Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

George W. and Sarah J. (Mitchell) Ridgway , 6 South 50 West

" Geo Washington Ridgway b. 1857 was son of Samuel & Minerva (Benjamin/Anderson)."
"Minerva Benjamin was first married to Samuel Ridgway on 24 AUG 1854 in Polk County, IA. They had 9 children before Samuel died in 1871. Minerva Benjamin Ridgway then married Joseph J. Anderson on 12 SEP 1875 in Camp Township, Polk County, IA. "

Minerva (Benjamin) (Ridgway) Anderson 1837-1922 is buried in Cope, Colorado.

In 1870 Nodaway County, Missouri, Jehu Mitchell is 52, Mahala A. 40, Margaret A. 17, Sarah J. 10, Campsey B. 8, Francis D. 5, and James H. 2.

Mahala Ann (Foster) Mitchell, per one tree, died July 6, 1872 in Nodaway County.

In 1880 Nodaway County, Jaleigh Mitchel is 58, farming, Sarah 20, Campadell 18, Frank 14, James 12, and Mary 7.
(Campcedell Mitchell Herndon 1852-1924 is buried in Smith County, Kansas # 20956679.)
(Henry James Mitchell 1867-1945 is also buried in Smith County # 106368703.)
(Margaret A. Dickey 1853-1934 is buried in Vernon County, Missouri, # 117194651, with Harvey B. Dickey 1854-1934.)
In 1910 Frances D. Mitchell is a hired man in Collbran, Mesa County, Colorado, 44, working for Charles Libby. He's with sister Margaret Dickey in 1930 Bourbon County, Kansas.

George W. Ridgeway, 21, married Sarah Jane Mitchell, 18, on August 15, 1881 in Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri.

They had Effie Mae Ridgway on February 11, 1882 in Malheur County, Oregon.

In 1885 Smith County, Kansas, Geo W. is 27, S. J. 24, and Effie M. 1.

Lewis W. J. Ridgway 1891-1894 is buried in Decatur County, Kansas.

In 1895 Linn County, Kansas, Geo. W. is 38, Sarah 34, Effie May 11, Stella Minerva 8, Hattie M. 3, and Florie E. one month. Jehu S. Mitchell 73 born in Kentucky is with them.

Roszetta Ridgeway - January 1898-March 1898 is buried in Decatur County # 80579067.

In 1900 Decatur County, Kansas, George is farming, born Feb 1856 in Iowa, with Sarah March 1859 Missouri. Effie Feb 1884, Zella October 1885, Hattie July 1891, Florence March 1895, and Ellie Dec 1897 were all born in Kansas.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, George is farming, 52, born in Iowa, with Sarah Jane 43 Missouri. She's had nine kids, six living. Hattie M. 18, Florence E. 15, Ettia O. 12, and Goldie M. 9 were born in Kansas

Thanks to the Harry Long family for the great photo.

Sarah, widow of George, proved up 214 acres in section 1, 6S 50W in 1914.
In 1920 Yuma County, Laird precinct, Sarah is widowed, 59, born in Missouri, living with daughter Opal E. Waters 23 and Glen W. Waers 27 born in COlorado. Evelyn J. Waters is nine months old.

Sarah is living with daughter Hattie Bennett in 1930 Harlan County, Nebraska. Roland Bennett is 49, born in Nebraska, Hattie 24 in Kanss, with Vera 3 born in Nebraska.
Sarah Jane (Mitchell) Ridgway 1860-1932 is buried in Cope, Colorado # 38044892, with George Washington Ridgway 1856-1912 # 38044808.

Minerva Benjamin Ridgway Anderson died in Cope, Washington County, CO on 02 MAR 1922


In 1920 Laird precinct, Florie is 26, married to Charles Latoski, 31 of Illinois. Alphadeen is 4, Willamette 2, both born inCOlorado. Sister May and George Bates are with them.

Florence 1893-1964 is buried in Fort Morgan # 75307548, with Charles S. 1887-1945.
Daughter Opal M. (Latoski) Billbe 1926-2014 died in Pueblo, Colorado.

Alpha (Latoski) (Devin) Gonzales 1915-2002 is buried in Fort Morgan.

In 1910 Yuma County, Magee precinct, Effie M. Bates is 26 born in Kansas? with Everett Bates 31 born in Kansas. They're next to CHester A. Bates 26 and Edith W. 16.
[They're on the same census page as my grandparents Albert and Cynthia Monk.]

George E. Bates is a farm salesman, 40 and May E. 36 in Laird precinct, Yuma County in 1920,

In 1930 Otis, Colorado, Evert G. is a barber, 50, Effie 46, and Charles T. Bates is 76.

George and Effie are in Josephine County, Oregon in 1940.

Effie 1884-1958 # 91957748 and George 1879-1955 # 91957770 are buried in Otis.

November 17, 1955

June 19, 1958
June 26, 1958

In 1920 Goldie is 20, married to Harry E. Long, 26, born in Nebraska, farming in 5N 47W, Yuma County.

In 1930 Yuma County, Harry is 37, Goldie 29, Delbert 7, Maxine 5, and Norma 3.

The Dorcas Ladies, twenty-three in number, met at the Leo and Julia Hoskins house, and planned to serve lunch at the Harry Long sale February 14.

In 1940 Yuma County, Harry is 47, Goldie 40, Delbert Harry 18, Maxine Lois 15, and Norma Elene 13.

1953 Eckley "Overnight guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Intermill were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Long of Salt Lake City, Utah." - this might be the father or the son...

Harry and Golda Long bought the Yuma Theater in 1981 from Lyle Myers.

Golda Mable Long 1900-1994 is buried in Yuma # 60544853, with Harry E. Long 1893-1972.

October 5, 1972
Lois Maxine (Long) Church is buried in Delta, Utah 1924-1988, with Donald G. Church 1925-1991.

Norma E. Dickson 1926-2009 is buried in San Diego County, # 116173947, with Robert W. Dickson 1925-2001.

She died in Las Vegas November 11, 2009, children Robert J. Dickson of San Diego and Sandra E. Falconer of Georgetown, Texas.

1966 "Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Long of Denver visited over the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Long and with relatives of Mrs. Long."

Harry Delbert Long 1922-2004 is buried in Yuma # 60544854, with Maella Birdine Long 1922-2008.


July 22, 1915 "Miss Opal Ridgeway spent Sunday as the guest of Miss Gertie Waters."

Wray Rattler - February 1, 1917 "Glen W. Waters and Miss Opal Ridgeway, both of Laird, were united in marriage by Judge Barker Monday."

November 20, 1919
Roy Waters 1917-1919 is buried in Wray # 63471541.

May 14, 1936 Waverly items in the Yuma Pioneer "Mr. and Mrs. Glen Waters and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Rutledge were Wray visitors Monday"
January 1937 "Miss Opal Waters, daughter of Mrs. Opal Waters of near Yuma, and Joe Intermill, son of Grover Intermill of near Eckley, were married last week in Denver.

In 1940 Eckley precinct, Opal, 44, is living with daughter Evelyn J. Intermill, 20, with Joe A. 23 and Joe Jr. 1. Grover Intermill, 50, Joe's father is with them. Both Joe and Grover were in Phillips County, Colorado in 1935.

December 1955 "Mr. and Mrs. Grover Intermill had as their guests Thanksgiving Mr. and Mrs. Joe Intermill and sons, Mrs. Opal Waters, Mrs. Effie Bates of Otis, and Mrs. Hattie Bennett from Denver."

July 12, 1979

Opal 1897-1979 is buried in Wray # 63471501, with William Glenn Waters 1894-1936.

July 23, 1936

Evelyn Jane (Waters) Intermill 1919-2015 is buried in Fort Collins, wtih Joe A. Intermill 1916-1968 # 49598477.


Hattie M. Ridgway, 23, married Roland M. Bennett on January 18, 1915 in Holyoke, Colorado.

In 1920 they're in Tribune, Kansas, and in 1930 in Alma, Nebraska.

In 1940 Harlan County, Rolland is 58, Hattie M. 41 - both clerks in a grocry store. Vera is 13, and Gladys Bennett 23 is a lodger, born inKansas, in Buffalo County Nebraska in 1935.

In April 1957 Effie Bates and Hattie Bennett of Otis were at a funeral in Pleasant Valley northeast of Yuma.

Roland 1882-1952 is buried in Alma, Nebraska # 91864345, with Hattie 1891-1987 # 91865199.


Don Miller was born at Smith County, Kansas Dec 22, 1881 and married Estella RIDGWAY July 3, 1904.

In 1920 Yuma County, Stella - next to Chester and Edith Bates - is married to Don C. Miller 36. Ralph L. 14, Leila M. 12 with their parents born in Kansas, and Effie A. 10 in Colorado.

Stella and Don are in Cope precinct, Washington County, Colorado in 1930, farming, with Ralph 24, Effie 21, Kenneth 9, and Helen 1.
Estella 1885-1967 is buried in Flagler # 15730543, with Don C. Miller 1881-1968 # 15730529.

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