa at 1340 5th.

In 1940 Maude Holman, 56 born in Iowa, is living with son Merle L. Wagaman 32 in Los Angeles. Merle is a stripper at a fiber board plant.

Merle died in Los Angeles County November 17, 1974, born February 29, 1908.

"Merle L. Wagaman, Lynwood, Calif., assignor to Fibreboard Paper Products Corporation, San Francisco, Calif., July 11, 1958. This invention generally relates to a carton of flexible and foldable material which includes an end closure and reclosure structure which may be closed initially and subsequently opened to permit access to the carton contents and which thereafter may be reclosed to protect unused carton contents. More particularly this invention relates to a carton of flexible and foldable material, desirably paperboard, intended for packaging bakery goods or the like, comprising end closure and reclosure structure which includes a pair of inwardly foldable closure flaps, a first cover fiap foldable to overlie said closure flaps and a second cover flap foldable to overlie said first cover flap. Said cover flaps desirably include means for initially closing, opening and subsequently reclosing the carton end structure. Such means desirably includes interengageable tab and slit means for maintaining said carton end closed initially, a tear-out section which may be severed from the end structure for facilitating opening of the carton, and tongue means cooperable with the aperture which results from severing the tear-out section for effecting reclosing of the carton."

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