Kit Carson County, Colorado

J. Frank Ernst  , 7S 43W

J. Frank Ernst cash-claimed a quarter in 30, 7S 43W in 1893. He had a record of a homestead application in that township, but it wasn't completed.

In 1880 Denver, F. B. Ernst is a brick molder, 23, born in Ohio, single, in a big boarding house.

In 1885 Denver, Frank Ernst is a brick moulder, 28, born in Ohio, wife Mary 36 born in Maryland.
They're in the same house as Charles 46 and Elizabeth 42 Lochtman, both born in Switzerland.

Frank Ernst case was in Morgan County, Colorado probate court in 1927.

John Ernst 1858-1924 is buried in next-door Washington County, because hs daughter Suseeeie (Ernst) Kuhns 1882-1951 was living there.

If anyone has information on this Ernst in Kit Carson County, please let us know.

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