Kit Carson County, Colorado

John Kribbs  , 7S 43W

John cash-claimed a quarter in 33, 7S 43W in 1888.
He had a record of a homestead in that township, but it either wasn't completed or the cash claim was recorded as a homestead.


In 1885 Decatur County, Iowa, James H. Ruble is 59, a carpenter, with son James 10, Gertrude 8, and Louie M. 5.

In 1880 Audrain County, Missouri, John Kribbs is a farm laborer, 20, born in Illinois, working for Mary Beene, 41 widowed.

John timber-claimed a quarter in 7S 36W - Thomas County, Kansas, in 1899.
William Kribbs had cash-claimed a quarter in that township in 1890.

In 1900 Thomas County, Kansas, John Kribbs is farming, born May 1863 in Illinois, married two years to Maud L. October 1879 Iowa. James C. was born June 1899 in Kansas.

In 1910 Phillips County, Kansas, John is 50, Lovisa M . 29, with Jamie C. 10, Alpha O. 6, Floyd 1 and John three months, all kids born in Kansas.

In 1920 Phillips County, John is 62, Maud L. 40, Omega A. 15, Urbane 11, and Joseph 9.

In 1925 Phillipsburg, Kansas, John is 65, farming, with Maud S. 46, Floyd V. 16, and Joe FT. 15.

John is living alone in 1930 Phillipsburg, Kansas, 70 married but no spouse.
John is also listed in 1930 Hastings, Nebraska, working in a restaurant. Maude L. Kribbs is also in Hastings in 1930, 50, married but no spouse, a waitress in a restaurant. F. Urbane is 21, a helper in an oil station, and Joseph is 20, an interior painter. They're living in a rooming house.

John Kribbs 1859-1930 is buried in Phillipsburg, Kansas # 29150927.

One tree said Louisa 'Lewie' Maude Ruble was born Oct 8, 1879 in Decatur County, Iowa, and died March 21, 1949 in Brighton, Colorado, married August 1898 in Goodland, Kansas.
It said James Clarence Kribbs was born June 20, 1899 in Brewster, Kansas.

In 1930 Phillipsburg, Charles D. Strain is a mailman, 38, with Alpha 26, and Ruth E. 3.

In 1940 Adams County, Colorado, Alpha Omega Henry is 35, born in Kansas, with Fred Henry 32. They have Shirley Jena 5.
Alpha's daughter Ruth Ellinor Strain is 13, born in Kansas.

In 1940 Converse County, Wyoming, Urban Kribbs is 31, - in Hastings Nebraska in 1935, married to Genevier 27 born in Iowa - she was in Dawson Nebraska in 1935. Urban is teaching.
In 1948 Seattle, Urban is a helper at the SSInc, and Guenivere J. Kribbs is a public school teacher. They live at 3410 E. 80th.
Joseph T. Kribbs 1910-1956 is buried in Brighton, COlorado # 36136389.

Independence, Kansas - August 9, 1904
About two o'clock this afternoon the startling intelligence was conveyed to the city that a man was drowned in the Verdigris river just east of the bridge. Speculation was rife as to the identity of the missing man. Upon the clothing which were brought in and are now in the custody of the sheriff, no clue could be found. A shirt, underclothing, trousers, socks and shoes were all that could be found and the only mark on any of these was the initials "L. E. T."
It was learned, however that the man's name was John Kribbs, that he was a tool dresser formerly in the employ of Contractor J. B. Johnson, and that his home, it was believed, was at Marion, Indiana. The cause of his drowning is, of course, only conjecture. He in company with Harry Miller were bathing in the stream near the rock quarry. The two men started to swim across the stream. Miller had just reached the shore when Kribbs who had drifted further down the stream called for help. Miller hastened to his assistance but before he could reach him the unfortunate man sank. Only once afterward and that but for an instant did the doomed man come to the surface, A thorough search is being made and no effort will be spared to recover the remains. A watch and a small sum of money were found in the pockets of the clothing upon examination of those articles at the office of the probate judge."

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