Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Stephen R. and Sarah (Weaver) Bell, son Harry S. Bell, sonClarence L. Bell, 8 South 49 West

Stephen R. Bell was a corporal in G, 55th Illinois Infantry.
Stephen R. Bell married Sarah T. Weaver in McDonough County, Illinois April 13, 1865.
She might be the Temperance Weaver in 1850 Fulton County, Illinois, 5, with Dolphin 43 and Sally 42 Weaver. James is 18, William A 14, Robert 12, Henry 10, and Thomas 1.

Sarah Weaver in 1860 Fulton County, Illinois, 16, born in Indiana, with Adolphus 54 Weaver. Mariah is 22, Thomas 14, and Malinda 1.
Maria Saxton had married Dolphin Weaver January 26, 1858 in Fulton County.
In 1870 Dolphin 64 and Maria 30 have Louisa 11, Amanda 9, Mary 7, Charles 8, then Ida 11, Emma 2, and Grant 1. Wiley Sexton is a farm hand, 17.
In 1880 Fulton County, Dolphin - AGE 73 - and Mariah 40 have Mary Ellen 17, ?? 16, Ida Mea 14, Grand 11, Sherman 9, Ermine 13, Carrie 6, Della 2, and Pratt Dimmott Weaver eleven months.
"Dolphin Weaver and the McBeths lived in the northeast part of Harris township. The Rigdons, Bells, Piersols, Osborns, Aldens, Cheyneys, Guernseys, Everlys, Dunbars, Louks, Paynes, Sweneys, Lupers and other early settlers lived north and northwest of them in Lee."

Dolphin 1806-1890 is buried in Fulton County # 122336072.

In 1880 Fulton County, Illinois, Stephen Bell is 47, Sarah 35, with Harry 11, Clrence 9, Arthur 7, and Luella 3.
Stephen 1833-1925 is buried in Seibert # 37908073, with Sarah T. 1845-1917.
WILLIAM A WEAVER - Sarah's brother

William A. Weaver married Margaret High in Knox County Illinois March 26, 1857.

In 1900 Kit Carson County, William A. Weaver is a lumber merchant, born June 1835 in Indiana, is married one year, to Angeline April 1850 Iowa. She's had three kids, all living. Dora M. Christoper March 1870 in Iowa is with them. In 1880 Wapello County, Iowa, Angeline Hunter was 30, with Luella 11, Dora 10, and Charlie 8.
In 1860 Wapello County, Iowa, Angeline "Willman" is 10, with John W. 37 and Mary 35. William H. is 12, Windfirle dS. 8, Laura 6, and Kitty A. 2.
Angeline Wellman, daughter of J.W. Wellman, married Anderson Hunter in Wapello County Iowa ctober 31, 18677.

Luella Hunter, daughter of Angeline Wellman and Anderson Hunter, married Theodore F. Bryant in Wapello, Iowa February 25, 1886. Alex W. 74 and Angeline 58 are farming in Seibert in 1910, and in 1920 there have no occupations.
William A. Weaver 1835-1922 is buried in Seibert # 37918821, with Angeline 1850-1941 # 37918909.
(Dora Christopher was the Cope postmaster from April 11, 1905 to August 21, 1906.
Dora Christopher is in Cope, Washington County, Colorado in 1910, widowed, with Joseph H. 9 and Helen M. 7.
In 1940 Denver, Dora, age 70, is wtih son Joseph 39, a barber, and his family. Joseph's sister Helen Rees, a clerk, widowed, 37, and her son Myron 8 are also with them.

In 1880 Wapello County, Iowa, Angeline Hunter is 30, born in Iowa, with Luella 11, Dora 10, and Charlie 8.
Luella Hunter, daughter of Anderson Hunter and Angeline Wellman, married Theodore F. Bryant in Wapello County Feb 25, 1886.
In 1900 Cope precinct, Luella M. is 31, Theodore 37, Tophjel N 12, Garvie L. 10, Mark A. 3, and Theodore C. seven months.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Theodore is a mail carrier 46, Louella M. 41, with Tophel N. 23, a collector born in Iowa, Garvey L. 19 a farm laborer born in Colorado, Morton 13 Iowa, Theodore C. 10 Albert L 7, and Marvin H. 3, - the last three in Colorado.
Ella Hunter Bryant 1868-1948 is buried in Salt Lake City # 1068794023, with Theodore F. 1862-1932.

In 1900 Kit Carson County, William, born June 1835 in Indiana, is married one year to Angeline April 1850 Iowa. She's had three kids all living. One is probably Dora M. Christopher, born March 1870 in Iowa.
In 1910 Kit Carson County, Alex W. is 74, Angeline 58.
They're there in 1920.
In 1940 Kit Carson County, Angeline is widowed, 89, living with son Charles Hunter 67, also widowed, both born in Iowa.
, and Angeline 1850-1941 is buried in Seibert # 37918909. So is William > 1835-1922 3 37918821.
1905 "Dora M. Christopher has been appointed postmaster at Cope, Washington County, vice E. E. Brown, resigned.

In 1910 Cope precinct, Washington County, Colorado, Dora is 40, widowed, born in Iowa, a postmaster, with Joseph H. 9, and Helen M. 7, Colorado.
In 1912, Mrs. Dora M. Christopher was the official weather observer for Cope.
In 1920 Denver, Dora 49 has no occupation , Joseph 19 and Helen 16 are working in a soda/confectionary shop.
In 1930 Denver, Dora is running a restaurant, divorced, 60, is with Joseph 29, Florence 21, and Billy Duane six months.

In 1940 Denver, Dora is living with Joseph and his wife Florence Billie 10 and Joseph B. 5. Helen Rees 37 and Myron Rees 8 are also with them.
Dora M. Christopher 1870-1955 is buried in Denver # 53757765.
So is Joseph H. Christopher 1900-1943 # 53757766.


Eva Luella Bell married Frank N. McKenzie Sept 14, 1904, recorded in Kit Carson County.

Stephen proved up a quarter in 25, 5S 49W - near Cope in Washington Countnty - in 1892. In 1903 he timber-claimed a quarter in section 25.
In 1910 Kit Carson County, Stephen R. Bell is 76, Sarah T. 64, with Harry S. , 40.
In 1920 Kit Carson County, Stephen is widowed, 86, and son Harry S. 49 is with him.


In 1900 Kit Carson County, Harry is single, farming alone, born May 1869.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Leona J. Roberts is 21, married to Ray A. D. Roberts, 21. In 1920 Kit Carson County, Ray and Leona are 31, with Lloyd S. 9, and Fern L. 7.
In 1930 Kit Carson County, all four are still together. Ray is a gasoline wholesaler, .

Clarence proved up a quarter in 27, 8 South, 49W in 1912.

In 1900 Cope precinct, Colorado, Clarence, born Jan 1871 in Illinois, with sister Lulu E. Nov 18786 Illinios, brother Garfield K. Sept 1880 Illinois, and sister Jenny L. Nov 1887 Illinois.
Clarence L. Bell married Flora B. Ingram Feb 6, 1901, recorded in Denver (at that time the county seat for the Cope area).

Clarence E. Bell and Margaret C. Hill Bell divorced in Kit Carson County in 1917.
Flora B. Bell 1883-1913 is buried in Seibert, Colorado # 37959596.
Emmet Basil Bell registered for WWI in Seibert, farming by himself, nearest relative Clarence L. Bell, born June 10, 1900.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Clarence L. Bell, widowed, 47, born in Illnois, has Emmet B. 18 and Clarence a. 9, both born in Colorado. On the same page is Steephen R. Bell, widowed, 86, and son Harry S. 49, both born in Illinois.
In 1930 Kit Carson County, Clarence is 59, married to Susie 53, Kentucky, with Clarence A. 19, Doyle 16 Kentucky, and Susie M. 8, Colorado. Next household is Roy Bell 53, Kansas, with LLydia 49 Missouri and Pearl 18, Washington, son Roy Minter 12 Washington and daughter Carol E. 8 Colorado.
In 1940 Clarence - a janitor - and Susie are in Denver - in Seibert in 1935- with daughter Maxine Morris 18, Colorado.

Emmet Basil Bell, per #144467968, is buried in Wheat Ridge - 1901-1953, marrying Hazel Irene Kellogg in 1922 in Burlington.
Hazel, daughter of Elmer E. Kellogg and Ettie Mariah (Forward) Kellogg, is buried in Wheat Ridge 1904-2001.


Harry S. Bell 1869-1944 is buried in Seibert, # 37908018.

Leon J. Thompson and Mrs. Sarah L. Weaver, both of Flagler, married December 13, 1910.

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