Kit Carson County, Colorado

Lawrence Sater , 7S 42W

In 1900 Henry County, Iowa, Amanda Sater born Aug 1834 in Indiana, married but no spouse - William, son born March 1853 in Indiana - farming, daughter Hattie Nov 1869 is a school teacher, and Lawrence April 1889 Iowa is a "hand"
Amanda died in 1901 - buried in Henry County.
Lawrence's brother Gus, age 9,was dragged to death by a riding horse in 1900 Sherman County # 95322123.

1903 Goodland, Kansas " Five out of a bunch of 23 calves were bitten on the head by a large rattlesnake on the Ernest Grieger ranch, north of Goodland, last Thursday. The heads of the animals swelled to twice their natural size but none of them died. Mr. Grieger was in town that day and the calves were being herded by Lawrence Sater. The boy noticed that there was a commotion among the calves and went to find what the matter was. They had formed a semi circle, and with noses and tails straight out they would advance to the center and then jump back in a frightened manner. This was done several times, and when the herder came up he saw that a big rattler with ten rattles had been playing upon the heads and noses of the calves and had wounded five. At night when Grieger returned the heads of the bitten brutes looked like the biggest part of their body, and the poison had practically spent all its force. The calves had been allowed to run with the cows and when they would attempt to suck, their swollen lips prevented them from extracting any nourishment, and it was several days before they could eat or drink. It is a rather curious fact that the bite of a rattlesnake on the head cf an animal is rarely fatal, whereas a bite on the hind leg almost always produces death. This is the experience of those who know most about the effects of snake bites, but no definite explanation of the action of the poison of the rattlesnake injected into diffetent parts of the body is generally known. "

1917 "Goodland, March 7 - J. E. Goble Thursday morning sold the Model Steam laundry to Lawrence Sater of Ruleton. Mr. Sater has already taken over the business and proposes to give it his entire attention. He comes well recommended and Goodland people will no doubt be given good service in the future. Mr. Goble has been employed by the J. I. Machinery company in the capacity of machinist, and will go to Kansas City soon to be given the territory in which he will represent. "

Lawrence registered for WWI in Goodland, farming, wife and three children.

In 1920 Sherman County, Kansas, Lawrence is 31, born in Iowa, Harriet 29, Martha 1, both born in Kansas. Niece Anna Gray, 8,
In 1921 Lawrence - with an address of Kanorado - bought a Chester White Swine.
Lawrence proved up 240 acres in 3, 4, and 10, 6S 42W in 1926, proved up nine acres in 2, 7S 42W in 1936.

In 1930 Kit Carson County, Lawrence 38, Harriet E. 37, Martha A. 12, Edgar L 9, Albert G. 7, Alfred D. 7, Donald B. 4, Pauline M. 2, and Ruby newborn.
In 1940 Weld County, they have Edgar, Alfred, Albert, Donald, Pauline 12, Mary 10, and Viola 3.
Lawrence 1888-1982 is buried in Fort Lupton, Colorado # 43122784, with Harriet E. (McCannon) Sater 1889-1975.
"Lawrence Sater married Harriet Electa McCannon in 1911. He is the son Edgar L Sater and Hannah S Frad.
Birth 12 Apr 1889 in Sheridan, Poweshiek, Iowa
Death May 1982 in Fort Lupton, Weld, Colorado "
1975 "Mrs. Harriet Eiecta Sater, 86, of Fort Lupton died Saturday, October 18, in the home of her daughter in Fort Lupton.
Harriet McCannon was born April 5,1889, at Mankato, Kansas, where she resided 12 years. She later moved to Goodland, Kansas, where on April 19, 1911, she was married to Lawrence Sater. They moved to the Burlington-Kanorado area in 1919 where they homesteaded and farmed until 1938. Faced with drought and depression, they later moved to the Fort Lupton area.
Survivors are her husband, Lawrence of Fort Lupton; four sons, Edgar of Boulder, Alfred of Longmont, Albert of Fort Lupton and Don of Commerce City; four daughters, Mrs. Martha Squires of Fort Lupton, Mrs. Pauline Schieck of Kingston, Mo., Mrs. Mary Lewis of Neosho, Mo., and Mrs. Viola Nichols of Longmont; a brother, Melvin McCannon of Duarte, Calif.; 25 grandchildren and 19 great- grandchildren. She was preceded in death by a daughter, Grace Sater. Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday in the Rice Funeral Chapel at Brighton. Interment will be in Hillside Cemetery at Fort Lupton "

Albert A. 1923-2001 and Loretta A. (Schieck) Sater 1932-2011 are buried in Fort Lupton # 57210302.

In 1860 Dade County, Missouri, Charles W. and Nancy Sater are both 33, William F. 11, Mary F. 9, Edwin 8, Charles W. 5, Benjamin L.3 nadn Nancy A. 1.

In 1865 Kansas Territory, Benjamin L. Sater is 8, born in Missouri. Charles W. is 46, Nancy 37, WIlliam F. 16, Mary F. 14, Edwin W. 12, Charles H. 10, and Nancy A. 6.
In 1870 Dade County, Missouri, Charles and Nancy have Edwin 18, Charles H. 16, Benj L. 13 Nancy A. 11, Margaret E. 4, and Margaret Cox, born about 1808 in Kentucky.
In 1880 Dade County, Charles and Nancy have Benjamin 23, Charles H. 25, Alice 21, and Margarett E. 14.
Benjamin 1857-1896 is buried in Dade County, # 55607394.

Benjamin L. Sater had cash-claimed a quarter in 7, 10S 43W in 1891.
Also in 1891, Maggie Sater had cash-claimed 80 acres in 28, 9S 43W, about two miles away. Maggie might be Benjamin's sister - Margaret E. (Sater) (Mann) (Williams 1865-1941, buried in Dade County # 109035910.
Because their father Charles died in Denver, this is a likely connection.
FindaGrave # 44145816 said another sister of Ben and Maggie, Nancy Alice (Sater) Teagarden 1858-1930 is buried in Jefferson County.
# 44145089 says Nancy's daughter Marcella 1890-1957 was born in Kit Carson County.
Minerva Teagarden had cash-claimed a quarter in 31, 9S 43W in 1890, Abe L. Teagarden had cash-claimed one in 35, 8S 44W in 1890, and Harriet M. Teagarden had cash-claimed one in 30, 9S 43W in 1892.
George Teagarden & Co. in 1918 had a mining claim - the Rosebud group - on the ridge of the Republican and Democrat mountains, adjoining the famous Astor, Sceptre and Sunburst mines." in Georgetown, Colorado
Nancy A. Sater had married George W. Teagarden in Dade County Missouri Sept 7, 1880.
The Goodland Republic (Goodland, Kansas)
"Ezra Teagarden moved his family to Boulder, Colo., last week. He has embarked in mining company with his brother, J.A. Teagarden." Published November 25, 1892"

In 1896 Goodland, Kansas, George, a merchant, 38, and Alice 36 have Maggie 11, Iowa, Loren 9 Iowa, and Marcella 6 Colorado.
Also in 1896, Marcella Teagarden was neither absent nor tardy in the primary school.
March 1897 "Marcella Teagarden has been suffering with pneumonia this week."
Margaret Teagarden married Edward S. Nash in March 1902, recorded in Denver. They divorced in Denver in 1903.
Margaret Teagarden, 24, of Denver, married Howard B. Sharpe 28, born in Indianapolis, now living in denver, on August 18, 1906 in Butte County, Montana.
They divorced in Denver in 1912.

In 1910 Denver, George W. is 53, Alice T. 50, Marcella 21, Lois 11. But in 1910 with George and Alice, Margaret Sharp is married to Brooks H. Sharp for four years.

Marcella M. Teagarden married John H. Beiser in March 1914, recorded in Boulder County.
Loran W. Teagarden married Genevieve Norman in October 1920, recorded in Denver.
In 1930 Crowley County, Colorado, John H. Beiser is 59, Marcella 40, Deryce 15, and Fred Beiser 71. Alice Teagarden 67 is with them.

In 1940 Marcell "Besser" is 49, married (John is in Crowley County) proprietor of a beauty salon, living with sister Margaret Klein 56, widowed (Adelbert had died in 1939), Genevieve Teagarden -sister in law, widowed (Loran's widow), and cousin Alllene White, 48, born in MIssouri.

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