Kit Carson County, Colorado

Arthur Nathaniel and Minnie Rosalie (Thompson) (Gross) Sumner  , 7S 43W

Josiah Sumner married Miss Betsy Ireland on June 3, 1838 in Daviess County, Missouri.

Josiah Sumner married Matilda Ireland on August 25, 1849 in Iowa City Iowa. She was 20
In 1860 Monona County, Iowa, Josia Sumner is 42, Matilda 28, Susan 17, I.M. 10, Clarissa 7, Cymantha 4, and Arthur 1.

Josiah died in 1864 - # 76267762 says his burial is unknonwn.

His parents were Jonathan Sumner and Susannah Lundy. His mother died and was buried in Lafayette County, Wisconsin about 1852.

He was married two times. First to Elizabeth Ireland the daughter of Moses Ireland and Matilda. She was born 14 Aug 1811 in Alton, Franklin, Ohio. She died 11 Mar 1846 in Lee County Iowa. They were married 3 June 1838 in Daviess County, Missouri. They were the parents of Catherine Sumner, Susannah Evelyn Sumner and Sarah Sumner. After her death He married Matilda Ireland daughter of Moses Ireland and his second wife Sarah Hosley. She was born 18 Oct 1828 in Franklin County, Ohio and died 31 Mar 1888 in Independence, Buchanan, Iowa, and was buried in Monona County Iowa. They were married 2 Aug 1849 in Johnson county, Iowa. They were the parents of Josiah Morris Sumner, Clarissa Sumner, Cymantha J. Sumner, Arthur Nathaniel Sumner and Francis Sumner.

Monona County, Iowa, Gazetteer, First Settlers were Josiah Sumner, he was in 1852, county organized 1853.

He was accidentally crushed between a load of wood and a bar post. " ------------------------------

Catherine Sumner the daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth Sumner, born May 22nd 1840, Adams Co., Illinois. married Thomas Quin June 18th 1856. who died 1859. by whom she had 2 children. James, born Sept. 8th 1855, died Oct. 20, 1855(sic). Mary Lucretia born Nov 18th 1854. died Sept. 6, 1864. NOTE: the marriage date is after the birth dates of the children. The entry also gives information on her second marriage. not all of the original letter is still extant. Alma appears to have copied from the source into his journal.
Catherine married the second time in 1863 at Monona County, Iowa to Mosiah Winegar, a widower. He was married first to Martha M. Outhouse.
Catherine and the family moved after 1900 to Burlington, Kit Carson, Colorado."

Uehling Messenger: 28 Mar 1935; page 1 column 4:
J. M. Sumner, age 85, passed away Tuesday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Fred Frost. Death was due to infirmites of old age. Josiah M. Sumner was born Feb. 8, 1850 at Council Bluffs, Iowa, and died 26 Mar 1935 at 3:35 P.M. He is survived by his daughter Mrs. Fred Frost. Funeral services under the direction of Wollmer and Warne, will be held Friday at the Methodist Church in Lyons. Mr. Sumner had been residing near Rosalie until about a year ago when he came to have the tender care of his daughter. In his days on earth he was known as an industrious worker and possessed a friendly disposition to his wide acquaintanceship.

Arthur is in 1870 Monona County, Iowa, with Josiah 20, Clary 17, Samantha 13, Arthur 11, Francis 6, and May Ann 1, living with Henry Preston 58 and Matildy 40.

In 1880 Monona County, Iowa, Arthur is 21, a lumberman born in Iowa, living with his sister Mary 10, and his married brother Josiah 30, farming, with Mary 24 Illinois and Grace 1 Iowa.

In 1895 Woodbury County, Iowa, Arthur N. is 35, born in Monona County, a clerk in a hotel, Protestant religion. He's living next to Mosiah Winegar 56 and Catherine 55, both born in Illinois, with their daughters Anna 26 and Effie 20, both born in Harrison County, Iowa.

In 1900 Monona County, Iowa, Arthur is a farm laborer, born Feb 1861 in Iowa, with the A.W. Winegar household.
A.W. came to Kit Carson County, too, and a son married Catherine Sumner.
Arthur claimed a quarter in 31, 7S 43W in 1906.
In 1910 Burlington, Colorado, Arthur is 50, born in Iowa, married six years to Minnie R. 45 Ioea. She's had four kids, three living. Femman L. Gross is 18 born in Colorado, and Christina E. Gross 13 in Utah.

April 1910 "A.N. Sumner has moved from Mrs. Brevier's house to his own property."

In 1910 Arthur was one witness to the claim of Cora Johnson, nee Cora Anderson, for land in 7S 44W.
Thanksgiving 1910 "Mr. and Mrs. J.K. Rouse entertained Mr. and Mrs. Sumner and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Scofield."

January 1912 "A. M. Sumner, a former resident of Burlington, but now of Springville, Utah, is in the city renewing acquaintances. Mr. Sumner is well pleased with his new location."

In 1920 Millard County, Utah, Arthur and Minnie are alone. He's a clerk in a railroad warehouse.

(Minnie's brother John, a stationary engineer, died in 1915 in Salt Lake City at age 65 - so that might be why they moved there.)

Arthur is buried in Eureka, Utah # 149718, with Minnie (Fross) Sumner 1864-1943 # 149717.

October 23, 1926

In 1870 Monona County, Iowa, John W. D. Thompson is 48, widowed, John M. 20, Charlott 18, Coleman 16, Burtie 13, Asa D. 11, Minnie 9.

In 1880 Blackbird County, Nebraska, J.W.D. Thompson is an engineer, 58, widowed, with John M. 20 a sawyer, Coleman 25 no occupation, Beryl 21 keeping house, and Minnie R. 6. (this age is probably a mistake - Minnie's name was squeezed in .)

J.W.D.'s grandson Frank McCain 6 is with them.

Minnie R. Thompson married Lloyd Martieny in Tekamah, Burt County, Nebraska on February 11, 1881 - he was 25, she was 18.

In 1900 Burt County, Lloyd "Matinny" is a miller, born Feb 1851 in Pennsylvania, widowed.

(Samuel Marteny married Dimey Buck in Burt County.)
In 1917 Decatur, Burt County, Nebraska, L. Marteeny is operating a flour mill.
Lloyd is still in Burt County in 1920, widowed, and in 1930 is back in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, living with niece Dessa Lockhart.
Lloyd Marteena, born Feb 8, 1851 at Foundryville, Pennsylvania to John of France and Elizabeth Irvin of Pennsylvania, died in Columbia County, Pennsylvania November 14, 1932, widow of Minnie. He's buried in Berwick, Pennsylvania # 34189711. He's the only Marteena there - probably a brother of Samuel C. Marteeny 1852-1930 in the same cemetery.
If his father is the John 1797-1854 buried in Columbia County, then Elizabeth - 44 in 1850 census might have remarried.)
In 1860 Columbia County, E. "Morteeny" is 41, living with E. Hummel 60 - female. M. Morteeny is 23, a carpenter, W. 21 a laborer, C. 13 a son , a student and son L. 10 a student.
Miles Marteeny 1836-1905 is buried in Columbia County.
Another brother Henry 1834-1865 died in Virginia "Co E., 209th Pennsylvania Infantry" # 21073584.
"At Berwick, January 18, 1941. Clement Marteeny, 96."

Minnie R. Thompson Gross Sumner died December 16, 1943 in Salt Lake City. She was born Sept 17, 1864 in Onawa, Iowa to John Wesley David Thompson and Susan Amelia Davis.
In 1900 Minnie Gross, born September 1864 in Iowa, is in Lincoln County, Nevada, married 15 years to Louis Gross 37 of Germany. He's a foreman in a quartz mill. Freeman was born Nov 1891 in Colorado, Christine 3 in Utah, and Charlotte eight months in Nevada

In 1902 Louis Gross, born at Thuringen, Germany in November 1862, immigrated October 1880, applied for a passport for himself and Minnie born at Onawa Iowa, Freeeman at Aspen Colorado, Christine at Eureka Utah, and Lottie at Delamar Nevada. He said his permanent residence was Brooklyn, New York, and he was a master millman.
"Louis Heinrich Gross 'got the Delamar dust' and died November 25, 1901 at Eureka, Utah, and is buried in Eureka."
Louis 1862-1901 is buried in the Eureka cemetery # 149716.

Minnie R. Gross and Arthur N. Sumner married July 5, 1903, recorded in Kit Carson County.
Both were of Burlington. Minnie said that her previous husband was deceased.

One descendant wrote a nice story, including:
Minnie Rosalie Thompson, my grandmother, was born September 17, 1864, at Onawa, Iowa. Her mother died when she was a baby leaving her and three brothers and three sisters all of a tender age. The oldest child, a girl of twelve, took over the raising of the family, as their father (John Wesley David Thompson) had to work hard in the grist and sawmill business to support the large family. Her father made every effort to keep the family together and provided generously for their physical needs and comforts. Her two oldest brothers came to Utah and found employment. In addition to her two brothers having come West there were two of her uncles who had come west with the Saints to Salt Lake Valley. One of these uncles was Lieutenant Samuel Thompson, Company "C" of the Mormon Battalion. He had made his home in Spanish Fork, Utah, and Minnie R. Thompson spent two or three years with her Uncle and his family, and then she accepted employment at Fort Bridger, Wyoming.

My Grandmother Thompson married Lloyd Martenny. Where they were married and how long they were married I don't know but they did have one child, Claud Wesley Martenny, born November, 1881 in Decatur, Nebraska, and died March 11, 1883. This is all know about this marriage and child at this time.

While at Fort Bridger, she met and married Louis Henry Gross, my grandfather, (a native of Gera, Germany). They were married in 1887. Minnie and Louis Gross had 5 children, one of which was my mother, Carlotta Amelia Gross, born September 9, 1899, at Delamar, Lincoln County, Nevada. My Grandfather, Louis H. Gross, was a miner and surveyor. Delamar was a gold mining town, and dust from the ore at this mine was exceptionally bad. The dust was like breathing fine glass, and the people working in or near the place died of what they called, (and still do) "Delamar dust'. The mine closed in the ear1y 1900's and to my knowledge has never re-opened. (It's a ghost town now) Anyhow, my grandfather got the Delamar dust and he died November 25, 1901, at Eureka, Utah, at age 38, and is buried in Eureka. This is all know about my grandfather Louis Henry Gross. How he got to the United States, I don't know - and I don't know anyone who does.

After Louis Gross died, my grandmother, Minnie Gross, was left with four small children, Freeman, Christine, Julius, and Carlotta. My mother, Carlotta, was left with her mother's older sister Roberta, and her husband Robert Hatrick, of Eureka, and Springville, Utah. These people ran a hotel In Eureka and I remember my mother telling about the parties and huge dinners at the hotel. Times were good, the miners were flush, and Eureka was a roaring gold/silver camp in the late 1890's and early 1900's.

My mother, Carlotta Gross, attended high school in Springville and BYU in Provo, but she graduated from the University of Utah. My grandmother, Minnie, took the other children and went to Oregon where she ran a bake shop. While in Oregon, she met Arthur N. Sumner, a cattle buyer and rancher, and they were married July 5,1903, in Burlington, Colorado, and lived on Arthur Sumner's ranch just north of Bur1ington.

Freeman, Julius and Christine Gross were living on the ranch also. My mother, Carlotta, was in school back at Springville, Utah. While on this ranch, Julius Gross, now 4 years old, was bitten by a large rattle snake twice on the right leg, which caused him much suffering and finally his death he died in the month of July, 1905. He was buried in Burlington, Colorado. My grandmother Minnie, her husband Arthur, and Christine and Freeman moved to Lynndyl, Utah, where I think Arthur Sumner worked on the railroad and later retired. Lynndyl was a repair yard for the Union Pacific Railroad at that time. There is nothing but a few houses there now and the railroad shops have been gone for years. Arthur N. Sumner died in Salt lake City, Utah October 23, 1926, two years before I was born. He was 66 years old, and is buried in Eureka, Utah, one grave away from Louis Henry Gross. This spare plot was for my grandmother, Minnie R. Thompson Gross Sumner.

(Julius Gross 1901-1906 is buried in Burlington, Colorado # 89189576.)

Minnie lived in Lynndyl for a time, and later moved to Helper, Utah. She rented out the home in Lyndyl. I remember that during the 30's the home was rented out for $10.00 per month. She was getting along in years and was watched over by her son Freeman and his wife Neola. A few years later she came to Boneta, Utah to live with her daughter Carlotta, my mother, with our family). About 1938/39 she was taken to a rest home in Salt Lake City, Utah. She died December 16, 1943, at the age of 79. She was buried between Louis Henry Gross, and Arthur N. Sumner in Eureka, Utah.

Carlotta Moffitt 1899-1966 is buried in Orangeville, Utah # 75671518 "Parents: Louis Heinrich Gross and Minnie Rosalie Thompson
Spouse: Wallace Robert Moffitt Jr. "

Christine Gross Schafer 1896-1973 is buried in Saint George, Utah # 78595.
On the same stone is Paul A. Schafer 1885-1962 # 78594.

Freeman Gross registered for WWII in Helper, Utah, born at Aspen, Colorado.

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