Kit Carson County, Colorado

Ernest L. K. Johnstone  , 7S 43W

In 1890 Denver, Ernest Johnstone, selling cigars at Johnstone & McKittrick located on the street by the James Hotel.

Ernest claimed a quarter in 32, 7S 43W in 1891.


Ernest K. S Johnstone, age 32, married Belle Shiels age 32 in Marin County, California August 20, 1898.
This was Ernest Kinloch Johnstone, born at Devonshire, England on July 7, 1871, a naturalized citizen of the U.S., a physician arriving in San Francisco in April 1886, and wsas naturalized in 1898. So it doesnt' seem likely that he would have goe to Colorado.

He and Belle were in Hawaii in 1910.

If anyone has infomation on the Kit Carson County Ernest, please let us know.

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