Kit Carson County, Colorado

John Lund, 7S 42W

John proved up a quarter in 35, 7S 42W in 1894.

John H. Lund is in Glenwood Springs, Colorado in 1900, a day laborer born June 1859 in Sweden.
This John is widowed in 1930 Garfield County, 71, living alone.

John Lund 1865-1929 buried in Osborne County, Kansas # 58548731, was in Glen Elder, Kansas in 1885, 20, born in Indiana, with parents Robert 52 and Martha 47.
John was 20, Florence 18, Clara 14, George 10, Waltes 7, Silvester 4, Eddy 1, and Frank 16 (Frank was in Elbert County Colorado for a while.)

On October 18, 1892, John Lund, 24 of Sweden and Chistena Vang, 20, of Norway, were married in Edwards County at Pleasant Hill Township.

John Lund in 1940 Kinsley, Edwards County, Kansas, 72 born in Sweden, with Pauline 68.

1919 Kinsley, Kansas " Milch cows for sale John Lund, phone 51CF2."

David S. Lund had proved up a quarter in 8S 40W (Sherman County Kansas, about a dozen miles away) in 1891.
David doesn't appear to be a brother of John - In 1870 Livingston County, Illinois, David is 2, Josephine 11, Mary 9, and Amelia ten months, with August 36 and Barbara 32 Lund.

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