Kit Carson County, Colorado

George A. Hadley  , 7S 43W

George timber-claimed a quarter in 33, 7S 43W in 1895.
In 1895, he proved up a quarter in sections 9 and 10, 5SZ 42W - just over the line in Yuma Coumty.

Anna K. Elrod married George Hadley on March 21, 1883 in Adamis County, Nebaska.
Hopkis Elrod, 62 born in Ohio, was in Lancaster County, Nebraska in 1870, with Joseph 24, Frank 19, Melinda 16, and Anna 6, all born in Ohio.

He might be the George Hadley in 1885 Keokuk County, Iowa (where a lot of Quakers from North Carolina settled after a stay in Indiana.) He's 27, born in Keokuk County, with Anna S. 20. Next to him is Luther Hadley, 39, possibly a brother, with Cora having three kids.

Quaker records have George born April 5, 1857 to Joshua Hadley and Lydia Hobson, marrying Anna Elrod.
G.A. Hadley farming in Boulder County in 1900, born April 1857 in Iowa, married 17 yearsw to Anna E. April 1869 in Ohio. Earl April 1855 and Bessa Oct 1888, and Esther Dec 1894 were born in Iowa.

In 1910 Larimer County, George A. is a teamster, 55, Anne 46, Bessie 21 Esther F. 15, Philip J. 8, and Chester 4 were all born in Colorado.
The census has George's parents born in Oklahoma (which wasn't even a territory at the time of their birth....)

In 1920 George, farming, 62 and Anna 55 are in Billings, Montana, with Bessei 30, Philip J. 18, and CHester 14.

George and Anna are in Denver in 1930, with Chester 24, Bessie 40, and granddaughter Ruth E. Horton 8 born in COlorado.

In 1940 Denver, George 83 and Anna E. 75 are living wtih daughter Ester Horton 46 and her husband Harrison D. 49. Theodore Horton is 19, Ruth 18, and Howard 16.

George A Hadley was born on 05 Apr 1857 in Richland, Keokuk, Iowa, USA. He died on 16 Feb 1948 in Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA. He married Anna Kate Elrod on 21 Mar 1883 in Iowa, USA, daughter of Hopkins Muse Elrod and Sally Ann Rowe. She was born on 09 Apr 1864 in Vermillion, Illinois, USA. She died on 02 Dec 1944 in Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA.
Children of George A Hadley and Anna Kate Elrod are:

i. Earl Monroe Hadley, B: 27 Apr 1884 in Richland, Keokuk, Iowa, USA, D: 05 Oct 1905.

ii. Flossie Hadley, B: Mar 1887 in Richland, Keokuk, Iowa, USA, D: Jun 1887 in Richland, Keokuk, Iowa, USA.

iii. Bessie Lucille Hadley, B: 27 Oct 1887 in Yuma, Colorado, USA, D: 11 Aug 1930.

iv. Esther F Hadley, B: 29 Dec 1894 in Yuma, Colorado, USA, D: 1983, M: Harrison D Horten, 03 Mar 1918.

v. Rose Hadley, B: 15 Jun 1896 in Yuma, Colorado, USA, D: 01 Aug 1897 in Yuma, Colorado, USA.

vi. Philip Joseph Hadley, B: 15 Sep 1901 in Boulder, Boulder, Colorado, USA, D: 14 Mar 1983 in Denver, Colorado, USA, M: Frances Eliza Martin, 17 Oct 1930.

vii. Chester Lloyd Hadley, B: 13 Jul 1905 in Boulder, Boulder, Colorado, USA, D: Mar 1982 in Golden, Jefferson, Colorado, USA.

October 1921 Fort Collins "Harrison Horton, a graduate from the college in 1917, is expected to arrive here in a day or two by his wife, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs George Hadley of North Grant street for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Horton will probably spend the winter in Fort Collins. They have been living in Billings, Montana."

Earl M. Hadley 1885-1905 is buried in Fort Collins # 121539790
"Earl M Hadley, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Hadley of this city, died on Thursday of last week at Grand Encampment, Wyoming, as a result of injuries received in a powder explosion in the Ferris-Haggerty mine, where he was employed. The remains of the unfortunate young man were brought here for burial and the funeral occurred last Sunday at the family home on Grant avenue. Rev. I. N. Monroe delivered the funeral discourse and the music was rendered by a choir of Sunday school girls.

Earl was but 22 years of age and a most estimable young man. He was strong and robust and life was dear to him. His untimely death is a sad blow to his parents and other relatives. "

Bessie Hadley 1888-1930 is buried in Fort Collins # 121540049.

Philip Hadley married Edith Tannehill April 23, 1927, recorded in Arapahoe County.

In 1930 Denver, Philip is a raliroad car man helper, 28, born in Colorado, with Edythe 19 Oklahoma, and Phillis 2 Colorado.
Philip and Edith divorced in 1931 in Denver.
Philip J. Hadley married Frances E. Martin March 29, 1931, recorded in Adams County, Coloado.

In 1940 Denver, Philip J. Hadley is a pipe fitter, 38, wtih Francis 33, SeStephen G. 8, and Morton 7, all born in COlorado. Florence Martin, mother-in-law 70, widowed, born in Pennsylvania, is with them.
Edythe Nothnagel is in McCook Nebraska in 1940, 29, married to Paul. With them are Albert Nothnaagel 13, Billie Nothnaagel 12, and Phyllie Hadley 12.
Phyllis Lorge was born Feb 1, 1928 in Denver to Philip J. Hadley and Edythe M. Tannehill, dying 1997, buried in Springfield, Missouri # 87773343, with Robert L. Lorge 1927-20001.

Philip J. Hadley 1901-1983 is bureid in Fort Logan Navy WWI # 736136, wtih Frances El. Hadley 1906-1996.

Esther Hadley married Harrison D. Horton March 3, 1918, recorded in Larimer County.

Chester Hadley is a truck driver in 1940 Jefferson County, Colorado, 34, married to Florence 33. They haave Richard 8.

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