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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Frank Willard, 9 South 44 West

October 5, 1908 "James Willard, the 18-year-old son of Frank Willard , a printer, is dying at the city hospital from burns about the face and arms received this morning. He and several boya wero playing along tho banks of the river. Willard opened several cartridges and piled the powder in one heap. He touched a match to it and the powder flashed into his face. He will lose the sight of both eyas if his life is saved."

In 1910 Denver, Frank Willard is a newspaper printer, 52, born in Illinois, married 18 years to Margaret 44 Texas. Florence 17, Warren 13, Frank 11, and Lee 9, were born in Texas.

In 1920 Denver, Frank is a newspaper proofreader, with Margaret 50, Warren 23, Lee 19. Florence is married to George Critts 26, with George W. Crites four months old.

Frank 1860-1920 is buried in Denver # 55374825.

Margaret Willard 1865-1940 is buried in Denver # 55374826.

Florence is buried in Denver 1892-1928 # 55374113, and George F. Crites 1892-1971 buried in Denver # 76601791.
her son George Willard Crietes 1919-1983 buried in Gregson, Montana # 128710076.

James Lee Willard married Marion Ohling in 1925 in Boulder, and they're in Missouri in 1930 and 1940.
In 1957 Oklahoma City, J. L. Willard is vice-president of Cities Service Company, with Marion living at 6500 Grand Blvd.
Their son James Henry Willard died 1989, buried in Boulder # 11114820.


In 1886 Frank Willard, of Elbert, was elected a vice-president of the COlorad WOol Groweres Association.

1886 "Mr. Frank Willard, the sheep owner, will become a heavy stock holder in the Northern Colorado Livestock company of Fort Collins."

1888 Colorado State Fair "The Frank P. Willard Sheep company of Denver shows some fine specimens of French Merino backs. They are all wrinkles from brad to tail."

1899 Elbert County " Frank Willard and wife, and son Myron, of Deuel, a town on the Platte River, near Fort Morgan, came down Thursday afternoon to visit his brother, Haskal Willard."

July 1899 "Frank Willard has sold his big farm in Weldon Valley to Robert and Henry Bchaefer and will soon go to Kirkland, Illinois, where he has leased a hotel and sheep feeding yards on the Milwaukee & St. Paul R. R."

In 1900 Dekalb County, Illinois, Frank G. Willard is 57, with Sarah 54, both born in New Hampshire. Geogre 24, Frank H. 22, Ralph 20, Grace A. 18, Blanch B. 15, and Myron W. 11, were all born in Colorado.

Edwin M. Glover 23, married Blanch B. Willard, 24, in Chicago on August 12, 1908.

Frank G. and Sarah C. are living with son Frank H. in 1920 Logan County, Colorado. Grace 37 is with them, and so is sister Blanche B. Glover 35 and her daughters Clara L. 10 and Grace C. 9 both born in ILliois - father Canadian.

Frank 1843-1929 is buried in Denver, with Sarah Challis (Parks) Willard 1848-1928.

Grace is married to Emerson A. Smith in 1940 Sterling, Colorado, both 30, wtih Valta Kay Smith 4.

Grace Chellis (Glover) Smith is buried in Wheatland Wyoming 1910-1969 # 94032031.
Emerson 1910-1962 is buried in Torrington, Wyoming 3 10891499.
Valta Kaye Will, born October 22, 1934 in Colorado to mother Glover and father Smith, died June 3, 1987 in Riverside County, California.
She had married James Parsons in 1954, and Heinz J. Will in 1966.

Bertie S. Stuck married Frank P. Willard in Clark County, Illinois September 24, 1882.
Frank P. Willard claimed land in sections 1 and 24, 9S 44W in 1890.
Martin Willard, farmer, P. O. West York, is the oldest settler now living in Melrose Township, coming to the immediate locality where he now lived, in June 1818.  His father, Joseph Willard, was a native of North Carolina, and was born November 14, 1769.   He was a son of Martin and Rachel Willard, and was raised in his native State, and was married November 23, 1796, to Miss Peninah Jessop.  She was born in North Carolina, and died in Clark County, Ill., on the 8th of October 1841.  They had a family of eleven children, all but the two younger born in North Carolina.  Margaret and Martin was born in Orange County, Ind., and the latter, the subject of these lines, born on the 19th of May, 1817.  The family landed in what is now Melrose Township, on the 12th of June, 1818, and was the owner of one horse and cart. He began without house or any shelter other than a rude protection for his family, which he constructed of poles set up and covered with poplar bark.  Here, surrounded by a dense forest of timber, infested with wild animals and Indians, he began to make for himself a home, and with the help of his older children, soon had made a cabin house and cleared a small field.  He lived to make for his family a comfortable home, and died where Martin now lives on the 14th of February 1845.  This circumstances, therefor, under which Martin was raised, were such as to fit him well for the battle of life, and now, although sixty-six years old, is still able to oversee the interests of the farm.  He was married, February 21, 1841, to miss Sarah Draper. She was born in Indiana July 13, 1819, and is the daughter of Jesse and Abigail Draper.  Their family consists of ten children, two of whom are dead, viz.: Caroline, born March 8, 1842, the wife of Riley Mills; Mary J. Born November 20, 1843, died September 11, 1865; Isaiah, born September 17, 1845, died July 19, 1879; William M., born December 21, 1847, married to Miss I. Burrows; Charlotte, born November 13, 1849, the wife of Edward Wold; Amanda, born August 22, 1851, the wife of William P. Claypool; George Willard, born July 3, 1853; Martha A., born November 20, 1855, the wife of Henry Newlin; Alice C., the wife of A. Gideon, was born November 11, 1857; Frank P., born June 3, 1861, married to Barbara Stuck.  Mr. Willard and wife are members of the Society of Friends, commonly called Quakers.  Their ancestors were members of the same organization.

Martin is buried in Clark County, Illinois 1817-199 # 53853374.

Frank P. Willard is in Crawford County, Illinois in 1900, born June 1861 , married 17 years to Barbara Oct 1861, with Arthur July 1883, Edgar C. March 1886 all born in Illnlois, Mable April 1888 in Colorado, and Elmer July 1890 in Illinois.

In 1910 Crawford County, Frank is farming, 48, with Barbara 48. Mabel 21 - this census says she was born in Illinois, with Elmer 18. in Illinois.

Barbara Stock Willard, 68, died Oct 2, 1927 in Caddo Parish, Louisiana.

Franklin Pierce Willard, born June 3, 1862 in West York, Illinois to Martin Willard of North Carolina and Sallie Draper of Hudsonville Illinois, a resident of Natchez, died April 18, 1937 in Louisville, Kentucky, to be buried in Shreveport.
Edgar Clayton WIllare, born March 11, 1885 to Frank P. and Barbara Willard in Illinois, a petroleum loading foreman, died Dec 15, 1957 in Longview, Texas, to be buried in Memory Park Cemeteery in harrison County, Texas.
"Elmer Franklin Willard (son of Franklin Pierce Willard and Barbara Struck (Stuck?))was born in Robinson, Crawford County,Illinois.He married Willie Edna Stroud. Children of Elmer Franklin Willard and Willie Edna Stroud are: +Elmer Franklin (Frank) Willard, Jr., b., Natchez, Mississippi,d., Dallas, Texas. Hellen Willard. Mabel Willard. Mary Louise Willard. Laura Barbara Willard. Louis Willard. Burt Willard. Bobby Willard. Henry Willard. Ray Willard. "Wallace Willard, was born in Natchez, Miss. 1936. His father, Elmer Franklin Willard (1890-1914) was born in Robinson, Crawford County, Illinois, the son of Franklin Pierce Willard (1861-1937) who married in 1882, Barbara Struck (Stuck) (1857-1937). She was born in Terre Haute, Indiana. "
Billy Willard. Hewlitt Willard."

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