Kit Carson County, Colorado

Lewis B. and Ruth Roxana (Reed) Decker , 7S 42W

In 1850 Will County, Illinos, Roxana Reed is newborn, with Waterman 30 and Ruth 19 Reed.
They're in Cook County in 1860, "Water" 40, Ruth 29, and Roxeny 10, Sopany 12 (Jerusha Larana), Shereden (Abner Sheridan) 8, Lenore (Seymour Jemiah) 6, and Niana (Nina Emiline) 4.

Lewis B. Decker, private in F, 100th Illinois Infantry, had Ruth R. Decker receiving a widow's pension January 20, 1903, and in April 23, 1909.
In 1870 Knox County, Missouri, Lewis Decker is farming 28, with Roxina 19. They have Alionay 2 and Frank 1. Next door are Waterman 50 and Ruth 39 Reed.
In 1885 Lewis B. is 44, Rocksy 36, Alma 17, Frank 15, Waterman 9, and Jacob 5.
Next household is Jacob Gonnerman 30, Charles 28, Adam 26, Harree 24, Miller 14.

Lewis B. Decker and Ruth R. Reed had Mabel Edna Decker in Kit Carson County July 14, 1890.

Lewis cash-claimed a quarter in 31, 7S 42W in June 1891, and it was reissued in December of 1914. The BLM record has the legal description as 75N 42W - so that might be why it was cancelled.

He also had a record of cash received for land in 8S 43W, and filed for a timber claim in 8S 42W.

In 1900 Knox County, Missouri, Lewis B. born Oct 1848 in Illinois, married 33 years to Roxana May 1850 Illinois, have "Wetmer" Oct 1875 Missouri, Jacob Nov 1880 Nebraska, and Mable July 1890 Colorado.
There was a court case in 1906 regarding Waterman's will "five children living in Knox county and vicinity, of whom the plaintiff, Mrs Chadwell, was the oldest, the plaintiff, Mrs. Decker the next oldest, A.S. (Golden) Reed the next oldest, plaintiff Seymore Reed, the next, and Mrs. Gonnerman, the youngest."
In 1910 Adair County, Missouri, Ruth R. is 59, widowed, born in Illinois. Son Waterman 36 works at a cement plant. Mabel 20 has no occupation.

Ruth Roxana (Reed) Decker 1850-1913 is buried in Adair County # 64257324, with Lewis Benjamin Decker 1842-1901 # 103133727.

Ruth A. (Morgan) Decker 1841-1900 is buried in Nodaway County # 102715056.

Alma married Jacob Gonnerman March 1, 1887 in Pottawattamie County, Iowa and in 1900 Polk County ebraska. She's buried there 1867-1946 # 33071500.

Jacob Lewis Decker 1879-1960 is buried in Adair County # 60828502 "widowed, son of Lewis B. Decker and Roxanna Reed, husband of Ruby Hendren."

In 1900 Mills County, Iowa Frank born Jan 1869, married ten years to Addie May 1874 Iowa, have Ernest Dec 1890, Guy Mar 1892 Archie May 1894- these three in Nebrasak, and Ellie January 1897 Iowa.

Frank Alvin Decker 1869-1956 is buried in Mills County, Iowa # 108391114, with Addoria 1874-1954.

Ernest Decker cash-claimed a quarter in 18, 9S 49W in 1912.
John P. Decker cash-claimed a quarter in 23, 7S 48 W in 1910.

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