Kit Carson County, Colorado

Friedrich A. Hachenberger  , 7S 43W

Fredrick Hachenberger, 23, a student from Sachsen, arrived in New York August 17, 1863.

In 1885 Lancaster County, Nebraska, F.A.W. Hachenberger is 34, Eva C. 27, Gustaf 7 Wisconsin, August 4 Illinois, Helen 2 MIssouri, and Oswalt 1 Missouri.

Friedrich claimed a quarter in 26, 7S 43W in 1895.
In 1900 Kit Carson County, Fredrick "Hackenberger" is farming, born May 1840 in Germany, married 34 years to Eva C. May 1847 Germany. Manuel April 1878 Nebraska, Charley Oct 1887 Nebraska, Albert May 1886 Nebraska, and Clara March 1891 Colorado.
Frederick A. W. Hachenberger 1840-1905 is buried in Burlington, with Eva 1847-1905.

August L. Hackenberger married Jessie Cochran on July 6, 1897, recorded in Denver.

Dortha H. Hackenberger married William Bender on June 17, 1897, recorded in Kit Carson County.

In 1900 Kit Carson County, on the same page as Fredrick, Dorothea Bender born July 1878 in Missouri, married 3 years to William Bender Feb 1860 Pennsylvania, have Clarnece Aug 1898 and Earnest Nov 1899 COlorado.

In 1910 Elbert County, Colorado, William Bender is 57, Cortha 38, Clarence 11, Earnest 10, Walter 9, Lena 7, Harry 5, Otto 3, and Laurence 1.

In 1920 Elbert County, Dora is 47, widowed, with Clarence 21, Lena 16, Harry 14, Otto 12, and Ralph 5.

In 1930 Elbert County, Dora is widowed, 58, with Lawrence 21, Otto 23, Lena 27, and Ralph 16.

Dora 1872-1936 is buried in Elbert # 46660275. So is W. M. 1860-1914 # 46660279.


F.C. L. Hackenberger married Ora Estella Borton on August 6, 1899, recorded in Kit Carson County.

1908 McCook, Nebraska, "Mr. Hachenberger, of Burlington, COlordo, will put in an up-to-date furniture store at Bartley about December first."
1909 McCook "E J Hachenberger has returned fiom Burlington Colorado where he had been for some time looking after some rental property he has at thai place"

In 1910 Red Willow County, Nebraska, Emanuel Hachenberger is 32, Bertha 27, married six years. Both were born in Nebraska. His sister Clara 19 was born in Colorado.
Emanuel John Hackenberger 1878-1964 is buried in Lafayette County, Missouri, with Bertha H. (Ammann) 1882-1940.

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