Kit Carson County, Colorado

Jacob Foster Shelley  , 7S 43W

Jacob F. Shelley cash-claimed a quarter in 11, 6S 42W in 1890.
He had a record of a homestead claim in that township, but it wasn't completed.

In 1870 Snyder County, Pennsyllvania, Christian Snyder is 30, farming, Elizabeth 28, Foster 6, Alber 3, and Elizabeth 1, all born in Pennsylvania.

Christian died in 1878 , and is buried in Shellys Cemetery, Juniata County, # 55608686 "July 5th, in Snyder Co., Pa., Bro. CHRISTIAN H. SHELLY, aged 37 years, 9 months and 25 days. He was fully resigned to the will of the Lord, and waited patiently for the time of his departure; he partook of the Lord's Supper just before his death. He leaves a wife and five children to mourn their loss. Buried at the Brick church near Richfield, followed to the grave by many sympathizing friends, where remarks were made suitable to the occasion by Samuel Winey and others from Jer. 48:17."

Jacob F. Shelley in 1880 Snyder County, Pennsylvania, 15, with widowed mother Mary Shelley 36. Albert is 13, Minnie E. 10, Simon S. 8, and Carrie C 5.

In 1895 Sherman County, Kansas, State Line precinct, Mary E. Shelley is 51, born in Pennsylvania, a merchant, J. F. 30 a merchant, Albert A.S. 27 a merchant, S.S. 21 farming, Carrie E. 19, and Minnie E. Snyder 24 a merchant. Emily Hull is 32, born in Ohio.

In 1895 Chase County, Kansas, Dr. J.F. Shelley is 34, M. L. 29, F. L. 1.

January 29, 1897 Kanorado items "Ms. Mary Shelley is visiting relatives in the country."

October 1897 Goodland Kansas "Dr. Foster Shelley of Elmdale, Kan. visited with relatires for a brief time the first of the week. "

December 4, 1897 Goodland "December 4, 1897, Mary E. Shelley, homestead entry 14;49. for the east half of the northeast quarter and east half of the southeast quarter of section 19, townships, range 42 west"

In 1898 Mary E. Shelley proved up a quarter in 19, 8S 42W - about ten miles away from jacob's claime, but in Sherman County, Kansas.
The religious journal "Herald of Truth" had a narrative in 1900, including "I took the Rock Island Route for Goodland, Sherman Co. Here Bro. Jacob Eicher met me, and took me 12 miles south to the neighborhood of the brethren. There are about 10 or 12 families here, most of them from Davis county, Iowa. I staid with them till the 4th of December, and in the mean time a number of meetings were held, most of them being well attended considering the great distance the people had to come. The meetings were held in a sod house, in which we kneeled in prayer on the same floor which God put there when he built the wide prairie. We realized that the divine power was with us in this humble sanctuaiy the same as in a costly mansion. Some souls The country is one of the most beautiful that 1 ever beheld, but is, like all of north-western Kansas, high and somewhat dry. From Goodland I went west 15 miles to Kanorado, just at the line of Colorado, where I found two sisters, Mary Shelley and her sister, formerly of Juniata Co., Pa. Sister Shelley is here with most of her family. I was pleased to find these sisters so interested in the salvation of their own souls and those of their household. May they ever prove faithful to We had one meeting. In this neighborhood I met a young brother, Dilworth Eschbaugh who is teaching school here; he accompanied me to McPherson. "

Church of the Brethren history includes:
"The first members in Sherman county were John F. Cline and wife, formerly of the Octavia church, Nebraska. They came to Kansas in the fall of 1886, and settled nine miles south of the present site of Goodland. They were forty miles from a railroad and thirty miles south of the sod church of the Cheyenne congregation. But other members soon came in, attracted by Kansas homesteads. The most of the future membership was from the Appanoose congregation, Iowa. The first convert, Mary Florence Ort, was baptized on May 8, 1887. On November 19, 1887, the organization was perfected at the home of Bro. Cline, a minister in the second degree. Of the charter members the following names are available: John F. Cline and wife, Samuel Wichael and wife, Bro. and Sister Price, Mary Ort, William Welsh, wife, and three children, John Brewer and wife, and Levi Whisler and wife. The territory included Sherman and Wallace counties, the latter having some five scattered members within its limits. "

William Welsh's wife Susan 1849-1899 is buried in Scotia, Greeley County, Nebaska
William's stone is in Brown County, Kansas 1846-1925, # 17650118.
In 1900 Greeley County, Nebraska, William C. Welsh is 53, widowed, living with son Urban Welsh 30 and his family.
Urban had sold some Sherman County, Kansas, land in 1899 in 6S 39W
William C. Welsh had also filed for land in 6S 39W in 1894.

1894 Goodland "George W. Welsh and family of Indiana, are visting his brother, W. C. Welsh."
April 6, 1894 "Mrs. W. C. Welsh has just received the sad news of the death of her father."

The W.C. Welsh Rental House was built in 1912 and is located at 7304 61st Ave. Welsh came to Glendale in 1906 and built several rental houses. The property is listed in the Glendale Historic Building Survey, City of Glendale, 1980.

Mary E. Welsh is on a chicken ranch in Glendale, Arizona in 1910, her second marriage of five years, married to William C. Welsh 63 born in Pennsylvania. She's had five children, all living.

December 1910 "THE GLENDALE Poultry Yard is now open for business and can place on sale - Rhode Island Red Cockerels. Plymouth Rock Cockerels. White and Brown Cockerels, Leghorns, eggs for setting. Place your orders early. We have also to sell, the same breeds of chickens.
Have taken 13 prizes at the Territorial Fair.
Apply to W. C. Welsh. Glendale."

Mary E. Welsh, born May 26, 1843 in Pennsylvania to Jacob Demm and Eva Starlang, died November 20, 1922, and is buried in Glendale Memorial Park, "wife of W.C. Welsh 1843-1922", # 34143584. A.A. Shelley was the informant, and also the attending physiian.

Her grand-daughter Mamie Snyder 1888-1931 is buried next to her.

In 1900 Chase County, Kansas, J. F. Shelley is a physician, born January 1865 in Pennsylvania, married seven years to Maggie May 1872 Illinois. Foster 6, Harold 3, and Dortha May 1900 weree born in Kansas.

In 1910 Chase County, "Foster" M. D. is 45, Maggie 37, Foster Jr. 16, Harold 13, Dorothy 10, Carol 15, Margaret 2. A cousin Henry G. Graham 47 is with them, also a doctor.

Jacob is in Chase County in 1920, 54, Maggie L. 47, Carol G. 14, and Margaret L. 11.

The Chase County medical directory of 1920 has "ELMDALE = SHELLEY, JACOB FOSTER-B. '65, Pa.
Rush Med. Col. '91. L. Kan. '01. "

1926 Emporia, Kansas "Mr. and Mrs. Foster Shelley, who have been visiting Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Shelley, have started to California. They will stop at Glaseo to visit Mrs. Shelley's' brother. The Shelleys have been living in Kansas City, where Mr. Shelley has been practicing medicine. They are going to California in hopes that the change will improve Mrs. Shelley's health. "

August 6, 1926 "News of the death of Foster Shelley, son of Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Shelley, of this place, was received by his parents Wednesday from California where the young man and his wife had moved recently. Death was due to heart trouble. Dr Shelley and Mrs. Shelley did not know their son was ill. They and their two daughters, Misses Carol and Margaret Shelley, left Wednesday for California... 'wife, who died two weeks ago, had been injured in a fall; and had been in poor health for several months before her death"
Foster L. Shelley -1894-1926 is buried in Gardena, California (Same cemetery as uncle Simon) # 46584370. Spouse Annie Estella (Barnum) Shelley 1894-1994 is buried in Cloud County, Kansas # 41913407 "Annie Estella BARNUM, daughter of Harlow BARNUM, Jr. and Margaret E. BROWN, married Foster SHELLEY, who died in 1925. No children are known of have been born to their union."

In 1930 Chase County, J. F. 65 and Maggie 57 have a boarder, Ruth Albin 17, Kansas.

June 1932 - Emporia Kansas

The family of a country doctor who located accidentally S8 years ago in Elmdale, has made an outstanding success at what each member of the family has undertaken, largely because the physician's wife kept the children busy and taught them to do detailed work and because of the desire of the parents to see their children succeed. The announcement that Margaret Shelley, youngest daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Shelley, will study violin in Europe next winter recalls some of the accomplishments of this child prodigy who, at the age of 24, has had three years' experience as a violin instructor at McPherson college and who this summer will get a master's degree in music education at Columbia university. Outstanding success of one member of a family is not unusual, but it is uncommon to find four children in one family doing outstanding work in their chosen professions at early ages.
She transferred to Bethany college at Lindsborg, whee she took her bachelor of ats degree at 19, and her bachelor of music degree a year later. The past three years she has been at McPherson college as Instructor in violin, orchestra and theory. In the summer months she has been studying at Columbia university in New York and this summer will receive her master's degree in music education.

Carol, the next to the youngest child, has specialized in voice. Her education has paralleled Margaret's, as the two went to college together. After her graduation and work on a bachelor's degree in music at Bethany college, she became an assistant in voice. The past year she has been music instructor in the high school at Lane. She has been working part time since 1928 on a master's degree in music education at Columbia university and will get it in another summer.

The other two children carry the title M. D.. with their names. Harold J. Shelley, now 35, is a member of the surgical units of the Knickerbocker and St. Luke's hospitals in ..... Dr. Shelley accidentally started practicing medicine here in December, 1894. He was returning to western Kansas from Emporia, where he had rented an office, when he was forced by rain to stop overnight in Elmdale. Upon learning that there was no doctor in town, he decided to stay a year. He has been here 40 years. Upon his graduation from the Rush Medical college in Chicago, Dr. Shelley went to Salt Lake City, Utah, with another doctor. After remaining there about six months he was called home to Kanorado, Kan., by an injury to his brother-in-law and by the need of help in operating a partnership store in which Dr. Shelley, his mother, brother and brother-in-law were interested. In the fall of 1894 the bottom fell out of everything in western Kansas and Dr. Shelley began looking for a Then he rented an new location, office in Emporia but came to Elmdale.

Margaret, the youngest Shelley child, went to grade and high schools in Elmdale and there received her first instruction in violin from the high school music instructor. C. F. Dissinger. Asked if now, after she has studied under some of the leading violin teachers in the United States, she considered her high school instructor a good one, she replied without hesitation that he was and that she never had to relearn anything he taught her. Entering the College of Emporia st the age of 15. Margaret took to New York City, and Dorothy, his next younger sister, is practicing medicine and doing general surgery at the Beekman Street hospital in New York.

Harold got an A. B. degree and worked on his master's degree at the University of Kansas before going to Rush Medical college in Chicago, to take a degree in medicine. A 2-year internship at Presbyterian hospital in Chicago, training and study at the Crile clinic in Cleveland and a 4-months tour and study of European technique at hospitals in France, Italy and Austria followed before he began practicing in New York City. In 1926 he was placed on the surgical staff of Knickerbocker hospital and in 1928 was elected to the staff of St. Luke's hospital. He has contributed several articles on surgery to the medical magazines, Annals of Surgery, Archives of Surgery and the American Journal of Surgery. His latest article appears in the May issue of the American Journal of Surgery.
Upon completion of her high school work in Cottonwood Falls. Dorothy went to the University of Kansas for a bachelor of arts degree in 1923 and an M. D. in 1926. Her internship was at the New York Infirmary for Women and Children, and since that time she has been connected with the Beckman Street hospital in New York City, practicing medicine and doing general surgery.
Another son, Foster Shelley, died six years ago in California.

In 1940 Chase County, Jacob -still a physician-, 75 and Maggie 67 have a nephew Albert Snyder, 47, born in Kansas, no occupation.
Maggie, born May 30, 1872 in Illinois to J. M. Leonard, died in Fort Worth Texas December 20, 1947 of heart failure,.
Maggie 1872-1947 # 15211091 and J. Foster 1865-1948 # 15211096 are buried in Chase County.
She and Dr. J. F. Shelley had been living at 4071 Modlin, Fort Worth.

Dr. Harold John Shelley 1896-1986 is buried in Fort Worth # 118157674.

Dorothy Blohme was born at Elmdale, Kansas May 13, 1900 to Jacob F. Shelley and Maggie L. Leonard, dying November 28, 1991 in Alachua County, Florida.

Jacob's sister Minnie

John Snyder - March 16, 1861-November 25, 1893 is buried in Kanorado, per # 67257866.
"On the 25th of Nov., 1893, at his home at Kanorado, Kansas, of blood poisoning, John Snyder, aged 32 years, 8 months and 9 days. Buried in the Kanorado cemetery. He leaves a wife and two children, mother, brothers and sisters to mourn his death. Funeral services by Rev. J.W. Hedges, of Goodland, Kansas."

Goodland February 26, 1897 "Mrs. Minnie Snyder and Mamie and little Albert are visiting in Topeka."

May 27, 1898 Goodland "In the matter of the estate of John Snyder, late of Sherman county, Kansas.
Notice is hereby given that on the 14th day of April, the undersiguned was, by the probate court of Sherman county, Kansas, duly appointed and qualified as guardian of Mamie L. Snyder and Albert J. Snyder, minor heirs of John Snyder, late of Sherman county, deceased.
All parties interested will take notice and govern themselves accordingly.
Albert A. Shelley, Guardian."

In 1900 Chase County, Kansas, Minnie born Nov 1867 in Pennsylvania, married 18 years?? to Wallace A. Wood, January 1856 Iowa, a hardware merchant. have Hila Sept 1885 Kansas, stepdaughter Mary April 1888 Kansas, Harold Nov 1889 Kansas, stepson Albert Nov 1891 Kansas. Daughter Gracia Feb 1895 Kansas.

Wallace's first wife Gracie Pope died in 1895.

November 3, 1907 Glendale, Arizona "Miss Mamie Snyder who is attnding the Tempe Normal was home with her grandparents last Sunday."
September 10, 1909
1910 Glendale, Arizona "Miss Mamie Snyder is the guest of Mr.s Jack Thornton this winter. Miss Snyder is teaching in the Churchill school."

Wallace and Minnie are in Chase County in 1910, and in 1920 Minnie, Mamie, and Albert Wood are farming in Glendale, Arizona. Minnie says she's married, but WSallace is in Kansas in 1920 and 1925, living with his daughter Hilla B. Thurston and her family.

December 27, 1911 Glendale, Arizona

June 17, 1914

In 1930 Glendale, Arizona, Minnie E. Wood is 60, married but no spouse, born in Pennsylvania, farming. With her is Mayme L. Snyder 42 born in Nebraska, a teacher, and Albert J. 36 Kansas a farm laborer.

In 1940 Minnie is 70, living with brother Albert 72 and his wife Gertrude 65.

January 7, 1945 Arizona Republic "-resident of the valley. Mrs. Minnie E. Wood. sister of Dr. A. A. Shelley, of....Shelley home street, died at th...yesterday morning.
Mrs. Wood. 73 years old, came to Arizona from Pennsylvania in 1907 and settled near Glendale. She moved to Dr. Shelley's home about 13 years ago. The Phoenician was a native of Ridgefield, Pennsylvania. She leaves, besides her brother, a son, Albert J. Snyder of Phoenix; and another brother, Dr. J. F. Shelley, of Elmdale, Kansas.
A daughter, Miss Mamie Snyder, former Glendale educator, preceded Mrs. Wood in death. "

Minnie 1870-1945 is buried in Glendale # 34175304.
Mamie Snyder 1888-1931 is buried in Glendale # 34175277. She was born March 18, 1888 at Ayr, Nebraska to Joh SNyder of Freeport Illinois and Minnie E. Shelly of Richfield Pennsylvania. The informant was Dr. A.A. Shelley.

So is Albert John Snyder 1893-1956 # 34175331.
Albert was born July 25, 1893 in Kansas to John Snyder and Minnie E. Shelley, , ussual residence of 1117 North First Street, Phoenix, a farmer, dying July 19, 1956. The informant was Aizona State Hospital records, where he died.

Minnie E. Wood, 416 Portland Ave, Phoenix AZ was mentioned in a petition in 1937 submitted by Susie Pearcy, widow of Samuel C. Graham in behalf of her deceased husband. In the petition, many cousins, 1st, 2d and 3d cousins were mentioned. My grandmother Lottie Poffenberger was a 3d cousin of Samuel C. Graham. Minnie E. Wood was mentined as a cousin of Samuel. Also listed at the same address was a Dr Albert A. Shelley, 416 Portland, Ave, Phoenix, Az, Cousin to Samuel C. Graham. My interest in both of them is to learn more about Samuel C. Graham and his family. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Knottek
Lawton, OK

Jacob's brother Albert Astor Shelley was in Sherman County, Kansas in 1900, a doctor, in a boarding house, born May 1867 in Pennsylvania.
He's buried in Phoenix, Arizona # 140535955.
"The son of Christopher Shelley and Mary Elizabeth Demm, Albert Shelley was a physician. He moved to Arizona about 1919."
Gertrude Shelley, daughter of Charles Scheiv and Lucy Skinner, born in Iowa 8n 1874, died in Phoenix 1960, buried with Albert # 140536061.

The informant was her sister Mrs. Atie Wilcox of 5421 E. Earll Drive, Phoenix.


Simon Shelley and Mary Notz were married Thursday, December 19, 1895. Both of Kanorado.

1897 "Simon Shelley of Kanorado shipped in a carload of hogs from the east Friday. They sold them out Saturday.

Simon S. Shelley is in Denver in 1900, a carpenter born May 1872 in Pennsylvania, married four years to Mary January 1876 Switzerland. Marie born January 1898 in Kansas, and Ralph October 1899 Colorado.
He's in California in 1910 and 1920, dying 1934, # 47596358. Mary Shelley 1876-1963 # 47596385 is buied next to him.

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