Kit Carson County, Colorado

William E. Frost, Bert A. Frost  , 7S 43W

In 1900 Daviess County, Missouri, Wm. Frost born July 1874, married one year to Ida April 1874, both born in Iowa, have Nora January 1900.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, William is 35, married eleven years to Ida 36, both born in Iowa. Nora 10 and Irma 6 were born in Missouri. Ida has had three children, two living.

In September 1911, W.E. Frost of Burlington was one of the witnesses for the claim of William A. Hess for land in 7S 43W.

November 1911 Burlington school items "Nora Frost and Loyd Christensen entered the intermediate room."

William proved up a quarter in 15, 7S 43W in 1912.
On the same day, Bert (BLM data has a "Bent") A. Frost proved up a quarter in 3, 10S 46W - about 25 miles southwest

Ida 1874-1927 # 89164335 and "W.M." Frost 1874-1946 # 89164470 are buried in Burlington.

Nora Frost married Norris C. Crippen on June 29, 1924, recorded in Denver.

In 1930 Los Angeles, Norris has a welding shop, both he and Nora F. 30.
Norris is in Hawaii in 1940, a welder for the army, age 40, married but no spouse.
Norris Charles Crippen 1900-1982 is buried in Riverside National # 3805226, and Nora F. Crippen 1900-1970 is buried in San Jacinto, California # 157819797.

In 1953, Norris and Nora of 3022 Chesapeake Avenue, Los Angeles, arrived in San Francisco from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. She was born at Gallatin, Missouri.

In 1961 Honolulu, Norris C. (Nora F.) is a foreman for Hawn Ordinance Depot, and they live at 834 Kalihi.

California death index has Nora F. Crippen born Jan 28, 1901, dying April 22, 1970 in Riverside County, California.

Irma Frost married Perry Robertson March 21, 1925, recorded in Cheyenne County, Colorado.

In 1930 Kit Carson County, Perry R. Robertson is 40, born in Nebaska, with Irma 26 Missouri. They are farming, and have a couple Clyde and Viola Morris working for them.
In 1940 Kit Carson County, Perry and Irma are alone, farming.
Perry Robertson 1890-1967 and Irma 1903-1983 are buried in Burlington.


In 1900 Moniteau County, Missouri, Bert Frost born February 1875 in Missouri, is farming, single, with his parents Benjamin July 1852 Wisconsin and BuenaVista Sept 1865 Missouri. Leora was born Dec 1994 in Missouri. Mother-in-law Rachel Mason October 1827 is with them, widowed, born in Missouri.

September 29, 1948 Moberly, Missouri
Mr. and Mrs. William (Jack) Frost, near Moberiy, returned Tuesday night from Sheridan, Wyoming, where they have been visiting Mr. Frost's 96-year-old father, a former Missourian. Mr. Frost reports that his father enjoys fine health and, although blind since 1942, finds life stimulating. He goes for a walk almost every day and enjoys discussing current affairs and visiting with friends. The elder Frost lives with a son, Clarence, one of seven children still a boy went to Carthage, Missouri, where he did some prospecting for lead ore. Although only 16 years old at the time, he was credited with discovery of one of the first lead mines in that district. The lure of adventure led him to join the Texas Rangers in 1871 and he served until 1874. He then returned to Missouri, buying a farm near Latham in Moniteau County. He went to Sheridan in 1915. During his last year as a Texas Ranger, Mr. Frost was married in Brownsville, Texas, to Miss Marie E. Price. They were the parents of five children, four of whom still are living. They are Bert Frost, Granite City, Illinois, Charlie Frost, Story, Wyoming, William Frost, Moberly, and Robert Frost, Barnett.
(Benjamin Franklin Frsot 1852-1953 is buried in Sheridan, Wyoming # 47173269, with Beunia V. 1863-1942 # 47173481._
Rachel Mason 1826-1911 is buried in Morgan County, Missouri # 109964738.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Bert A. Frost is farming born in Missouri.

Birt Allen Frost married Cora Kiney, both of Barnett, Morgan County, Missouri on November 15, 1916.
He's back in Morgan County, Missouri, farming, when registering for WWI, born February 14, 1875, with Mrs. Cora Kinney Frost.

In 1920 Morgan County, Bert is 44, Cora A. 42, Opal Kinney 16, aymond 14, Ruth 11, and Dolan 6, all born in MIssouri.
In 1930 Madison County, Illinois, Bert is a laborer for the city gas company, 55, Cora 52. Opal Kenney is a phone operator 27, Raymond a tin worker 24, Ruth 21, a phone operator, and Dolan 16.

In 1940 Madison COunty, Bert is 65, Cora 62, Raymond Kinney no occupation, and Dolan 26 is a seamstress in a shirt factory.

Bert A. Frost 1875-1961 # 37756940 and Cora A. 1878-1957 # 37756967 are buried in Madison County.

July 27, 1961 St. Louis, MIssouri - "Janet Louise Miles and Wayne Dennis Spencer Aug. 26 at Hanley Road Baptist Church. The ceremony will take place by candlelight at 8 o'clock in the evening. Miss Miles, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Miles, 1026 Dolores avenue, Olivette, has two sisters, Miss Sue Ellen and Miss Nancy Ann Miles. They are granddaughters of Mrs. F. Jet Miles of Granite City, and the late Mr. Miles, and the late Mr. and Mrs. Bert A. Frost."

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