Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

John and Roxana A. Brewer , 6 South 50 West

Roxana might be the Roxana Romine in 1850 Wood County, Virginia, 15, with mother Malinda 38, Elizabeth 17, Peter 8, Lucy A. 4, and Rodima 2. J
Julia A. Maddox, Roxana's daughter, is 23, with America 8 and Thomas 5.
Malinda, daughter of David Rardon and Margaret Elizabeth Dewitt, died in Sullivan County, Missouri, that her first husband Thomas Milburn died about 1840, and then she married Peter? Roswell? Roomine.

(Juliann Buckley 1827-1904 "daughter of Rossel & Elizabeth Romine", per # 66539384 had four husbands - Maddox, Robbins, Strong and Buckley.

In 1860 Jackson County, Malinda is 50, Jno. M. 19, Peter 16, Lucy 14, and daughter L. 12, all born in Virginia.

In 1870 Jackson County, Malinda is 59, with Peter 26 farming. Lodeania is 22, and George Rarden is 14.

In 1880 Sullivan County, Missouri, Malinda is 69, with son Peter Romaine 35 and Sarah 23. Samuel M. 8 was born in Virginia, Alonzo R. 6 and John T. 2 in Missouri.

John Brewer and Roxyanne Millburn married in Jackson County, West Virginia in 1858.

In 1870 Ravenswood, Jackson County, John Brewer is a laborer, 40, Roxana 35, Malinda 10, Caroline 8, Albert J. 6, John P. 4, Mary A. 2, and William R. one month.

David Benjamin Brewer was born December 15, 1875 in Ravenswood Junction, West Virginia
In 1880 Jackson County, West Virginia John Brewer is 45, farming, Roxana 45, Malinda J. 21, Caroline 18, Albert J. 17, John P. 14, Mary A. 12, Charles D. 7, David B. 4. Cousin James Stewart is 48, and John's mother Mary Brewer 79 is with them.
Roxie 1830-1911 is buried in Flagler # 15793813, with John S. 1827-1890 having no burial record.


Lodena stayed in Missouri, marrying John Rardon. One tree says "1900, John Rardon and Lodemia state that they have had five children, three still alive. 1910, John J. and Lodund state that they have been married 35 years (1875) and have had five children, and three are still alive."


Peter Romine 1844-1934 is buried in Linn County, Missouri, per # 21966276.
His death certificate says he was born April 14, 1844 in West Virginia to Roswell Romine and Malinda Reardon.

Roswell Romine married Mary Rowland on December 26, 1837 in Wood County, West Virginia.
Sullivan County, Missouri:
Romine, Peter to Cathers, Sarah E. on Apr 16, 1877
Romine, Peter to Ostram, Minda on Jul 10, 1888


In 1900 Sulivan County, Missouri, Albert born March 1863, married 13 years to Sarah August 1866, both in Weest Virginia. Edward June 1893, Samuel Nov 1895, and Donna M. July 1898 were born in Missouri.

On the same page is John Milburn Feb 1842 in Virginia (maybe a brother-in-law of Roxana?)

John was born Feb 15, 1841 in Jackson County, West Virginia to J.T. Milburn and Malinda Reardon, both of West Virginia.
John had married Perlinia Goselton in Jackson County in 1865.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Albert is 47, born in West Virginia, married 21 years to Sarah J. 43, Virginia. She's had eight kids, five living.
Edward L. is 16, Larry C. 14, Ouma 11, Cora A. 9, and Ben A. 6 all born in Missouri.
His mother Roxana A. 79 is widowed, born in West Virginia. She's had eight kids, six living. Also with them is William E., a nephew, 23 born in Missouri.

Albert claimed two quarters in sections 20 and 29, 6S 50W in 1912.

"Jinks" A. Brewer 1862-1938 is buried in Flagler, with Sarah J. 1866-1941.

Edward claimed a quarter in 35, 6S 50W in 1918. He's likely the Edward Lee Brewer 1893-1965 buried in Alamosa, Colorao # 53233994, with Sadie E. (Hayes) Brewer 1910-1995.
Edward Brewer married Sadie "Hawys" on June 27, 1927 in Alamosa County.

1971 Albuquerque " Robert Lee Brewer, 33, of Alamosa, Colo, was released after having been kidnaped at gunpoint and abused.."


September 1910 Mrs. Gertie Roscone?, of Denver, is visiting her mother, Mrs. M. E. Brewer."


August 1912 "Miss Edna Romine of Cope came to Wray Tuesday and is a guest in the W. J. Wellar home. Miss Romine is taking the teachers examination which is being held today and tomorrow."


John S. Brewer 1865-1909 is buried in Flagler, with his wife Roda Ella (LaFever) Brewer 1872-1895 buried in Linn County, Missouri.
"Died, Wednesday night, July 10th of Hemicrania, Ella (Lafever) Brewer. The deceased was age 23 years, and 10 months and leaves three small children and a husband to mourn her untimely end, she was found in the yard by her husband Tuesday evening and never regained consciousness. She had complained of a severe headache for some time but no one had any thoughts of it ending in this awful manner."

"Heirs of John P. Brewer" claimed a quarter in section 6, 7S 50W in 1911 - so this is possibly the land claimed by John S.

In 1900 Sullivan County, Missouri, William is with his grandmother Roxana Brewer, 66. She said he was born March 1887. Also with them are Roxana's daughter Mollie January 1879 in Virginia.
Other grandchildren are John Brewer April 1892, Belvie January 1894, Rog E. October 1891, and Edgar E. May 1894, all five born in Missouri.

John and Roda's children were Ada Pearl (Brewer) Pearson 1890-1937, Roy Earnest Brewer 1892-1981, and Edgar Earl Brewer 1893-1963.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, James W. Hubbard is 40, Mary 42, Johnie 12, "Belvie" 10, Ethel 5, Carrie 3, and Virginia 1.
The three children took on the Hubbard name from then on.


In 1900 Sullivan County, Missouri, William is with his grandmother Roxana Brewer, 66. She said he was born March 1887.
One tree said John P. had only three kids by Ella (Lafever) Brewer - Ada, Roy, and Edgar.

So John might have married before Ella.

In 1910 William is living with uncle Albert in Kit Carson County.

William claimed a quarter in 19, 6S 50W in 1913.

William Earl Brewer registered for WWI in Rooks County, Kansas, born March 1, 1886, farming, his relative Carrie Robinson of Fountain Grove Missouri.

William is in Kit Carson County in 1920, 33, farming - he has a hired man.

In 1940 he's in Linn County, Missouri, 52
William registered for WWII in Meadville, Linn County, Missouri (was in Alamosa County, Colorado in 1935). He's a farm laborer for his aunt Caroline Robinson 78, widowed, born in West Virginia.
1949 Chillicothe " Mrs. Floyd Sterling of Brookfield was the guest of her mother, Mrs. Caroline Robinson, last week. She returned home Sunday."

1951 Chillicothe, Missouri " Mis. Caroline Robinson, who spent the past few months in the home of her daughter, Mrs. P. E. Deem, and Mr. Deem, has moved to her own home. Miss Dorothy Weitzel of Chillicothe is staying with Mrs. Robinson."

Carrie 1861-1951 is buried in Laclede, Linn County, # 138010912.
, born March 17, 1886 in Sullivan, Missouri, reference Ellis Friesner of Meadville.


Charles is with widowed mother Roxana in 1900 Sullivan County.

Annie Crowder, born in Adair County, Missouri June 11, 1875, had married David Lawson Bailey 1874-1902.

They had Ovel Orse Bailey about 1897, who married Leola Vrooman on Dec 21, 1922 in Kit Carson County.
She married Charles Delbert Brewer about 1904.

Oval Orse Bailey 1897-1966 is buried in Flagler # 13990253.

On the same page in 1910 Kit Carson County is Charles D. Brewer, 37, born in West Virginia married five years to Annie A. 33 Missouri (her second marriage). Orse B. is 12, Louisa M. 9, Laurie E. 7, and Raney N. 4, all kids born in Missouri. Annie has had six kids, all living.
Charles claimed a tract in section 4, 7S 50W in 1915.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Charles is 47, Annie 45, with Roxie 14, Charles 8, Eunice 5, and Flossie 7.

Charles 1872-1967 is buried in Seibert.

Flossie Irene Brewer, 18, married Carl D. Poorman on March 1, 1932 in Hugo, Lincoln County, Colorado.
She's buried in Limon, 1913-2002 # 78083864, with Carl 1908-1976.
This was duplicated by # 78082863,


David B. Brewer was in Wyoming in 1910, single, and in 1941 is in Laramie, Wyoming at 367 N. 2nd.

He's in Uinta County, Wyoming when registering for WWI, ranching, nearest relative A. J. Brewer of Flagler, COlorado.

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