Kit Carson County, Colorado

Frank Henry Hutton Padbury  , 7S 43W

Frank's parents, Samuel Padbury and Helen Susan Belstead, eldest daughter of Belstead of the 86th Light Infantry, married per the December 21, 1854 Morning Chronicle (London, England)

1857 Hobart, Tasmania - Frank's father was in Tasmania, Australia....
" Mr. S. Padbury, accountant of stores in the Convict Department, proved that prisoner, absconded from his service in December; the cheque on the Commercial Bank (produced) was not written by him.
Prisoner declared that he had got the cheque from Mr Padbury, and he did this to do him out of
his wages. (A laugh.)
Mr Padbury denied this, and said only two shillings were due to prisoner when he absconded.

In 1881 London, England, Samuel 40 born in Lancashire, and Helen Susan Padbury 42 born in Surrey, have Maria Helen 23 Tasmania, Ada Harriet 21 Australia, Percy George 19 Australia, Catherine Mary 17 Australia, Frank H. Hutton 13, London, Charles T. S. 12 London, Dora May 11 London, Mabel Julia 6 London, Gertrude E. 3, London, a visitor from Switzerland Maria Schwab, a cook a housemaid, and a nursemaid.

In 1888 in Los Angeles County, Frank H. H. Padbury/Padburg , age 21, declared intention to naturalize, age 21, born in England, and arrived in New York May 22, 1886.

In July 1890 F.H. Padbury of Denver arrived at the Russ House hotel in San Francisco.

Frank claimed a quarter in 31, 7S 43W in 1891.
Frank died at sea November 8, 1890, off Great Beach Head. Frank Henry Hulton Padbury was mentioned in probate.

It said his parents were born in England, married in Austalia in 1854, then moved back to England in the mid-1860's, where Frank was born May 8, 1867 in London.

Frank's brother Percy George Padbury, second son of the late Samuel Padbury, H.M.C.S., married Maria Olympia Fiuza, eldest daughter o Cyro D. Pesson, of Rio de Janiero, married on the 2nd inst., at the largo Do Machado Church in Gloria, per the Rio News of February 10, 1891.

Frank's sister Matilda Elizabeth Padbury married Holland Loxton in Ausutralia and had George Reginald Loxton in 1882 - he died 1972 in VIctoria, Australia.

Frank's sister married - July 7, 1894 "The Colonies and India Detail" "June 9, at H.B.M.'s Agency, Zanzibar, and afterwards at the Cathedral, Charles Worsley Strickland, Collector of Customs, Government of H.H. the Sultan of Zanzibar, to Catherine Mary, third daughter of the late Samuel Padbury, H.M. Civil Service."

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