Kit Carson County, Colorado

Henry T. and Minnie (Barnett) Bandy   , 7S 42W


Arthur James Bandy was born 1895 in Goodland, Kansas, to Thomas H. Bandy and Minnie M. Barnett and married Anabel M. Kelly in Clinton County Iowa in 1926.

In 1900 Norton County, Kansas, Thomas H. Bandy, born Nov 1869 married two years to Minnie M. Nov 1877, both born in Illihois, hae James A. August 1898 Kansas.
In 1907 T.H. Bandy is living in section 18, 7S 42W, Sherman County, Kansas, coming to Sherman County in 1892.

In 1910 Sherman County, Kansas, Thomas H. Bandy is 39, Minnie 32, wtih James A. 11 and Earl E. 9.

Henry T. Bandy proved up 29 acres in 13, 7S 42W in 1911, witnesses Emil A. Seagren, Delbert R. ?eish, James A. Reish,a nd Wm. W. DuMars, all of Kanorado, and cash-claimed 30 acres in 13, 7S 42W in 1922.
1912 "Goodland, Kas., Feb. 2. There was rejoicing among the farmers in Western Kansas counties a few weeks ago over the report that cattle and horses would eat the Russian thistle and that this formerly obnoxious weed could be depended upon to take the place of other roughness of which there was quite a shortage in some of the western counties. A horse owned by Henry T. Bandy and a half dozen other farmers, jointly, died"
In 1920 Sherman County, Kansas, Henry T. is 50, Minnie Malisa 42, both born in Illinois. They have Earl 19 and Cecil 9, both born in Kansas.
In 1925 Tom F. 55, Minnie M. 47, and Cecil S. 14 are in Sherman County, Kansas.
In 1930, Minnie is in Los Angeles, divorced, with Earl E. 24 and Cecil 19.
Earl is a shoe salesman, Cecil works in theater maintainence.

In 1940 Los Angeles, Cecil is a mechanic, living with a divorced partner, lawyer William Vance Anderson, 45, born in Nebraska.
Cecil Lee Roy Bandy of Los Angeles, age 78, married Alice Norene Raebel of Lafayette County, age 66. , in 1989.

Cecil L. Bandy 1910-2001, is buried in Lafayette County, Missouri, per # 14449944.

Sarah Arrington wrote "I have a James Allen Barnett who was born in Lewisville,Illinois in 1868.
Was told he had sister's and brother's only know of one sister that is listed in his obit as Minnie Bandy.
He married a Vincett and moved to Burlington, Colorado. Have been trying to find info on this family of Barnett's and the obit is all that I have on him. Do not know who his parents where. Do know that he named a daughter Martha Florence. "
"Complaint having been entered at this office by Frank A. Vincett against William Ackley for abandoning his homestead entry No. 10277 dated September 3, 1886, upon the southeast quarter of section 9, township 7 south, range 42 west, in Sherman county, Kansas, with a view to the cancellation of said entry; alleging that the said William Ackley has wholly abandoned said tract, that he has changed his residence therefrom for more than six months since making said entry; that said tract is not settled upon and cultivated by said party as required by law, that said William Ackley has never made any improvements of any kind upon said tract; that all of these failures exist at this date February 2, 1894; the said parties are hereby summoned to appear at this office on the 10th day of May, 1894, at 10 o'clock a. m. to respond and furnish testimony concerning said alleged abandonment. "

In 1880 James A. Barnett is 36, Nancy 34, both born in Indiana. James A. is 12, Willis H. 10, Thomas J. 8, and Minnie M. 2., all born in Illinois.

In 1880 Syracuse, New York, Fannie A. Vincett is 6, with father Frank 30 and Florence E. 28, Marie C. 3.
Frank A. Vincett was named the Neville (Cheyenne County, Kansas) postmaster May 17, 1889, until April 11, 1890.
In 1895 Cheyenne County, Kansas, "Franck" is 53, F.E. 43. With them is Maude C. 17, Mabel E. 14, Florens E. 10, and Harrey 2. The Vincetts had moved back to New York by 1900, with Fred Vincett born July 1895 in Kansas.
James A. Barnett, age 23 married Fannie A. Vincett, age 18, both of Lamborn, Sherman County, Kansas (Lamborn became Kanorado) in Burlington on May 7, 1891.

Frank 1843-1915 is buried in Onondaga County, New York # 63961332.
So is Florence E. 1852-1926 # 93785767, Edna L. 1879-1880 and Frank A. 1888=1889.

James A. Barnett proved up a quarter in 2, 7S 42W in 1898.
In 1900 Kit Carson County, James A. Barnett born Oct 1867 in Illinois, married nine years to Fannie A. Feb 1874 New York, is farming.
Martha F. 6, Mabel M. 5, and Frank A. 2, were all born in Colorado.
In 1910 Kit Carson County, James is 42, Fannie 36, Martha 16, Mabel 15, Frank 12, George 9, and Adelbert 1.
J.A. Barnett was president of the District 17 school board in 1911, secretary Mrs. Lousia Anderson.
James A. Barnett -1868-1918 is buried in Beaver Valley # 56948127.

Martha F. Teman is married to William Teman in Kit Carson in 1920, living with widowed Fanny A. Barnet 46. Frank A. 22, George F. 19, and Adelbert J. 12. Martha and William have Erma M. 3.
In 1930 Fanny is with sister Florence E. Brown in Roanoke, Virginia, her husband Luther I. Brown 55, and daughter Maud C. 22.

In 1940 Kit Carson County, Fannie is 66, and son George 39 is with her.
George had been in Roanoke, Virginia in 1935.
George 1900-1981 is buried in Beaver Valley # 56914931.
Frank A. Barnett - no dates - has a stone in Beaver Valley # 56948079.

Fannie Amelia Barnett, father Frank A. Vincett, mother Florence Marshall, widowed, died in Rocky Mount Virginia September 8, 1959, informatnt Mrs. Martha Teman, to be buried in Beaver Valley, Kit Carson County.
Martha Florence Timan died January 21, 1978 at Rocky Mount, Virginia, to be buried at Mountain View Cemetery, Boones Mill, Virginia.
Informant was Thelma Maxey, daughter.

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