Kit Carson County, Colorado

Elmer E. Tandy, 7S 42W

Elmer was born Feb 23, 1862, dying April 12, 1931, both in Adams County, Illinois.
In 1880 Adams County, Illinois, Elmer is 18, with parents Herbert and Cerilla.
Elmer E. Tandy married Vevia M. Sexton Feb 22, 1891 in Frontier County, Nebraska - Book 1, page 219.

Annetta Tandy married Robert Beckett of Adams county, Illinois, residence, Deerfield, Kansas.
Ellen Tandy married Rev. Charles H. Hands, late of Connecticut now pastor of Forest Grove Church, St. Louis, Missouri.
Cerilla Tandy married E. B. Harkness and lives in Lakin, Kansas.
Sophronia Tandy married R. V. Elliott, residence, University Place, Nebraska. (died in Nebrasks in 1947)
Elmer Tandy married Mary Sexton, residence the old Tandy Homestead, Adams county, Illinois. She died January, 1905, leaving several children.
Louise Tandy married Frank Bradshaw, residence, Philipsburg, Montana.
Amelia Tandy, unmarried; on account of her health now resides in Denver, Colorado.
William H. Tandy married Myra Nipher, postoffice Dunn, Tennessee. ( William is in Pueblo Colorado in 1900, born Feb 1873 in Illinois, but he went back to Tennessee.)
Mamie Tandy resides with parents in Adams county, Illinois, unmarried.

All children of Herbert Lewis Tandy and his wife Cerilla

Vera May Saxton was born May 14, 1871 in Stockville, Nebraska and died January 20, 1905 in Adams County. They were married February 22, 1891 at Stockville, Nebraska.
In 1885, Elmer "Tandey" is 27, living alone in Dundy County, Nebraska, farming.

Elmer cash-claimed a quarter in 1N 38W - Dundy County, Nebraska, in 1890.

Elmer timber-claimed a quarter in 17, 7S 42W, Kit Carson County, Colorado - about 30 miles from the Dundy County claim - in 1895.
In 1900 Adams County, Illinois, Elmer E. Tandy born Feb 1862 in Illinois is farming, married eleven years to Vevia May 1871 Iowa. Wilma E. Dec 1891 Nebraska, Mark H. March 1893 Nebraska, Hard E. Jun 1894 Nebraska, Mabel D. June 1896 Illinois, and Ellis S. April 1898 Illinois.

In 1920 Adams County only Elmer, sister Amelia and mother Cerilla are together.
Elmer 1862-1931 is buried in Burton, Adams County, Illinois # 92568786, with Vevia M. Tandy 1871-1905.

McCook Nebraska 1909 "Cliff Tandy of Marion was a business visitonr.

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