Kit Carson County, Colorado

Evva Stuckey, Ira O.and Margaret (Wertz) Stuckey, 7S 42W

Evva cash-claimed a quarter in 20, 7S 42W in 1891. The patent image indicates a female.


Kit Carson resident Sarah Bell's daughter Martha Stuckey Parents: Samuel and Sarah (Harris) Bell, the former a native of New York and the latter of Germany.
Martha Helen (Bell) Stuckey 1842-1934 that FindaGrave # 62771454 says
Eleven years of her life were spent in Kit Carson County, Colorado, where she had taken up a homestead. She was the mother of fourteen children, as follows:

1. George, who was accidentally killed in California;
2. Susanna, who died in infancy;
3. Sarah Ann, who died in Illinois in 1911 and who was the wife of Robert Robertson, a soldier in the Civil War;
4. Nancy Jane, the wife of James Titerington, of Rock Island County, Illinois;
5. Mary Minerva, the wife of Thomas Stringer, of Los Angeles, California;
6. Eliza, wife of Isaac Love, of Wisconsin;
7. Steward H., who is a resident of Grinnell, Iowa;
8. William Marion, who passed away in California on the 11th of January, 1911;
9. Martha, the wife of Alexander Stuckey, of Great Falls, Montana;
10. Jacob H., of this review;
11. Charles Hilbert, who makes his home near Seneca, Kansas;
12. John Putman, who is also a resident of the Sunflower state;
13. &
14. and two who died in childhood.

Ira Oliver Stuckey was born on month day 1864, in Ohio, to Herbert Stuckey and Margaret Stuckey (born Gachter).
In 1880 Stark County, Ohio, Ira is 16, with parents Herbert 43 and Margret 38. Homer H. is 14, Gertrude G. 13, Samuel M. 10, Della A. 8, and Hattie M. one month.
Delphine married Simon M. France, and they and Hattie M. Stuckey are in Ohio in 1900 - it looks like Ira was the only one who moved west.
Herbert 1837-1915 is buried in Freeburg, Ohio, with Margaret 1842-1890.

Ira O. Stuckey cash-claimed a quarter in 35, 8S 43W in 1891.
1895 Kit Carson County, Colorado "Ira O. Stuckey, one of our foremost teachers, has been honored by a nomination for county assessor.

Ira had made an entry for a homestead and a timber claim in 9S 46W, but these were not completed.
In 1900 York County, Nebraska, Ira Stuckey born April 1864, married twelve years to Maggie January 1863, both Ohio, have Eva M. Sept 1890 and Velma G. Dec 1896, both born in Colorado.
Maggie's mother Catherine Wertz March 1832 in Pennsylvania, widowed, is with them.
In 1910 York County, all five are still together.
He might be the Ira O. Stuckey who owned a quarter in Brown County South Dakota in 1911

Ira, born April 1, 1864 in Ohio, mother Gaescher, died Dec 6, 1956 in Alameda County, California.

Eva is in St. Paul Minnesota in 1920, married to Guy T. Buswell, 28, who teaches at the university.
Guy and Eva are in Chicago in 1930, with Margaret 9 and John 4, and all four are in Chicago in 1940.
When John Thomas Buswell was born Feb ruary 26, 1926 in Chicago, Eva May Stuckey born in Claremont Colorado was the mother.

They were in Berkeley, California in 1956, when they arrived in New York on the Queen Mary. Eva died in Februray 1981, last residence Lincoln, Nebraska. Guy died May 27, 1994, last residence Lincoln.
G. T. Buswell made many contributions to educational psychology. Buswell pioneered understanding of how the eye moves while looking at words, numbers, and pictures, using techniques from the motion picture industry. Buswell's research demonstrated that oral reading differs significantly from silent reading, that the same person reads differently at different times, and that visual skills are unrelated to reading skills. Buswell also applied his techniques to the understanding of arithmetic skills and remedial reading problems

Velma is in Sacramento, California in 1930, 32, with Percy V. 34, Catharine J.7, Betty A. 5, and Janet M. one month.

Velma is in Sacramento in 1940, with Percy Burke president of a lumber company. Katherine Jean is 17 born in Oregon, Betty 15 and Janet 10 both born in California.
Velma S. Burke born in Colorado Dec 15, 1896, died March 14, 1999, buried in Managee County, Florida # 100044572.
She's interred with Percy Vernon Burke 1895-1979.

In 1910 Stratton precinct, Joseph H. Stuckey 38, Mamie E. 40, Flossie A. 14, Jennie L. 10, Elsie C. 8, Carl J. 7, Albert H. 4, and Orin J.3 were all born in Kansas.

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