Kit Carson County, Colorado

Joseph Allison   , 7S 43W

Joseph cash-claimed a quarter in 23, 7S 42W in 1890.


Joseph Allison is a saloon keeper in 1900 Denver, born May 1848, married 29 years to Lydia D. Sept 8153, both born in Illinlis. She's ahd three kids, one living.
In 1880 Jo Daviess County, Illinois, Joseph Allison, a laborer, and Catharine are both 35.
Joseph Allison 1846-1914 is buried in Denver Fairmount # 116137338, with Lydia D. Allison 1852-1920.

March 27, 1900 Guthrie Oklahoma "Pensions have been granted to Oklahomans as follows... Joseph Allison, Oakman, $6...."


One tree said Joseph S. ALlison married Martha Huston in Braceville, Grundy County, Illinois January 1, 1873.

J.S. Allison lost property in the September 1879 fire at Hastings, Nebraska.
"It was in the forenoon of September 14, 1879, that the epochal fire in the history of Hastings broke forth and gave the Hastings fire department its first severe test. The fire was discovered in the drug store of J. S. Allison, which was located in a building on the west side of Hastings Avenue, south of the alley running through the block from Hastings Avenue to Lincoln Avenue. The fire engine was brought out and worked first from the cistern at the intersection of Hastings Avenue and Second Street, and then from the cistern at the intersection of the same street with Lincoln Avenue. In the basement of the drug store, which was a frame structure, paints and oils were stored, and these inflammables soon caused the fire to reach formidable strength. Just when it seemed that the firemen had the flames under control, the engine broke. After this the citizens and firemen were compelled to fight with bucket brigades. They were unable to check the flames, and the main business section was wiped out. "

In 1880 Hasting, Nebraska, J. S. is a druggist, 24, Martha 25, with Elizabeth one month.
(In 2015 one auction included "J.S. Allison Embossed Medicine Bottle (Hastings, NE);"_

Joseph was a founding member of the Hastings Masonic lodge in 1881.

In 1885 Clear Creek County, Colorado, Jos S. Allison is 31, born in Ohio, a druggist, with Martha J. 24 Illinois and Cora May, born in Colorado, 5.

Joseph S. ALlison had a mineral patent in 1887 in Clear Creek County, along with Curtis L. Alexander, Leopold Hahn, John Hogan, John Sullivan, and John W. Ward.

Martha J. Allison is back in Evanston, ILlinois in 1900, born Feb 185 in Illinois, with Cora, born May 1880 in Nebraska.

Joseph S. Allison in St. Louis, Missouri in 1900, a pharmacist born March 1855 in Ohio, married five years to Rosa July 1864 Lousiaiana. He's divorced in Tulsa in 1910, married to Nellie in 1930 and 1940.

Cora M. Allison married John A. Morrison in Evanston, Illinois June 24, 1901.
In 1910 Des Moines, Iowa, John, a wholesale drug distributor, and Cora have Ruth E. 3 born in Iowa. Martha J. widowed 55 is with them. She's had three kids, one living, and is a dessmaker.
Joseph S. Allison, age 58, born in Bridgeport, Ohio to John Allison and Sarah Ann Tucker, age 58, a druggist, married (His third) to Martha J. Huston, daughter of Robert Huston and Elizabeth Shaw, in Des Moines, Iowa July 31, 1911
In 1920 Jay County, Indiana, John and Cora have Ruth 13, and John R. 6. Martha, 64 is still with them.

Martha J. Allison, born February 17, 1855, to Robert Huston and Elizabeth Shaw, died June 8, 1921 in Jay County.
She's buried in Braceville, Grundy County, Illinois # 93319475.
(Elizabeth (Shaw) Huston 1912-1884 is also in that cemetery # 130421805.
So is Robert Huston 1806-1892 # 130421738.)

When Cora Mae Morrison died Sept 2, 1956 in Wichita Falls, Texas, struck by a car, she was the widow of John Morrison - informant John R. Morrison. She was born May 12, 1880 at Hastings, Nebraska to Joseph A. Allison and Martha. She's buried in Crestview cemetery # 71123598, with John A. Morrison 1858 -156 - they died the same day.

February 5, 1892 Leadville, Colorado - Joseph Allison and Charles Johnson were working in a slope in a mine, when the waalls caved, completely burying them. They were taken out alive, but were badly injured.

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