Kit Carson County, Colorado

Jared Marshall, daughter Amanda (Marshall) Torbert  , 7S 43W

Jesse Marshall 1803-1864 is buried in New London, Indiana "Jesse and Mary were born of old Quaker stock and were married in TN where their first 2 children were born. They continued to follow the frontier west through IN where ten more children were born and where Jesse and 6 children died. Jesse and 2 of their children died in 1864 of typhoid in Howard Co IN where they were part of the Pleasant Hill Monthly Meeting (Quaker), about 3 miles west of New London, IN. In 1864-5 Mary and most of her remaining children moved to Marshall Co, IA where her son Levi was already. In 1902 she moved to Union, IA and lived with her son Levi until her death. The 5 children not linked in FindaGrave are: Jane 1829 TN - 1865 Union, IA. Eli 1836 IN - 1844 IN. Ellis 1841 IN - 1841 IN. Anna 1849 IN - 1852 IN. James 1850 IN - 1913 VA. "

In 1850 Howard County, Indiana, Jesse is 46, Mary 44, Jane 21, William 19, Calvin 17, Levi 16, Jared 12, Nathan 6, Rachel 3.


Jared was with his parents in 1860 Howard County, Indiana, and married Rachel Hanson in Howard County August 20, 1862.

In 1870 Jared is a mail messenger 30, Rachel 25, William 6, and Amanda 1, all born in Indiana.
In 1880 Howard County, Indiana, Jared is 40, a real estate dealer, married to Rachel 35, with Newton 15 and Minnie 10.

Rachel's brother Edwin Hanson married Jared's sister Jane Marshall.

In 1899 Jared signed a petition to establish a Masonic lodge in Burlington.

Jared cash-claimed a quarter in 31, 7S 43W in 1891.

Jared Marshall and Rachel H. Marshall divorced in Denver in 1893.

Jared married Francis A. Van Kirk in Denver on May 18, 1896.

One tree said they had Amanda Marshall in 1869 in Howard County, Indiana.
It said in 1900 Denver, Amanda is married to Willard Torbert 39, born in Delaware, a barber. Willard Jr. is 13 Nebraska, Carl 10, Horace G. 7, Lela May 5, and Robert 2 were born in Colorado.

Willard S. Torbert cash-claimed a quarter in 1, 8S 44W in 1891 - that was a mile southeast of Jared.

Willard S. Torbert and Amanda J. Torbert divorced in Denver in 1895.
Willard S. Torbert and Amanda J. Torbert divorced in Boulder May 8, 1909.

In 1910 Berthoud Colorado, Horace G. 17, Leona M. 9, Lorena C. 6, and Lily J. 3 are with grandparents John S. Bostwick 72 and Bettie H. 65 - both on their second marriage.
(Rachel H. Marshall had married J.S. Bostwick in Howard County Indiana, April 24, 1897.

They were in Boulder County in 1900, married three years. John was born Sept 1837 in New York, MR. H. July 1844 in Indiana. )

Next household is J.H. Talbert, born August 1850 in Missouri, with Annie October 1852 Pennsylvania. Joe October 1886 was born in COlorado.
Rachel H. Bostwick 1844-1921 is buried in Boulder # 50002241.

In 1920 Denver, Amanda Torbert is widowed, 50, born in Indiana, with daughter Leona 19 Little and her husband George Little 30, with Carl two.

Amanda is in 1930 Denver, 60, running a rooming house.
She's in Denver in 1940, 70, living alone.
Amanda Jane Torbert, born July 1, 1869 in Indiana, died in San Francisco April 6, 1953, mother Hanson, father Marshall.

Willard, age 70, died November 1, 1931 in Los ANgeles COunty.

Carl N. Torbert married Ethel Hulet on August 15, 1905, recorded in Denver.

Carl Newton Tobert divorced Ethel in Boulder County November 1, 1909.
Carl Newton Torbert married Louie Agnes Glass on February 23, 1919, recorded in Denver.
They divorced in Denver in 1924.

Carl Newton Torbert was born July 3, 1889 at Burlington, Colorado, and is a barber in Los Angeles with a wife and two children when registering for WWI.
Carl Newton Torbert, son of Willard S. Torbert and Minnie Marshall, married Mamie Ellen Durbin in Los Angeles January 6, 1913.

He registered for WWI in San Francisco, with Mrs. Elsa Torbert.

Horace Greeley Torbert was born June 5, 1892, and registered for WWI in Denver, a farmer, wtih Jennie C. Torbert.
He died in 1952, and is buried in Golden Gate # 3642085, with Myrtle J. Barnes 1883-1955.

Doris May Scribner was born April 10, 1895 and died December 17, 1986 inin Contra Costa County, mother Hanson, father Torbert.

In 1910 Colorado Springs, Jared is 70 born in Indiana, with Frances A. 57 Iowa.

In 1920 Colorado Springs "Jered" is 80, Frances 67.

Jared 1839-1927 is buried in Colorado Springs # 72913247, with Frances 1852-1942.

John H. Marshall cash-claimed a quarter in 3, 8S 43W in 1891 - that would be about three miles from Jared.

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