Kit Carson County, Colorado

Alice L. Dodd  , 7S 43W

Alice claimed a quarter in sections 32 and 33, 7S 43W in 1909.


Alice L. Dodd is in 1885 Tama County, Iowa, and in 1900 is still there with Augustus 49, Carla A. 48, Florence 22, Mary C. 20, Grace A. 18, Alice L. 12, Decia J. 10, Rodney L. 11, and Julia A. Hoskins 80, a servant....

In 1910 Pierce County, Washington, Alice L. is 26, a dressmaker, with Augustus R. and Augusta C. both 59 born in ILlinois. Grace A. is 28 and Docia 24, all three girls born in Iowa.

In 1910
Rev. Rodney Augustus Dodd 1850-1932 is buried in Tacoma # 147018063, with Augusta C. (Smith) Dodd 1850-1954.

Alice is in Los Angeles in 1920 married to Forest Noble 34, with Leo 7. In 1930, and in 1940 is back in Tacoma with her mother, divorced, a dressmaker.

Alice Lillian Noble, daughter of Augustus Dodd and Augusta Smith, died Dec 24, 1955 in Tacoma, Washington.
Leo R. Noble died APril 2, 1977 in Bremerton, Washington, resident of Kitsap County.


In 1917 the Wray Rattler reported "Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Murdock entertained the following ladies; Mrs. Alice Dodd and Mrs. Mary Harter of Kansas City, Mrs. Shafer, Mrs. Gilbert and Mrs.Haves of Laird."
(This one is Barbara Alice (Davis) (Smallwood) Dodd, so it's not a likely one in Kit Carson County.)

Her father Tunis died in Yuma County
Died, January 28, 1888, TUNIS M. DAVIS, of Charleston township. TUNIS M. DAVIS was born in Nicholas County, West Virgina, April 13, 1817, and was united in marriage to Miss Kizia Givens, at the age of 24. He came to Washington County in 1870 and remained until about 6 months ago, when he went to Colorado when he took sick and died on the 28th of January, 1888, being nearly 71 years of age. He made a profession of Christianity a short time before he died. The funeral was held at Emmons, this county, yestereday and was conducted by Rev. W.W. Stewart. Text: 1st Peter, 4th chapter, part of 2nd verse. A large concourse of people paid their last respects of his remains.

Keziah Givens-Davis, widow, of Washington County.
Emerancy Davis-Linden, Daughter of Laird, Colorado.
Nathaniel Davis, son, of Laird, Colorado.
Henry Davis, son, Washington County.
Louisa Davis-Pilcher, daughter, of Washington County.
Mary Davis-Hunter/Heister, daughter, of Washington County.
Marselles Davis, son, of Denver, Colorado.
Frank Davis, son, LaClede, Missouri.
Alice Davis-Dodd, daughter, of Laird, Colorado."

1922 Wray "Mrs. Alice Dodd came out to the D. W. Pilkington home on Monday to see her father, who is sick.

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