Kit Carson County, Colorado

Hugh M. and Prudence Eva (Baker) Santee, William J. Santee  , 7S 43W

In 1870 Appanoose County, Tobias Santee is farming, 40, born in West Virginia, wtih Mary A. 36 Pennsylvania, Elzena C. 13 West Virginia, John H. 11 Ohio, Nancy 10, William J. 8, Lucy 6, Hugh 5, Phebe E. 2, and Joseph one month.

In 1880 Appanoose County, Iowa, Tobias Santee - no occupation - is 46, Mary A. 45, John 21, N.E. 19, Wm. J. 17, Lucy J. 16, Hugh 15, Phoebe 12, Joseph 10, and John 6.

In 1870 Page County, Iowa, Samuel Baker is 42, Aruthuse 32, maggie 14, Clarinda 12, Sarah 8, Willie 7, Eva 5, George 4, and a one-month-old.
In 1880 Jewell County, Kansas, Sam Baker is farming, 50, born in Canada, with Arthea 43 Illinois. Elva is 15, George 13, Mina 14, Mary 8, and Leland G. 1.
(Sam 1827-1892 is buried in Baker Cemetery, Jewell County, with Arthusa M. Baker 1838-1906.

In 1885 Appanoose County, Tobias 62 and Mary 51 have Jennie 21, Hugh 19, Pheobe 16, Joseph 14, and Evan N. 11.

One tree said Hugh married Prudence E. Baker in Burr Oak, Jewell County, Kansas on November 6, 1888.

Hugh cash-claimed a quarter in 7, 7S 43W in 1891. There was a patent issued for 7 NORTH 43W in 1891, but that was cancelled by the Hugo land office in 1906.

He had a record of a homestead application in that township, but it wasn't completed.
Hugh had a record of a timber claim in 8S 46W, but that wasn't completed.

In 1900 Appanoose County, Iowa, Hugh M. Santee born Sept 1865 in Iowa, married eleven years to Prudence Oct 1864 Iowa are farming.
They have a niece Lucy Baker born October 1886 in Kansas.

1901 Coffeyville Kansas "Melissa Baker is confined to her room with appendicitis."

Hugh, born 1865 in Appanoose County, died March 21, 1903 in Teller County, Colorado # 65834036.
"Victor, March 23, --
Hugh Santee, who died early this morning from the effects of injuries received at the El Paso mine Monday morning, never regained consciousness. The entire base of his skull was badly fractured and his brain was severely cut. Deceased leaves a wife, a brother and a brother-in-law residing in this district. He was a member of the Odd Fellows lodge, under the auspices of which organization the funeral will be held. The other three men injured in the accident are reported to be getting along nicely. "

"Cripple Creek. March 21. A serious accident happened this morning at 10 o'clock in the shaf t of the El Paso mine on Beacon hill when four men were seriously injured. The men were at the bottom of the shaft at work when two sets of timbers several feet above caved in and crushed down upon them. The injured are: Hugh Santee, skull crushed, and not expected to live: Charles Frightmaster, leg broken; O. W. Allison. cut about the head; J. Kien, head andface badly cut and bruised."

In 1904 Coffeyville, Kansas, Prudence (Wid Hugh) Santee lives at 10401 Elm.
Melissa Baker also lives at 1401 Elmm.

In 1905 Coffeyville, Kansas, Prudence Santee does millinery, 40, with M. Baker 18
With them is Wm. Hoffman 49, and some others - roomers????

Discovery After Eighteen Years
She Had Since Changed Her Name by Marriage

Who can measure the love of a mother heart? Especially when this heart has been gladdended by the life which is flesh of her flesh and then, by the ruthless hand of fate, torn asunder by the loss of the offspring it presents a condidtion which is simply indescribable. This is a condition frequently met in the every day life and when we meet it we sometimes find it so hedged about by romance as to present a condition bordering on the imaginative. Such a case as this has just come to life in Coffeyville, in the discovery of his mother by a son, now 23, who-was torn from the arms of his mother when 5 years of age and not from that day when he disappeared from her sight as thoroughly as if the ground had opened and swallowed him, did she know whether he was dead or living until he burst into her arms a full-grown man, now married, and having led such a life as any child homeless and friendless at eight years would be expected to lead.
Twenty-three years ago Mr. and Mrs. Kelch lived at Burr Oak, Kansas. He was too fond of drink, and his wife thought her life would be happier spent alone and in company with their son, than in that of the dissolute husband and father, so she moved to herself. In an evil hour the husband stole from her the child which his mother thought and the father afterward proved had no place in his hands, for, after leading a wandering life with him for three years he deserted the child on the streets of Lincoln, Neb., and he has never heard of the father from that day to this and does not know whether or not he yet lives. The father did take the precaution, however, before deserting his child to so poison his childish mind against his mother with false tales of her selfishness that when the father, too, turned against him the little fellow thought there was none in the world to extend him the love and protection that is due to every child. He was taken in charge by the police, who found him on the streets, and turned to the Home for the Friendless. From there he was adopted into the home of a German named D. J. Troyer who, on the authority of the young man, treated him brutally and, at the age of thirteen he struck out for himself, and has since made his way as best he could.
He has spent most of the succeeding years at Genevieve, Neb. He was, fortunately, old enough at the time of his abduction to remember his name and this fact enabled him to finally find his mother. By the merest circumstance, while he was at work for an electrical com pany at Lincoln he came upon a lady who, during some of the time that his father had him, in charge, had cared for him, and she told him what his father on what he believed at the time was his death-bed, had confided to her about having stolen the boy from his mother, and who the mother was. The unnatural father recovered and the woman had kept his secret until such a time as It afterward proved, it was told to the one who made the best and the most use of the information. The tale she toid to him, not only disabused his mind of the poisonous tale planted there about the mother having been an evil woman, but it also aroused a desire on the part of the young man to find his mother, if living. So he set to work. He opened a correspondence with the postmaster at Burr Oak, and through the kindly offices of that person was placed in communication with relatives of his mother who knew of her whereabouts and it was not long until letters from the obliging relatives conveyed to the anxious ones the pleasing i nformation that the one sought not only lived but could be found. The letters to each were forwarded on the same day and the son, instead of waiting to write and receive an answer, took the first train for Coffeyville ' and speedily located his mother in the person of Mrs. E. P. Santee, of 1401 South Elm.
Where is the pen that can describe that meeting when the relations of each to the other was disclosed? Not the gift that was ever given to mortal man can do it.
Recounting her joy today the mother claimed to be the happiest woman in Coffeyville and her beaming face bore out the truthfulness of her statement. When bereft of her husband by separation, and of her child by the act of the cruel, inhuman father, Mrs. Kelch, married again, becoming Mrs. Santee. That was more than fifteen years ago and one year ago last March her husband died at Cripple Creek, Colo.
In June of last year she came to Coffeyville and purchased the property at the above address, of Ragle & Curry. Of late she had found I the loneliness intolerable and had called ...mother love at the prostrate form of a young man at her feet, said: "I guess you need not rent my place now. My son, stolen from me eighteen years ago, has come to stay with me." And from this statement the story has come out. Who shall say that truth is not stranger than fiction? Warren Kelch will be 23 years old July 2. He has a young wife to whom he was married a few months ago, who will arrive from Lincoln early next week and together they will make their home with his mother, so long unknown, and if it is not a happy family there is none in Coffeyville.

June 27, 1905 "The happiest woman in Coffeyville today is Mrs. E. P. Santee, who resides at the corner of Elm and Fourteenth streets. After being separated for eighteen years grieved herself to death at his loss, she formed a determination to find the..of the boy's father who kindly informed Warren of his mother's whereabouts..and very thoughtfully wrote Mrs. Santee here so that she might not be over.... but tne beauty of it all is that it is come at the sudden sight of her son. As soon as this information was gained Warren Kelch took the first train for Coffeyville, where on Thursday evening Th.. he saw his mother for the first time for eighteen years. The meeting was most pathetic, both being almost overcome with joy. Tears come to the faces.. whEogge her name was Mrs. Kelch,

1905 "Miss Melissa Baker of Elm street, has gone to Jefferson to spend a week visiting relatives. "

1906 "Mrs. W. P. Jackson of Elk City, returned to her home Friday after a few days' visit with Mrs. Prudence Santee, at 1401 Elm street."

One tree said "Prudence Elvira (Eva) Baker was born on 7 Oct 1864 in Page Co., Iowa. She died on 22 Jul 1952 in Res. of Independence, Montgomery Co., Kansas.
Prudence married (1) Unknown Mullin
Prudence married (2) Warren P. Kelch on 13 Feb 1881 in Fostoria, Ohio. "

In 1888 Eva Kelch had letters remaining in the Colby, Kansas post office.

In 1900 Cincinnati, Ohio, Warren Kelch is boarding, born July 1882 in Kansas, does not know where his parents were born. He's a porter in a hotel.

In 1885 Fillmore County, Nebraska, David Mowry is 28, Lena 21, with Geneva 2 and Vena seeven months.

1891 Lincoln, Nebraska "IN A SAD PLIGHT
Little Warren Kelch Only DESERTED BY HIS PARENTS er Keane brought to the station, ils morning a bright little fellow aged eight years, whose name is given as Warren Kelch. The little fellow has been deserted by both hla parents, and will be sent to the home for the friendless. His father, Wm. Kelch, has been boarding for time at the house of Mrs. H. Laird....tender mercies of the father. The latter has provided for the boy in the meanwhile. She agreed to do so, but has now become con...and being unable to care for herself, turned him over to the"

In 1900 Fillmore County, Genevieve born Dec 1882 in Nebraska, is with David 41 - a plumber - and Lucy 37. Jesse is 13, Vernie 15, James 11, Martha 6, and Herbert two months.

Warren E. Kelch, age 22, married Genevieve Illa Moury, age 21, in Fillmore County, Nebraska August 28, 1904.
In 1906 Warren Kelch claimed $17.50 in salary from the Coffeyville, Kansas city.

1908, when a niece died in Fillmore County " Mrs. Genevieve Kelch arrived Saturday from her home at Coffeyville, Kas. to attend the funeral returning to Coffeyville yesterday."

Warren E. Kelch, born 1882 in Kansas, died March 22, 1909 in Los Angeles County, buried in Long Beach.

In 1920 Canyon County, Idaho, John Erikson is 50 born in Denmark, married to Genevieve 37 Nebraska, with Fern 3 born in Idaho.

Fern P. Crowther was born March 7, 1916 in Boise to John Erikson and Genavieve I. Mowry, dying 1977 in California, buried Sacramento # 75405215.

Idaho Free Press 1966 "THANKSGIVING TIME in 1925 was the last time Mrs. Verna Wagner, Geneva, Nebraska, and Mrs. Genevieve Erikson, 1415 Second St. N., saw one another until last week. The sister's husbands were farmers and did not care to travel. Mrs. Wagner leaves for home Thursday. "

Genevieve I. Erikson 1882-1972 is buried in Nampa, Idaho # 66236788.

David Crola Mowry died at the home of his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wagner, in Geneva township, Fillmore county, Nebraska, Saturday, February 19, 1938, aged 80 years, 11 months, and 19 days.
He was born to Jesse A. and Eliza (Stickell) Mowry near Princeton, Bureau co. Ill. He was the oldest of nine children.
He was of the ninth generation of Mowrys in America. The first ancestor was a relative and one of the Roger Williams party and a founder of Providence, R. I.
Mr. Mowry had a country school education, then went to what was known as a select school and learned carpentry and plumbing.
In his twenty-first year, 1878, he came to Fillmore county by horse and buggy and bought a farm in Bryant township. He farmed until 1886 when he moved to Geneva, where he built what was known as "the big red shop" just south of the park and opened a planning mill. This he sold in 1891. Then he worked for the city and for a Mr. Ward, who had the furniture store and also the opera house. To this opera house came many colorful characters which gave "Dave" his inspiration for his "Fantastical Fantasma" show.
Then followed years of plumbing. He went into the tent and awning business and did general repair work. The two years preceding his death he visited around some but made his home mostly with his daughter, Mrs. Tom Wagner.
He was married to Lucy M. Brown, March 30, 1882, at Summit, near Shickley. Nine children were born to this union. They are: Mrs. Genevieve Erikson of Nampa, Idaho; Mrs. Verna Wagner of Geneva, Route 3; Cleo Jesse, deceased, James B. of Peoria, Ill., Mrs. Martha Plemmons, deceased; Herbert A., deceased; Clinton Leon of Geneva; Mrs. Thora Woolsey, deceased; and Alice, infant, deceased. His wife died in 1925, a few days preceding her daughter, Mrs. Woolsey. A double funeral service was held.
He leaves to mourn besides his children and friends, two sisters, three brothers, and ten grandchildren.
Mr. Mowry established a wide reputation in his later years with his gathering of unique old curiosities in his Geneva museum. The collection included thousands of articles dealing with the early history of Geneva and the county, such as spinning wheels, lamps, farm implements, old clocks, maps, etc., freaks of human nature articles from foreign soil, coins, mounted specimens of animals, guns of many kinds, pictures with interesting history connected and many odd pieces gathered over a long period of years. Because of the lack of proper display space and the increasing care of the museum, Mr. Mowry in 1936 gave the display to the Hastings museum, where it now is cared for. It was probably fortunate that this was done as a few months later the building was destroyed by fire and none of its contents were saved.
The funeral was held Monday afternoon at 2:30 at the Geneva Congregational church, Rev. W. H. Shoaf, pastor of the Methodist church officiating. A quartet composed of Wayne Higginbotham, Guy A. Brown, Merritt Donisthorpe and Kenneth Helsey furnished music. Interment was in the Geneva cemetery. Because of Mr. Mowry's long association with the business interest of the city, stores were closed during the funeral. (The Nebraska Signal February 24, 1938.)


William cash-claimed a quarter in 8, 7S 43W, also in 1891.

William James Santee 1861-1932 is buried in Tripp County, South Dakota # 68955363.
"Married Sarah Minerva Printy on Jan. 23, 1891 in Appanoose County, Iowa. "

Their sister Nancy Elizabeth (Santee)Gedney # 61412355 is buried in Linn County, Oregon.

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