Kit Carson County, Colorado

Sarah Dickson  , 7S 43W

Sarah proved up a quarter in 7, 7S 43W in 1911. Her witnesses were William Kreoger, James M. Poole, Frank Rankins, and Rosebud Williams, all of Burlington.
On the same day, Lloyd L. Penniston proved up a quarter in the same section.
Four months later, William B. Hook claimed land in section 8, and Frank Rankins claimed land in the section south, Rosebud Williams a month after that.
Henry C. Grabb had claimed land a mile west earlier in the year.

January 22, 1932 Franktown, Douglas County, Colorado "Mr. W.E. Converse, Dr. and Mrs. C.W. Converse attended the funeral of Mrs. Sarah Dickson last Saturday afternoon."


Sarah Dickson married Frank Fetherof on September 7, 1910, recorded in El Paso County.

In 1900 Pueblo, Colorado, Sarah Dickson is single, a matron at the state hospital, bon September 1850 in Virginia, parents' birthplace unknown.
Sarah I. Dickson is still living at the hospital in 1910, 62 an attendant.

"A. P. Busey, M. D., Medical Superintendent.
F. H. Kuegle, M. D., Assistant Superintendent.
Nellie Binford, M. D., Woman Assistant Physician.
Sarah Dickson, Matron.
Ernest Weinhausen, Steward.

The number of patients in the institution at the close of the 30th day of November, 1908, was 525 men and 377 women; total, 902."

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