Kit Carson County, Colorado

William F. and Augusta (Richter) Tilgner, 7S 42W

In 1900 Lake County, South Dakota, William born Feb 1862 in Germany married five years to Augusta May 1874, Germany, SAylvester 1896 Henry 1897, and Helen 1899, all three born in South Dakota.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, William F. Tilgner is 45, born in Wisconsin, married 15 years to Augusta 37 - a German Russian, with Sylvester 13, Henry 12, Helen 11, John 9, Nettie 7 - these five in South Dakota, and Lawrence 4 born in Colorado.

William proved up a quarter in 20, 7S 42W in 1912.
In 1920 Polk County, Oregon, W.F. and Gusta have Nettie 17 and Lawrence 13.
In 1930 Polk County they have only Lawrence, 24. This census said both William and Augusta were born in Russia.
William F. 1862-1934 is buried in Polk County, # 52850801, with Augusta 1874-1940 # 52850813.
Lawrence 1906-1956 is buried in West Salem, Oregon # 130958975.
William Sylvester Tilgner 1896-1969 is also buried in Polk County # 43072402.
John Charles Tilgner 1900-1981 is buried in Salt Creek "son of William Frederick Tilgner and Augusta Richter, married Lydia about 1921."

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