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Harriet R. Ruch, sister Florence (Ruch) Pierson, 7S 42W

History of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania

One tree said Peter B. Ruch was born in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania in 1830, and married Ann E. 1838-1890. It said he died in 1915 in Richardson County, Nebraska.., with children Alfred H. 1869, Clara 1880, Florence 1866, Peter B. 1880, Arthur 1873, Harriet 1862, and Edward 1870.
In 1850 Northumberland County, Elizabeth Ruch is 40, with Peter 19, Daniel 17, Charles 15, Samuel 13, Mary 11, and Elizabeth 1.

"The First Methodist Episcopal Church of Rulo, Nebraska, was organized in 1864, by Rev. P. B. Ruch, although Mr. W. D. Searles had been largely instrumental in the preparatory work. The church edifice was erected in 1877, at a cost of $1,250. It should be stated that the upper part of the church forms a hall owned by the Masonic fraternity, and that each society built its own part, the upper costing about $600.
A Sabbath school was established in 1865, with a membership of twelve, and meetings have been held continuously, except during the winters of 1880-81, 1881-82, the school was re-organized in 1882, and now has an average attendance of sixty-seven. Beginning with Rev. P. B. Ruch, in 1865, the following long line of pastors have officiated in this church, J. W. Dusky, 1866; A. Williams, 1867; W. S. Blackburn, 1868; R. C. Johnson, 1869-70; R. Bourge, 1871; D. H. May, 1872; S. D. Roberts, 1873-74; R. C. Johnson, 1875-76; G. H. Wehn, 1877; I. Reed, 1878-80; E. Martin, 1880-81; J. W. Taylor, 1882. "
In 1870 Richardson COunty, Peter "Rook" is 37, Anna 32, Harriet 8, Florence 9, born in Missouri, Alfred 2
In 1885 Richardson County, Nebraska, Barada precinct, Peter has 80 acres of land.

1941 "Interesting facts relating to the old Brick church, three miles northwest of Barada, have been recalled by Arthur Ruch, son of the late Rev. P. B. Ruch, one - time pastor of the edifice which was built 60 years ago. Rev. Ruch, who lived near the church, was credited with giving more service than any one individual. Before coming to Nebraska, he was an active member of the East Baltimore conference of the Methodist church. Failing health compelled him to quit active service and he came west, and founded the first Methodist church in Rulo.

Reverend P. B. Ruch 1832-1917 is buried in Brick Church Cemetery Richardson County # 44112751.
So is his wife 1832-1889 # 44931286.

One of the early teachers in school district No. 16 in Richardson County were Harriett Ruch.
In 1880 Richardson County, Barada township, Peter B. Ruch had 65 acres tilled, 15 in pasture and 10 in woodland.
The 1880 census has Peter 47, Ann E. 43, Harriet R. 18 - these three born in Pennsylvania, Florence 14 Iowa, Alfred 11 Edward 9, Arthur 6, and Clara 3 born in Nebraska.

In 1896 Barada township, P.B. "Rusch" had eighty acres in section 18.
1904 "Mr. Ed. Ruch preached a very good sermon at the Methodist church last Sunday - Shubert, Nebraska.

In 1910 Richardson County, P.B. is 75, and son Alfred 41, Nebraska, is living with him. Both are farmers.

In 1907 C.E. Ruch was appointed to the Methodist church in Table Rock, Nebraska.
Belle Mangus wrote "The first death near us was Hattie Rook. She, a sister Florence and brother Alfred had staked claims cornering each other. One claim was located in the section we lived in . They ahd built a house on one corner of land and lived together. She died of typhoid fever. My father drove to BUrlington for a casket. ..Father mortgaged his team and wagon for $50 for the casket. Mrs. Rook came the next day from her home in Kansas and released mortgage, and tookthe body of her daughter back home for burial."

Peter B. Ruch, for the heirs of Harriet R. Ruch, cash-claimed a quarter in 4, 7S 42W in 1891.
This is more likely Harriet's brother Peter, not herfather Peter.

Florence Ruch cash-claimed a quarter in 4, 7S 42W in 1891.

In 1910 Lincoln, Nebraska Flora, 44, is married to Frank L. Pierson, 29, a carpenter born in Iowa - they've been married four years, and she's not had any children.
Frank L. Pierson is in California in 1920, 50, Iowa, married to Hattie 53, Iowa - he's a house carpenter.
Mrs. F. L. Pierson is in Richardson COunty in 1920, widowed, 53, with Alfred 8, Nebraska. She's living with brothers Arthur and Alfred.

In 1930 Richardson County, Flora R. is 63, with adopted son Alfred Pierson 18, born in Nebraska.

Florence (Ruch) Pierson 1866-1961 is buried in Richardson County # 44114277.

In 1885 Omaha, Peter is a teacher, 31, born in Pennsylvania, single, in a big rooming house.

In 1904 Peter B. Ruch was one of the Richardson County teachers attending the State Normal.
P.B. Ruch (now living at University Place) was one of the early teachers in District No. 4, Richardson COunty.
This must be the son, who attended the teachers institute in Omaha in 1907.
and in 1920 Lincoln, Nebraska, Peter B. Ruch is single 39, born in Nebraska, a public school teacher.
In 1930, Arthur 56, brother Alfred 60, and sister Clara 49 are all in Richardson County, farming.
They're still there in 1940, and sister Florence J. Pierson 74, widowed, is with them.

Alfred 1868-1953 is buried in Richardson # 44931269.

Arthur 1874-1957 is buried in Richardson County # 44112742.

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