Kit Carson County, Colorado

Henry and Cora (Anderson) Johnson  , 7S 43W

Henry claimed a quarter in 30, 7S 43W in 1905.
In 1910 Henry Johnson was the secretary-treasurer of School District # 30, J. L. Pennington the president.

He might be the Henry Johnson farming in 1910 Kit Carson County, 32, born in Sweden, married five years to Cara 26 Iowa. They have Leon C. 4 and Herbie L. 2 both born in Colorado. He immigrated in 1885, and was naturalized.

Anton Anderson married Dina Amundson in Monona County, Iowa on July 29, 1875.

Cora L. Anderson is in Monona County, Iowa in 1900, born October 1883 in Iowa, with farmer father Anton Anderson Nov 1853 Norway, married 25 years to Dinah A. Sept 1855 Norway. Della A. was born June 1890 in Iowa.
She was born October 1882, and baptised November 12, 1882 in the Skien Lutheran Church at Albaton, Iowa. - father Anton Anderson, mother Dina Ammundson.

In 1880 Monona County, Iowa, Anton O. Anderson was 26, Dena 24, James 5, and Minnie 1.
In 1895 Anton is 41, "Dana" 39, James O. 19, Minnie A. 15, "Clara" L. 12, and Delia A. 4.

Anton O. Anderson, 1852-1903 # 59869194 and Dena A. Anderson 1855-1915 # 59869416 are buried in Albaton, Iowa.

Minnie A. Anderson, age 27, married Will C. Kratz on December 20, 1905 in Monona COunty.
They're buried in Monona County Minnie 1879-1957, # 60405861 and Will 1885-1965.

Henry Johnson, age 29, born in Sweden to Charlie and Kathrina Johnson, married Cora Anderson , age 23, daughter of Dena Anderson, in Monona County, Iowa December 28, 1904.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Henry is 42, immigrating in 1884, naturalized in 1913, with Cora 38, Leon 14, Herby 11, and Dwight 9. They have two boarders, Dewey Innes 28 working out, and Dode Shannon 27 in the U.S. Navy.
In 1930 Kit Carson County, Henry is 51, Cora 47, Herby 21, and Dwight 19.

Henry and Cora are alone in 1940 Kit Carson County, still farming.
Henry 1877-1956 # 34862389 and Cora 1882-1968 # 34862271 are buried in Colorado Springs.

October 9, 1968 "Funeral services were held today for Mrs. Cora L. Johnson, Burial was at Evergreen Cemetery. ; residents of McLennan County, Johnson , a farmer since her husband’s death resident of Colorado Springs, was born Oct. 22, 1882, in Albaton, Iowa. She was a member of the Methodist Church and a former ... Survivors include three sons, Herb L. Johnson, Valley Center, Kansas? ... Leon C. Johnson, Baldwin? Park, Calif, and Dwight Johnson of Burlington, Colo.; five grandchildren and nieces and nephews. "

In 1930 Burlington, John J. Holihan is doing odd jobs, 62 born in Ohio, married to Elizabeth 46 Wisconsin. Amelia C. is 22, Nellie M. 21, Mary L. 18, Margaueite E. 13, and John W. 7, all kids born in Colorado.
(Elizabeth M. Holihan 1884-1980 is buried in Colorado Springs, # 34860310, with John J. 1868-1944 # 34860312.)

Dwight married Nellie August 6, 1934.

Dwight is a hardware salesman 29, married to Nellie M. 31 with Gerald L. 1, all born in Colorado.
Dwight 1910-1984 # 89569754 and Nellie M. Johnson 1908-1985 are buried in Burlington.
So is Gerald L. 'Doc' Johnson 1938-2008 # 89573904.


Herby L. Johnson, age 22, married Edith M. Presley, 21, in Burlington Colorado August 2, 1930.
The marriage was recorded in Cheyenne County, Colorado. H.C. Alley, minister of Burlington, performed the ceremony.

Edith was in Burlington in 1930, age 24, with parents Elias 60 and Lydia 44. Hollis is 24, Pauline 17, and Mary H. 14.
Elias was a newspaper printer, born in Louisiana.

In 1940 Burlington, Herby L. Johnson is a drayman, 31, born in Colorado, Edith M. 30 Texas, with Donna B. 7 born in Colorado.
Herbert J. Johnson, born Dec 3, 1908, died January 26, 1993, last residence Arapahoe Colorado.
Edith Myrl Johnson, born June 5, 1909 at Bay City, Texas to Elias F. Presley and Lydia A. Lapman, died February 5, 1998.
She's buried in San Antonio 1909-1998 # 840225, with Herby L. 1908-1992 # 842026.


In October 1927 L.C. Johnson, of Los Angeles County, born in Colorado, age 23, a carpenter, was received at the Folsom Prison, crime of forgery and grand theft. THIS IS PROBABLY LAWRENCE C. JOHNSON, IN SACRAMENTO PRISON IN 1930.

In 1930 Los Angeles, Leon C. Johnson, 28, born in Colorado, is living alone, an airgun man for a welding machine.

Leon C. Johnson, born September 24, 1905, died in San Bernardino County March 9, 1973.
He's buried in Lucerne Valley # 95655650 "no headstone."

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