Kit Carson County, Colorado

Evan W. and Lucy (Seward) Bebb  , 7S 42W

In 1851 arriving in New York from Liverpool are William Bibb 40, Mary 35, William 13, Morris 9, Eliza 10, and infant.

In 1860 Iowa County, Wisconsin, Evan "Bibbo" "is 6, with William 51, Elizabeth 20, Ann 10, Hannah 7, and Mary 4.
In 1870 Nemaha County, Nebraska, William "Bell" is 61, Hannah 18, "Even" 16, Mary 14.
William Bebb 1810-1871 is buried in Richardson County # 21672691 "Born in Gilmant, North Wales. Married twice 1st. to Elizabeth Brunt in 1838. 2nd to Mary Bennett in 1849. "

In 1880 Richardson County, Nebraska, Lucy Seward is 15, with parents James and Thirsey. sister Lydia is 13, Thomas 6. Cousin Franklin is 25.
In 1880 Nemaha County, Nebraska, Evan is 24, born in Wisconsin, farming, boarding with the Henry Shubert family.

In 1885 Richardson County, Nebraska, Evan Bebb is 30, born in Wisconsin, Lucy M. 20, Iowa, with Bertha E. 1 born in Nebraska.
Evan cash-claimed a quarter in 3, 7S 42W in 1891.

William Evan and Lucy M. Seward Bebb "had nine kids and they lived in a dug out when they came to Kansas, later living in soddies (sod houses). My father, their son, Raymond Edwin, told us of the time they all had small pox. It was in the early 1900's. It took several weeks for everyone to break out and at one point the first one to become sick was just well enough to start helping take care of the last one to become sick. They lived in a sod house and one day the stove pipe came down spreading soot all over everything, including the pox sores. The family always said that is why no one died because there was something in the soot that was healing! Anyway, the smallpox outbreak killed many people for miles around. As far as they knew, they were the only family that did not lose at least one member during the illness. There was no way to go to town as people were quarantined so whoever was the most able would walk about 1-1/2 miles and pick up a food basket left by other families. People were afraid to go any closer. They were a very poor family but all of the kids grew up reasonably successful and had good lives." From Sandra Tuller.

In 1895 Norton County, Kansas, E.W. Bebb is 40, Lucy 28, Bertha 11, Frances and Will both 9, Allen 2, and Nellie ten months.
In 1900 Norton Kansas, Evan W. born July 1853 Wisconsin, married 18 years to Lucy M., May 1865 Iowa, have Bertha August 1883 Nebraska, Francis Sept 1885 Nebraska, William Feb 1888, Albert Jan 1891, Nellie May 1894, Edith June 1897, and Ray May 1900, the last five born in Kansas.

In 1910 Norton, Evan and Lucy have Alvin 18, Nellie 15, Edith 12, Raymon E. 9, Herbert D. 6, and Elbert L. 4.
In 1920 Evan and Lucy are farming in Yellowstone Couty, Montana, with widowed daughter Bertha Chatwood, 36, and her three kids. Raymond, Herbert, and Elbert are also with them.
In 1930 Norton County Evan and Lucie have only James W. and Elbert L.

Evan W. Bebb, 1854-1939 is buried in Norton, Kansas # 48296516, with Lucy 1865-1938.

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