Kit Carson County, Colorado

John J. Love, Jacob I. Love, and mother Eliza (Bell) Love, Jacob's grandmother Sallie Bell , 7S 42W

John, assignee of CARLIN, HILIARE - private, Captain Foster's Company Louisiana Militia, War of 1812, claimed a quarter in 33, 7S 42W and 4, 8S 4wW in 1891.

Possibly the John J. T. Love 1825-1915 buried in Colorado Springs # 349908006, with Sarah 1832-1899, Joanna E. 1867-1950, and Sarah P. 1860-1888.
John James Thompson Thompson Love was born in Chester County, Pennsylvbania November 15, 1825, dying in COlorado Springs May 13, 1915. His wife was Sarah Morgan, born January 17, 1832 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, dying August 18, 1899 in COlorao Springs.
They had William Plummer Love July, 1852 in York County, who married Henrietta Foster, and died Swptember 13, 1919 in Colorao Springs. Henrietta died in 1949..
William and Henrietta had Arthur Candee Love in 1880 in Pawnee County, Nebraska.
In 1870 Page County, Iowa, John 44 and Sarah 37 have Plumer 18, Lina 16, Marley 14, Sallie 9, Lizzie 3, and Sarah's sister Mary Morgan 43. In 1880 Page County, Iowa, John is a wagon maker, 54, Sarah 48, with Sarah P 29 and Joanne 12. Sarah's sister Mary J. Morgan, 52, single is with them, no occupation.
All five are still in Page County in 1885.
In 1900 Colorado Springs, J.J. Love is widowed, a laborer, and living with him is widowed daughter Marie Foster born 1856 in Pennsylvania, daughter Joanna E. Love Oct 1867 Iowa, and daughter (must be Marie's daughters) Bertha Foster Dec 1887, Colordo, Blanch AH. Sept 1888 Colorado.
In 1910 Colorado Springs John 84 and Joanna E. 42 are alone.
In 1920 and 1930 Colorado Springs Johanna and sister Lina Van Eaton live together.
Mary Adeline Van Eaton 1854-1940 is buried in Colorado Springs, # 35173444, with John A. Van Eaton 1854-1912.


Hilaire Carlin, born April 1797 in St. Martin Parish, Lousiana, died March 31, 1857 in Terrebonne, Lousiaian - marrying Josephine January 10, 1828 in Saint Mary Parish, Louisiana.
In 1870 St. Joseph County, Indiana, Isaac Love is 37, Eliza 35, with Susanna 10, Sarah 8, Jacob 7, John 5, Joshua 4, and Samuel 3.
In 1880 St. Joseph County, Isaac and Eliza C. have Sarah 18, Wm. J. 15, Samuel H. 12, and Andrew two months.
Jacob is in Newton County, Missouri in 1880, 17, farming, nephew of Charles H. Bell 32, his mother Sarah 70, and Charles' daughter Bertha M. ten months.

Jacob I. Love proved up a quarter in 30, 7S 42W in 1894.
In 1900 Kit Carson County, Jacob I. is farming, born Sept 1863 in Indiana, with his mother Eliza C. Aug 1833 Missouri, and brother Andrew J. April 1880 Indiana.
In 1910 Kit Carson County, only Eliza 77 is with Jacob.

Jacob I. Love, 1863-1910 is buried in Kanorado # 66911099.
Eliza 1835-1921 is buried in St Joseph County, Indiana # 99141040. She had moved back to St. Joseph COunty, Indiana, with her daughter Alice Judie, 60 and her kids and grandkids.
Alice S. Judie 1860-1937 is buried in Decatur, Michigan # 101898529.

Andrew Love 1880-1926 is buried in Portland Oregon, # 34957957, Note: Buried beside Elizabeth Love Woods

Jacob perhaps came to Kit Carson County because of his grandmother Bell.
Sally Harris married Samuel Bell in St. Joseph County, MIndiana on December 9, 1830.
" Harris township took its name from Jacob Harris,of Ohio,who came in 1830 and settled on Harris Prairie, where he raised the first wheat that was cut in the township, it being. harvested in 1831. His neighbor, Jacob Meyer, who came the spring of 1831 and still resides in this township, on section 15, helped cut Mr. Harris' crop. Samuel Bell, a son in law of Mr. Harris, came with him in 1830. "
In 1850 St. Joseph County, Samuel is 43, Sarah 40, George 17, Sarah 14, Mary 13, Eliza 11, Harlow 10, Wm. 8, Martha H. 6, Jacob H. 5, Charles H. 3, and John P. 2.
Samuel died February 1851, per one tree, buried Harris Prairie Cemetery, Harris Township, Saint Joseph, Indiana .
# 88154149 says he was born 1840.....
In 1860 St. Joseph County, Indiana, Sarah is 49, with Martha 17, Chrles 14, John 13, Steward 21, Wm. 17, Jacob 14, and Nancy 25.
In 1880 Newton County, Missouri, Sarah Bell is 70, widowed, Charles H. 32, Bertha M. ten months, and Jacob Love 17.
Sallie C. Bell proved up a quarter in 25, 7S 43W in 1894. That's less than a mile west of Jacob's.

Sarah C. "Sallie" (Harris) Bell 1810-1898 is buried in Kanorado,
# 38583502 says her parents were Jacob and Susannah (Hartman) Harris.

Jacob Harrison Bell, born to Samuel and Sarah (Harris) Bell 1843, died 1931, buried in Carroll County Iowa, # 5709669.
Sarah's daughter Sarah A. (Bell) Robison is in Jefferson County, Colorado in 1910, 75, widowed, with son John S. Robison, 48.
Sarah 's son John Robison 1861-1939 homesteaded in Yuma County.
Rock Island County, Illinois.

Robert Robison proved up a quarter in 19, 7S 42W in 1891.

Henderson Township, Mills County, Iowa Farm Creek Cemetery: Robert Robison, B, 126 111. I.
FindAGrave # 44144073 has Robert Robinson "Robert Robinson; Born; November 1829 Wife; Sarah Ann Bell (Older sister of Jacob Harrison Bell)
Inscription: CO B 126 Illinois INFANTRY - Waggoneer"
Sarah's son John Putnam Bell 1847-1946 is buried in Denver # 26337834

One newspaper article said he had shaken hands with Abraham Lincoln.

Sarah's daughter Martha Stuckey 1842-1934 is buried in Portland, Oregon.
Sarah's son Steward Harlow Bell 1838-1927 is buried in Jasper County, Iowa # 80148337/
Daughter Mary Minerva (Bell) Stringer, born April 14, 1836 in South Bend Indiana, died November 15, 1927, to be buried in Omaha Nebraska, Forest Lawn.
Nancy Jane (Bell) Titterington 1834-1924 is buried in Rock Island, Illinois, # 34386167.

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