Kit Carson County, Colorado

Charles A. Stalgren, daughter Hannah S. T. Stalgren, spouse Ida M. (Lott) Stalgren, 7S 42W

One family researcher wrote "Tilda Sofia Nilsdotter and Klas August Stålgren immigrated to America 3/14/1888 with their three children, Gustav Arvid Fridolf, Axel Emil and Hanna Sofia Teresia"

In Lakeview Cemetery, Cheyenne, Wyoming " the plot was purchased by Charles A G Stolgren(sic). Matilda Stolgren (sic) was age 31 when she died (a year off but close enough for a distraught husband to say), and she was his wife She died 1/20/1892 and was buried 1/21/1892."
In Cheyenne Wyoming, Charles A. Stalgren married Ida M. Lott, age 31, September 5, 1892.
They're in Logan County, Colorado in 1900, farming, married 21 years (doesn't seem right), Claus April 1858, Ida M. June 1861, Emil E Sept 1882, Hannah S. Aug 1884 - all four born in Sweden - Huldah E. Dec 1886 and Julia W. Feb 1889 Nebraska, Maud O. May 1893, Annie m. Oct 1894, Roy D. Aug 1897, Josie M. Sept 1898 and Ida B. Aug 1899 - all five in Wyoming.
July 10, 1903 Goodland, Kansas "A daughter was born Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Stalgren. This is the twelfth arrival to the family circle."

In 1904 C. A. Stalgren and Charles Faline were advertising for three steers and two heifers, strayed.
The 1905 census of Sherman County, Kansas has C.A. Stalgren 46, Ida 44, Hannah 19, Julia 18, Herman 17, Maud 10, Roy 7, Josie 6, Ida 5, Anna 10, and Pearl 1.

Anna and Roy Stalgren were in the Sherman County, Kansas schools in 1906.
Hilda Stalgren was teaching there in February 1906, receiving $40 per month.
1907 Goodland, Kansas.

Charles A. Stalgren 1858-1907 is buried in Beaver Valley, Kit Carson County, # 55626083.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Ida Stalgren is 49, widowed, born in Sweden. Hannah 25 and Emil 27 were born in Sweden, Maud 16 , Anna 15, Roy 12, Josie 11, and Ida 10 were born in Wyoming, and Pearl 6 in Kansas.

Herman N. Stalgren, 21, of Sharon Springs, Kansas married Edna M. Harrison, age 19, of Burlington, May 3, 1910, recorded in Kit Carson County.

Hannah proved up a quarter in 15, 7S 42W in 1912. Witnesses were Thomas Bandy, James A. Barnett, Samuel Morrow, and Frank Morrow.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Ida has Hannah 35, Emil A. 37, Roy R. 22, Pearl 16, Ida 20, and Josephine Andrews 21, single.

Hannah 1884-1922 is buried in Beaver Valley cemetery, Kit Carson County, per # 55626013.
In 1930 Ida only has Emil with her.
In 1940 she has Emil 57, Roy - widowed- 42, and Maud Burke 45.

Ida 1860-1944 is also buried there # 55626064, then Emil A. 1882-1958, and Roy R. 1897-1984.


Eight years of hard Colorado mining brought 25-year-old Henry R. Kamm to Glenwood Springs. From Denver to Georgetown, Central City and Black Hawk, and the mines of the San Juan range, Kamm chased fortune with a plan, pick and determination. He was not destitute. But the immense fortune he sought remained elusive.

Glenwood Springs was in its infancy in 1883, and Kamm realized that the money he had could be invested, and if invested well, would pay big future dividends. Glenwood Springs possessed many needs. And the many needs would bring customers to any business enterprise. By November 1883 Kamm assumed the hardware and grocery business of Malya and Donovan located in a tent on Riverfront Street near today's Hotel Denver. Now the firm of H.R. Kamm, he specialized in mining supplies, but traveled to Leadville and Denver, purchasing goods to build a broad inventory.

Isaac Cooper of Glenwood's Defiance Town and Land Co. offered a free town lot to anyone wishing to construct a building, which required completion by Dec. 31, 1884. Kamm jumped at the offer, securing a lot in the heart of the downtown district on the northwest corner of Eighth and Grand Avenue. The harsh winter of 1883 and the scarcity of brick and lumber hampered construction until September 1884. The building was completed in late December, and Kamm moved his stock to the first floor of his new place of business. The upstairs of the two story building housed the U.S. Land Office and the law office of attorney Edward T. Taylor.

Kamm carried farming implements, groceries, dry goods, hardware, building supplies and the seed to sow crops. The orders to Kamm for cough syrup for workers constructing the rail lines reported the community's health. The cigars for those same workers celebrated the Fourth of July. Window latches for Gussie Blake's new bordello represented Glenwood Springs' vices, while orders for groceries and dry goods were met to fill the most basic of needs. Perhaps the darkest day of the store's existence came in August 1885 when a drunken Lige Cravens walked the 700 yards from Pat Carr's Saloon on Riverfront Street to the store to purchase a pistol. The pistol was ultimately used a short time later to murder George Fuller in a dispute over a card game.

By 1887, Henry Kamm was considered Glenwood Springs' most prosperous merchant, and had established a second store at New Castle. The 1890s found Kamm eventually abandoning store ownership in Glenwood Springs for banking, real estate, mining and politics. He became vice president and on the board of directors of Glenwood Springs' First National Bank, invested heavily in mining in Aspen, and promoted the production of sugar beets in Garfield County. He was elected Garfield County commissioner on the Republican ticket but served only one term. After his defeat for re-election in 1893 he was thanked for his hard and engaged work and for the orderly maintenance of the county's financial affairs and records.

In late February 1892, Kamm celebrated his 34th birthday with a lavish formal party at the Hotel Glenwood, located just across Grand Avenue from his store. Kamm enjoyed cultural events, frequently visiting Aspen to take in theater and opera at the Wheeler Opera House. He served on civic committees, including the committee to welcome President Benjamin Harrison in 1891 to Glenwood Springs.

Occasionally chided in the newspapers about his bachelor status, he surprised many when he left for Trenton, N.J., in January 1896 to marry Elizabeth Donnelly, a niece of U.S. Land Office Registrar S. J. DeLan. He and Elizabeth settled at his beautiful Victorian style house at 1002 Cooper Ave. in Glenwood Springs. Politics called again, and Henry Kamm was elected as representative to the Colorado Legislature in 1898.

Kamm and his family moved to Fresno, Calif., in about 1911. He sold real estate and was just as enthusiastic about the economic potential of his new home as his old. He passed away at the age of 72, his plan for a bountiful life realized, and leaving Glenwood Springs a prosperous community.


When Mary (Davis) Kamm's father Thomas Davis died in 1953 "He is survived by his wife, Estella G. Davis; one brother, Sam W. Davis, of Los Angeles; four Nephews, Melvin Kann of Long Beach, Paul Kamm of Hollister, Calif.; Frederick Kamm of Portland, and Llewellyn Dave of Des Moines, and a niece, Leona Davis of Honolulu, Hawaii. "

In 1910 Garfield County, Colorado, Frederick Kamm is 43, Rose, 43, Melven 12, Fred Jr. 10, Paul 7, and Ruth 5.
1903 - The New Castle Coal Company was incorporated with a capital of $50,000, directors Henry R. Kamm, J. Fred Kamm and Elizabeth Kamm, principal office at New Castle, Garfield County, Colorado.
Fred Kamm was mayor of New Castle in 1915.
In 1920 Yuma Colorado, Jacob Kamm is 53, widowed, born in Nebraska, a merchant in a department store, with Melvin L. 22, Jacob F. 19, Paul M. 16, and Gwendoyn R. 15.
Frederick 1866-1953 is buried in Garfield County, # 67988412, with Mary B. 1877-1907 # 67988413.
Melvin 1898-1974 is buried in Sonoma County, California # 104291412.
Paul M. Kamm 1903-1981 is buried in Salinas, California # 119028692.

One tree says Gwendolyn Ruth (Kamm) Stalgren died 1930 in Colorado, and that she had had Darlene in 1926 in Burlington.
Knowles Funeral Home of Yuma Colorado had records showing a Ruth Stalgren dying in 1929.
Ruth Fithian Stalgren was buried in the Yuma cemetery - New Addition 82 - in 1929.
Also buried in that block are the three Fithian's
Roy is a service station attendant in Logan County, Colorado in 1930, 33, married but no spouse, with Ruth D. 4 Kansas and Mark Fithian 7 Nebraska. He's with father-in-law Fred G. Kamm, 63, running a service station.
Darlene is in Lincoln Nebraska in 1940, age 14, at the Hotel Nebraska, with two other different-surnamed guests.
Mark H. Fithian born Dec 14, 1921 in Scottsbluff. Nebraska to Mark H. Fithian and Ruth Kamm, died Feb 28, 1980 in Los Angeles County, mother's name Kamm.
He's buried in the Yuma Colorado cemetery # 49689694. So is Henry M. Fithian 1903- 1923 # 49689693. and Mary Pearl Fithian 1922-2002.
One tree said he was born December 13, 1903 in Sterling, Johnson County, Nebraska.
In 1920 Yuma County, Henry G. "Fittian" is 53, farming, with Alfaretta 47, Harold 18, Mark 16, Zelma 14, Boyd L. 12, and Letha and Litha both 7.
Henry and Alfaretta are in Yuma County in 1930, with Lettia and Lytha, both 18.
They're in Los Angeles in 1940 with Letha 28 and Henry M. 18.
Gwendolyn Kamm had married Henry Fithian July 11, 1921, recorded in Yuma County, Colorado.
"Wednesday, March 17, 1948 - Lincoln, Nebraska
FORMER LINCOLN girl comes to the fore this week- Professionally she is Elizabeth Ames -really she is Darlene Ruth Stalgren, Sigma Kappa at the University of Nebraska. We say this week because Look magazine's current issue has a story on the former Nebraska co-ed. It seems that Stalgren, or should say- Miss Ames - went to New York at the end of her sophomore year at the University of Nebraska, she carried with her a little gadget of her own design and making — a small perfume atomizer that could be carried in one's purse without inconvenience as to size or leakage. Look magazine tells of the profits $250.000 (says Look) from the atomizer, and adds that the^ young lady has been offered a movie contract by one of the larger film companies. The rest of the story, as we heard it, has to do with Miss Ames making her little perfume atcmizer for her own personal use. One day, several weeks after she had arrived in the east, she took it out of her purse at a party where upon it was immediately pounced upon by someone who realized its financial value—And so. Miss Ames is a quarter of a million dollars the richer, or will be-—plus a movie contract - plus a lot of things she never had dreamed of when she was on the Nebraska campus. Miss Ames, who is the niece of Mrs. Charlotte Cromwell of Lincoln, also appears on two radio programs each week - one heard in Lincoln is ' Break the Bank' over KFOR on Friday evenings at eight

E.A. Stalgren was treasurer of School District 33 in Kit Carson County in 1911.

Emil Axel Stalgren had registered for WWI in Sherman County, with a mailing address of Kanorado. He was born September 29, 1882, citizen by his father's naturalization, nearest relative Mrs. Ida Stalgren of Kanorado.
Stalgren, E., Farmer, S. 15, T. 7, R. 42, P. O. Kanorado, Kansas. Mr. Stalgren was born in Sweden in 1882, and settled in the County in 1906.
E.A. Stalgren was delinquent on taxes for land in Kiowa County in 1922, the northwest of 23, 17S 42W. That had been claimed by Thomas A. Clayton in 1919.
Gust F. Stolgren was in Kimball Nebraska in 1900, born January 1881 in Sweden, single, with Elmer Johnson 22. He was in Denver in 1917, born January 1, 1881.
Gus F. Stalgren married Ellen R. Wallen April 8, 1907, recorded in Denver.
He's a car repairer in 1920 Denver, married to Ellen R. 36 born in Iowa.
In 1930 Denver Gus is 49, Ellen 42, with son Harold W. 20 born in Kansas.
In 1940 Denver, Gustaf 59 and Ellen 56 are alone - he's still a car repairer.
Harold had married Grace E. George April 8, 1933, recorded in Larimer County.


1917 Hugo, Colorado " Misses Josephine and Ida Stalgren of Kanorado, Kansas and Misses Grace and Gladys Johnson and George Weaver of Hugo were callers at the Eastwood home last Tuesday night."

Josephine Stalgren was teaching at Stratton Colorado in 1918.
Josephine Stalgren married Bruce Andrews October 25, 1919, recorded in Kiowa County.
They divorced in Kit Carson County in 1920. - he may have remarried - to Edna Yarger - in Yuma County in 1923.


Pearl Stalgren married Clifford Chittim April 18, 1926, recorded in Denver.
In 1920 Sherman County, Kansas, Clifford W.N. Chittim is 16, born in Missouri, with parents William 39 and Edith H. 36. In 1910 Andrew COunty, MIssouri, he was William C. M. Chitham.
In 1930 Boulder, Clifford is a farm laborer 27, Pearl E. 26, working for Salis and Adela Smith.
In 1940 Denver, Clifford is a teamster, with Pearl and son Boyd M. 5.
Clifford 1903-1961 and Pearl 1903-1970 are buried in Denver, # 148566444.
"Kathryn Lynn Crofts "Katie" Chittim, age 50, of Sheboygan.Passed away suddenly at her home early Saturday Morning (Sept. 15, 2012) in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. She was born on February 21, 1962 in Denver, CO, the youngest child of Boyd Chittim and the late Irene Quigley Chittim.
Katie graduated from Plymouth High School in 1962 and attended the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh for 2 years transferring to Lakeshore Technical College and graduating with an Associate Degree in Marketing. She was a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines for 13 years. Katie was a very soft hearted person who loved her friends and family and especially her stepsons and her cats, music and going to concerts.

Maud might have been in Dallas, Texas in 1930, married to James T. Burke 34, a dry goods merchant born in Colorado. Maude was born in Wyoming.

Ida was teaching in District # 16 - Kanorado in 1918.
Ida L. Stalgren married Raymond C. Wright, both 20 of Kanorado, on August 11, 1920.
Witnesses were Pearl Stalgren and Walter A. Wright. Raymond's father was Frank Wright.

Joyce E. Burd, 76, of Loveland died Jan. 13, 2004, at a local nursing home.
She was born Jan. 12, 1928, in Goodland, Kan., to Raymond and Ida Stalgren Wright. She grew up on a farm north of Kanorado, Kan. She graduated from Kanorado High School in 1945 and then attended Colorado Women's College in Denver.
She married Dwaine Burd on Aug. 8, 1948, in Goodland. The couple moved to Loveland in 1959 from Evergreen, Colo.
Mrs. Burd worked as a secretary for Ford Motor Co., at an insurance office and for a lawyer. She and her husband owned Lone Tree Realty in Loveland, and she also worked for Johnson Publishing Co. in Loveland.
She bowled with a team from Kanorado in Burlington, Colo., once a week. She loved to crochet and give the things she made to her nephews and nieces and other family members. She also enjoyed gardening, bird-watching and raising children.
She was a former member and past president of the Loveland Lioness Club. She was a member of First Christian Church in Loveland.
She is survived by three sons, Larry Burd of Ketchum, Idaho, Jerry Burd and wife Lynda of Velarde, N.M., and Dan Burd of Loveland; a daughter, Terri Coulter of Loveland; two brothers, Jack Wright of La Crescenta, Calif., and Bill Wright of Kanorado; a sister, Marjorie Pizel of Great Bend, Kan.; three grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.
She was preceded in death by her husband, Dwaine E. Burd, on Jan. 19, 1997; infant son Gary Burd; and infant sister Katheryn J. Wright."

Marjorie Marie Pizel, 88, died Sept. 3, 1920at Great Bend Regional Hospital in Great Bend, Kansas. She was born Nov. 25, 1921, at Kanorado, the daughter of Raymond and Ida (Stalgren) Wright. She married Herbert L. Pizel June 20, 1942, at Goodland. She graduated from Kanorado High School and Colorado Women's College in Denver, Colo. Herb and Marge farmed near Kanorado until they retired and moved to Goodland in 1996. "

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