Kit Carson County, Colorado

Frank D. Mann, sister Ella Mann, brother U.S. Grant Mann  , 7S 43W

William H. Mann claimed a quarter in 23, 7S 43W in 1891.
There's a William H. Mann in Denver in 1903, a stone-cutter, living at the Lindell Hotel.

Frank D. Mann was born November 10, 1861 at Saluvia, Pennsylvania, and his father was born in Pennsylvaia

In 1880 Fulton County, Pennsylvania, William C. Mann is 45, farming, with Ann M. 41, Lewis 21, Frank D. 18, Grant 15, Tena 9, May 5, and Ella 3, all born in Pennsylvania.
William Culbertson Mann 1835-1904 is buried in Fulton County # 75711769, with Anna 1839-1910.


Frank D. Mann cash-claimed a quarter in 8S 44W in 1890, timber-claimed a quarter in 8S 50W in 1896, and cash-claimed one in 9S 44W in 1890.

"The railroad track was laid in 1887, but it was not until 1888 that the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Raliroad Company started running trains over the new track. With trains now coming into Burlington, Frank D. mann stopped his state coach run from Cheyenne Wells to Burlington. The old stage route ran betweeen Cheyenne Wells and Beloit Post Office, to Columbia and then on the Tuttle Post Office. The stage trip took two days and was run twice a week.

In 1900 Frank is a hardware dealer in Burlington, divorced, born November 1861 in Pennsylvania.

"Burlington Colorado, 9-18 1908 - In account with Frank D. Mann, dealer in Hardware, implements, furniture, harness, undertaking and embalming. Recd of Wyatt Boger 10.00 for [hearse?] services. signed F.D. Mann".

September 22, 1910 " Word was received by relatives of the death of Mrs. Maria Mann at her home in Salavia, Pennsylvatia, Saturday. Besides other relatives Mrs. Mann leaves two sons, Frank D. and Grant and one daughyer, Miss Ella, all of this city. The relatives here received the announcement of her death too late to he in attendance at the funeral."

1911 " Edward Davis of Everett, Penn., who has been the guest of his cousins, Messrs. F. D. and Grant and Miss Ella Mann, for the past two weeks, left for his home Wednesday."

1912 "Mr. Kukuk, a homesteader on the North Smoky, has bought the Frank Mann property now occupied by Geo. Danforth."

Frank was president of the Burlington State Bank in 1917.
He went to Jamaica from New Orleans in 1917 "looking after the interest of the Rio Grande Porcy Mining Co."

Frank D. Mann 1861-1926 is buried in Burlington.

Near him, Ella Mann proved up a quarter in 4, 9S 44W in 1912.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Grant Mann is farming 45, with sister Ella 26 (this should probably be 36), both born in Pennsylvania.
In 1930 Burlington, Ulysses G. is 64, no occupation, living alone.
Hes's still living alone in 1940 Burlington.

Ulysses 1865-1945 is also buried in Burlington # 89608407.


In 1860 Jasper County, Missouri, Stephen Vititow is 43, farming, born in Kentucky, with Sarah 33 Virginia, Sarah E. 12, James D. 10, Ellen F. 9, Kate 8, William T. 5, Fanny 3, and Stephen 1, all kids born in Missouri.

In 1870 Jasper County, Stephen is 53, Srah 43, James D. 21, Ellen A. 19, Kate 18, William T. 15, Stephen R. 11, Fanny 8, Ulysses S. 5, Frank 3, and Addie 1. Elizabeth Scott 69 is with them, 69.
Stephen 1817-1891 is buried in Jasper County, Missouri # 163924302, with Sarah 1827-1892.

Wiliam T. Vititow is in Grant County, Oklahoma in 1900, born December 1855 in Missouri, living with sister Sara Forsythe, Sarah Dec 1848 is married to John Forsyth May 1841 Tennessee. (John died in 1902 and is buried in Jasper County, Missouri. #55018822_

In 1910 Kit Carson County, William T. Vititow is 49, single, born in Missouri, living alone, "own income".

In 1900 Kit Carson County, James D. Vititow is widowed, born June 1857 in Missouri, living alone, a stock raiser.

1911 "J. D. Vititow of Larussell, Mo., spent a few days with his brother Tom the fore part of the week."

Ella M. Mann married W. T. Vititon / Vititow on November 17, 1912, recorded in Kit Carson County.
November 29, 1912 "Miss Ella Mann and Mr. W. T. Vititow, two of Burlington's most popular people, were united in marriage at the parsonage last Sunday evening, Rev. John Brand, pastor of the Methodist church, officiating.
The contracting parties have been residents of this city for a number of years and need no introduction to our people. Miss Mann is a sister to Mr. F. D. Mann, one of the leading business men of this city, and very popular with all who know her. Mr. Vititow, or Tom as he is familiarly known, is one of our best citizens and a friend to everyone.
A host of friends extend congratulations and best wishes to the newly married people."

In 1911 Frank D. Mann and Thomas W. Vitotow were witnesses for the land claim of Andrew L. Landerson>

In 1920 Burlington, William T. Vititow is a barber, 53, born in Missouri, Ella 30 in Pennsylvania.

In 1930 Barry County, Missouri, William Vititow is 75, born in Missouri, Ella 40 born in Pennsylvania...
William Vititow 1855-1931 is buried in Barry County # 7988839.
His death certificate- Ella M. Vititow of Washburn Missouri the informant - said he was a barber, born at Burlington, Colorado "Carson County" December 24, 1853, and died September 15, 1931. His parents were Steve Vititow of Kentucky and Sarah Scott of Virginia.

Mrs. Ella M. Vititow, of Tyrone Pennsylvania, age 56, married C.R. King of Poplar Bluff, Missouri, on September 21, 1932 in Butler County, Missouri.


In 1904 U.S. Vititow is the "J.W." of the Burlington Lodge # 77 of the Masons.

Ulysses E. Vititow, age 53, died August 16, 1918, buried in Fairmount Cemetery, Denver # 106233143.

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