Kit Carson County, Colorado

Rosebud Shrewsberry Williams  , 7S 43W

In 1880 Mills County, Iowa, Ella Stacy is 6, with Alfred 39 and Ellen 38. Nettie is 16, Jessie 15, Melvin 14, Emma 16, Elma 8, and Johnnie 4.

Also in 1880 Mills County, J.F Williams is 57, a miller born in West Virginia, with Louisa 41 Missouri. John F. is 14, Alpha 7, Shewsbury 5 ,Elizabeth 3.

Rosebud Shrewsberry Williams, age 20, son of J.F. Williams, married Ella Stacy in Mills County Iowa March 27, 1895.
Rosebud's sister Alpha Hope Williams married J. E. Nuttine in Mills County October 25, 1892.
(John E. and Alpha H. Nutting are in Gunnison Colorado in 1930, where he's a railroad agent. Alpha is buried in Somerset Colorado 1873-1954 # 13500796, with John Edward Nuttine 1866-1935.)
Rosebud's brother John F. Williams 1865-1936 is buried in Mancos, Colorado # 54959176, with Nevada 1866-1947 # 54959249.

Rosebud's sister Elizabeth, daughter of Luisa Jones and J. F. Willilams, married E.W. Stacey in Mills County March 8, 1896.

John Franklin Williams 1822-1896 is buried in Glenwood Iowa "Judge J. F. Williams, died at his home just west of Glenwood on July 4th, 1896. He came here from Missouri and at an early day built a mill near his late home and operated it for years. A Democrat of the rugged old school, he was a sagacious and honored leader of his party. The funeral occurred from his late home Sunday and was one of the most largely attended in the history of the county. He leaves a wife and a number of married children, all in comfortable circumstances. "

Rosebud O. Williams and Ella Blanch Stacey had Mergie Lucile Williams in Iowa in December 1898.
In 1900 Mills County, Rosebud is farming, born Sept 1875 in Iowa, with Ella Nov 1874, Hoyt W. Jan 1896, Charles S. June 1897, and Mergie L. Dec 1898.
They're next to Melvin Stacy born March 1866 and his family - probably Ella's brother.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Rosebud is 34, Ella 35, Hoyt 14, Charles 13, Mergie 11, - these kids born in Iowa - Wendal 7 and Vera 5 were born in Nebraska.

Rosebud claimed a quarter in 18, 7S 43W in 1911. The many other Williams claims in Kit Carson County were not near this one.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Rosebud is 44, Ella 45, Hoyt 24, Wendell 17, Vera D. 15, Ila and Lila 7, and John F. 5.

They're in Puyallap, Washington in 1930, Rosebud 54 a laborer, Ella 55, Hoyt 34 a laborer, Ila and Lyla 18, John 16.

In 1940 Puyallap, Ella is widowed, living with Hoyt - a caretaker at an institution - and Ilah a waitress.
Ella B. Williams, daughter of Alfred E. Stacy and Ellen Marshall, died in Puyallup, Washington May 10, 1945, buried in Puyallup # 62900967 with Rosebud 1875-1938 # 62900968.


In 1930 Ila was listed twice, once with her family, and then as a servant for the Stanley Staatz family, a feed merchant in Pierce County.

Lylah Louisa Williams, of Pierce County, Washington, married Alvah Carl Ammerman, also of Pierce County, on August 9, 1932. Ilah Ellen Williams was a witness. So was Lewis P. Gretzer. The ceremony was performed by McBain Milne, Baptist Minister of Puyallup.

In 1940 Puyallup, Alva is a maintainence man at a pulp mill, 31, born in Washington, Lylah 28 born in Colorado, with Beverly E. 5 born in Washington.

SSDI has Lylah Ammerman born May 26, 1911, dying February 1989.

Alva C. Ammerman, age 81, died in Puyallup, Washington December 11, 1988.


Mergie L. Williams married James H. Knapp November 20, 1918, recorded in Kit Carson County.

In 1920 Burlington James Knapp Jr. 24, a well driller like his next-door father, is married to Mergie, 21.
Mergie L. Knapp 1898-1986 is buried in Puyallup # 53431541, with James Harvey Knapp 1896-1955.


Wendell Williams married Fern Boling on October 27, 1923, recorded in Yuma County, Colorado.

"1923 "Wendel R. Wilkins and Fern N. Boling, both of Wray, obtained a license to wed on October 24." "

In 1920 Yuma County, Idalia precinct, Fern Boling was with father Ellis N. 40 farming, born in Kansas. Sylvia 39 in Kansas, Mann Charles 17 n Kansas, Fern 15 in Kansas, Orren C. 6 Kansas, and Bennett F. 1 in Colorado.

Wendell "Punch" Williams 1903-1930 is buried in Wray, Colorado # 63495516.

In 1930 Fern A. is 25, widowed, born in Kansas, with parents Ellis 50 and Sylvia 49 Boling in Chaffee County, Coloado. Brothers Owen Boling 16 and Bennett 11 were born in Colorado.
Fern 1904-1992 is buried with Otis 1907-2000 in Chautauqua County, Kansas, # 27922809.

Ellis Newton Boling 1879-1955 is buried in Benton County, Arkansas # 77560895 "Ellis was 1 of 10 children born to Charles & Mary Ellen (Payne) Boling. Ellis was 1st married to Sylvia Dell (Record). Their 4 children: Charles Markus, Fern Alberta, Ben Franklin, & 1 son (still living) Ellis was later married to his 2nd wife, Kate (Breathwait); born 1886 & died 1973. "

Hoyt 1896-1952 "Colo Pvt 13 Inf 8 Div WWI" is buried in Pierce County, Washington # 5551844.

John Franklin Williams 1914-1934 is buried in Puyallup # 62768129.


Charles S. Williams married Hazel Fern Rathbun on October 20, 1919, recorded in Kit Carson County.

Charles S. Williams and Fern Rathbun had a daughter Madge Roselle in 1925, who died May 17, 1946 in Tacoma - spouse Don J. Floyd, # 147178594.
In 1940 Puyallup, Charles 42, and Fern 42 have Loraine 19, Cordell 17, Elvin 16, Madge 15, Mary 13, Anna 11, and Howard 9.

In 1955 Tacoma, Charles is a foreman at Fort Lewis. He and Fern H. live at 831 S. Onford.

Hazel Fern Williams 1898-1958 is buried at New Tacoma Cemetery, Washington.
" It is my honor to let you know that Charles is buried here at New Tacoma Cemetery with Hazel. They are located in 14-A-3 grave #’s 1N & 2S. "

One tree said Charles died in 1964 in Missoula, Montana.

Cordell Conrad Williams was born May 16, 1921 at Burlington to Charles S. Williams and Fern H. Rathbun.
He died February 19, 2002 and is buried in Orting, Washington # 18390941.

Lorraine C. Williams, PFC 63rd Infantry 6th Division son of Charles, is buried in Fort McKinley, Phillipines, dying April 18, 1945 # 56786334.

Elwin Jerold Williams, born May 24, 1922 at Burlington, Colorado to Charles S. Williams and Hazel F. Rathrurn, died in Tacoma, Washington October 23, 1995.
He had married Maxine E. Lambert in Kootenai County Idaho January 11, 1960.

Madge Roselle Floyd, 21, died May 17 1946 in Tacoma, spouse Don J. Floyd.

Anne Louise Peterson 1928-2001 is buried with Stuart 1928-2004 in Boise, Idaho # 64829777.
She was born Dec 11, 1929 at Puyallup, Wiashington.

Howard S. Williams 1930-1993 is buried in Pierce County, Washington, # 105883378.

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