Kit Carson County, Colorado

Seth E. and Mary E. (Early) Tobyne, 7S 42W

In 1880 Gage County, Nebraska, J.M. 60 and Caroline 59 Tobyne ahve S. M. 20, S.E. 18, Millie 16, and Anna 12.
Mary E. Early is a schoolteacher in Dublin, Ohio in 1880, 19, with parents Martin 46 and Martha 44, Early, Ottis is 14, and Myra is 13.

In 1885 Gage County, Nebraska, "Eli" Tobyne is 27, M.E. 20, with Rolla 1. On the same page is brother Samuel 25 and his family.

Seth timber-claimed a quarter in 22, 7S 42W in 1896.

Gage County Nebraska

In 1900 Elbert County, Colorado, Seth born January 1862 in Illinois, married 18 years to Etta March 1861 Ohio, have Rolla H. Oct 1883 Ethel C. Oct 1885, Vera D. Dec 1886, Jessie July 1888, Seth E. Aug 1891, Fern June 1894, and Marie January 1898, all kids born in Nebraska.

Ethel Tobyne married William Gail April 3, 1905, recorded in Lincoln County, Colorado.

In 1910 Portland, Oregon, Seth is 48, Mary E. 49, Jessie E. 21 a stenographger, Seth 18 a laborer, Fern 16 a dressmaker, Marie 12.
In 1920 Portland, Seth is 56, married but no spouse, a farmer, lodging with Thaddeus and Annabel Short.
Mary is with daughter Jessie in 1920 Lewiston, Idaho. who's married to James H. Adam 35.
Rolla H. is married in 1920 Ellensburg, Washington, 36, a produce merchant, married to Pauline 22, Canada, a saleslady. His sister Fern Bellew -25, married but no spouse, is an assistant advertising manager.
Seth is in Pueblo Colorado in 1930, in the state hospital.
Seth died in Portland 1944,

Vera married William Albert Gleason 1886-1986, and died in 1962 - they lived in Ellensburg and ran a farm south of Kittitas.
They had Albert Tobyne Gleason of Kittitas and Wiliam Gleason of Portland, daughter Ruth Tipton of Olympia.

Maybe he's the S.H. Tobyne who married Zena Knowles June 26, 1926, recorded in Elbert COunty, COlorado.

September 1928 Ellensburg, Washington "Mr. and Mrs. Seth Tobyne moved Monday from town to the Broadview district where they will make their home.

February 1946 - Shelton-Mason County, Washington "Seth Tobyne has gone to Portland, where he has purchased a home."
Seth E. died in Oregon August 21, 1950, per the Oregon death record - his tombstone in Portland has Seth H. Tobyne # 120731908.

"Etta M." Tobyn is in Denver in 1930, married but no spouse, and daughter Ferne 34, a bookkeeper, is with her.

Rolla Hiram Tobyne was born Oct 23, 1883 at Blue Springs Nebraska to Seth E Tobyne and Mary E. Earley.
Rolla and Pauline are in Los Angeles in 1940. He has no occupation, she repairs jewelry in a store.
Rolla died in Oregon September 26, 1950. He's buried in Los Angles, per # 10785778, with Pauline # 10785758. The masoleum stone doesn't have dates of birth or death.

Seth's cousins FLORA and HARRIETTE
William Tobyne married Diantha F. Melvin May 14, 1848 in Boone County, Illinois.

In 1870 Boone County, Illinois, Wm. Tobyne is 47, born in Canada, with Augusta 33, Julia 4, Laura 16, and Flora 1.

In 1880 Boone County, Illinois, William Tobyne is 57, Augusta 43, with Della 15, Flora 11, Freddie 9, and Hattie 4.
(Fred E. Tobyne 1871-1947 is buried in Boone County, # 122505526._

In 1900 Elbert County, Flora A., born February 1870 in Illinois, is single, living with sister Della J. March 1868 in Illinois. Jos H. Cross Oct 1858 Illinois have Raymond S. May 1892 and Florence Aug 1893, both born in Colorado.

(Flora A. Tobyne had purchased a claim in Elbert County 10S 63W from A. Kraker deceased of the Louisana land claim of 1821She also proved up a plot in 21, 9S 63W in 1900.
In 1907 Grand Junction, Mesa County, Colorado, Flora A. a nurse, Harriette J. a stenographer, and Augusta Tobyne (Wid Wm.) live at 543 Chipeta.

Flora A. Walker, formerly Flora Tobyne, then claimed land in Mesa County in 1912.
J.A. Tobyne married S.K. Walker March 21, 1907, recorded in Mesa County.

In 1910 Mesa County, Colorado, S.K Walker is 4, FLora 38, with Theodore 4 Colorado
Augusta Tobyne (wid Wm.) is living in Grand Junction, Mesa County, Colorado in 1916, living at 415 Chipeta - sdaughter Harrietta J. is a bookkeeper at Mesa County Building & Loan, lives with her.
In 1920 they're in Garfield County, Colorado, with Theodore M. 13. Her mother Augusta Tobiyne 82, widowed, born in New York, is with them.
Augusta 1837-1921 is buried in Mesa County # 280482556.
She was the second wife of William Clute Tobyne 1832-1885 buried in Winnebago County, Illinois

Belvidere, Illinois February 25, 1921 "Fred Tobyne, residing a short distance from the city on north Rockford road, received Wednesday a telegram from DeBeque, Colo., stating that his mother, Mrs. Augusta Tobyne, widow of William Tobyne, passed away last Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Samuel Walker, In that place. The body will be brought here for burial in the Davis cemetery, northwest of the city. Word has not been received when the friends will arrive with the remains. Mrs. Tobyne, formerly a resident of this county for a long period, had made her home for many years in that of the daughter mentioned. Her age was 84 years and her demise was occasioned by the infirmities of old age. There survive besides the daughter and son mentioned the daughters, Mrs. Delia Cross, of Colorado Springs, Colo., and Miss Harriet J. Tobyne, of Grand Junction, Colo.; a sister, Mrs. Hattie Smith, of Marengo, Illinois, and a brother, Samuel Easton, also of this county. The death of Mrs. Tobyne, who was widely known and highly esteemed will bring sorrow to many here in her old home."

March 3, 1921 "Augusta Easton was born in Palermo, Oswego county, New York. She was married to Wm. Tobyne September 14, 1864, and moved to Belvidere where she lived until about fifteen years ago when she went to live with her daughters in Colorado.
Her husband died October 2, 1885. She was converted in early life and for many years was a member of the First Baptist church of Belvidere and after removing to Grand Junction. Colorado, she joined the Baptist church there. Sne had four children, Mrs. Delia Cross of Colorado Springs, Colo.; Mrs. Flora Walker of De Beque, Colo.;. Fred Tobyne of Belvidere and Miss Harriette J. Tobyne of Grand Junction, Colo. She had one brother and one sister living, Samuel Easton of Belvidere, and Mrs. Hattie Smith of Marengo."

Samuel K. Walker proved up two quarters in Garfield County 7S 100W in 1921.
Harriette was in DeBeque, Colorado in 1910 - and she was a passenger on a ship from Hong Kong to San Francisco, age 33.

Harriet is in Grand Junction in 1920, a stenographer, and nephew Theodore 12 is with her.

Harriette J. Tobyne claimed a quarter in Garfield County, Colorado in 1922 (Desert land act), adjoining Samuel Walker's.

In 1940 Grand Junction, Harriette J. is a bookkeeper for the savings and load, living with Flora Walker.
Harriette J. Tobyne "Aunt Hattie" 1876-1964 is buried in Mesa County, # 89032966.
(in the same small cemetery are Ted M. Walker 1906-1998 # 89033002 and Ruth M. 1912-2000.
Flora A. 1869-1949 # 100002425 and Samuel K. 1875-1925 are buried in Grand Junction.

Joy H.Cross proved up a quarter in 10S 63W, Elbert County, in 1897.
In 1900 Elbert County, Flora A., born February 1870 in Illinois, is single, living with sister Della J. March 1868 in Illinois. Jos H. Cross Oct 1858 Illinois have Raymond S. May 1892 and Florence Aug 1893, both born in Colorado.

In 1910 Colorado Springs, Joy H. Cross 58 is a gold miner, with Della J. 43 both born in Illinois. Raymont S. 17, Florence D. 16, and George W. 9 were born in Colorado. (George married and divorced Beulah Blair, who then married Joseph Gay) George E. Cross was born 1926 , buried 1989 in Colorado Springs # 33410119.
George W. Cross 1901-1961 # 33410120 is buried in Colorado Springs, with Rae B. 1900-1980.

Raymond registered for WWI in Colorado Springs, born May 31, 1892 in Elbert Colorado, single, a fireman for the city.
In 1930 Colorado Springs, Florence is a stationery saleslady, 36, Raymomnd 38, living iwith Della 64.
In 1940 Colorado Springs, Raymond is 48, and mother Della 74 and sister Florence D 45 are with them.
Raymond S. 1892-1976 is buried in Colorado Springs # 33410128.

Della J. Cross 1865-1943 is buried in Colorado Springs # 33410117, with J. H. (Jay Hooten Cross) 1856-1920.

Seth's cousin Guy Chamberlain is in the pro football hall of fame.

Born Berlin Guy Chamberlin in 1894 near Blue Springs, Gage County, one of six children of Elmer E. and Anna Tobyne Chamberlin, he died in Lincoln on April 4, 1967 at the age of 73. Among the survivors were his first wife Lucile, his second wife Bernyce, daughter Patricia Sherwood, two grandsons, and several nieces, nephews, and cousins.
Upon discharge from the Army in 1919, Guy began playing professional football for the Canton, Ohio Bulldogs at the invitation of player-coach Jim Thorpe, the Native American athlete who had won two gold medals at the 1912 Olympics but preferred playing professional football, even though it was not well organized. Thorpe had been an idol of Chamberlin, who played the position of end during Canton’s unofficial championship in 1919.
The following year, the professional sport became organized as the American Professional Football Association, and was comprised of 14 teams. In 1922, it was given its current name National Football League, and membership had increased to at least 20 teams. Guy most certainly participated as a player or player/coach from 1920 to 1926, then he retired and worked in Cleveland as a salesman of farm implements in 1927, though there are some accounts and records that erroneously report he was involved with the Chicago Cardinals in 1927-28.
In 1920 and 1921, he played left end for the Staleys, which were located the first year in Decatur, Illinois, then moved the next year to Chicago, and eventually became renamed the Bears. Chamberlin was discovered during a Midwest recruiting trip by head coach George S. Halas, who was one of the major organizers of the first professional circuit and at his death in 1983 had a professional career as player, coach and owner for 64 years. At the time, pro football players were dependent upon jobs outside the sport for their main income, so Chamberlin worked part-time in the A. E. Staley starch factory.
Thus in five years as NFL head coach from 1922 to 1926, Chamberlin won four championships, and had a total coaching record of 55 wins, 9 losses, and 5 ties—which ranks as the highest winning percentage of any NFL coach with more than 50 victories. (Because of allegations that Guy was with the Chicago Cardinals in 1927 and 1928, some accounts report different won/loss records.)
It was George Halas who also observed in the previously cited November 23, 1957 autobiographical article, “Over five years Chamberlin won four championships with 3 different teams, a coaching record without parallel in National Football League history.”

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