Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Charles W. and Ella (Laycock) Blake, William and Lidona (Hall) Blake, 8 South 49 West

Charles W. Blake was born July 28, 1860 in Harrison County, West Virginia to T.J. Blake and Sally J. Blake.

In 1870 Brown County, Kansas, Isaac B. Laycock and Rachel are 49, with Sarah A. 21, Richard M. 18, Ira F. 13, Elvira 10, Rebecca 8, Mary 5. W.H. "Babcock" is 27, Celie A. 28, and Freddy E. four months.
In 1875 Johnson County, Kansas, I.B. Lacock is 53, Rachel 54, Richard 23, Ella 15, Becca 13, and Mary 11.
Possibly Isaac B. Lacock 1821-1903 buried in Jay County Indiana, # 102078487 is her father.

Charles cash-claimed a quarter in 15, 7 South, 50W in 1891. He proved up a quarter in 32, 8S 49W in 1896.
William cash-claimed a quarter in 14, 7S 50W in 1891, and proved up one in the corner of 8S and 9S 49W in 1902.
In 1900 Kit Carson County, on the same census page, Charles W. Blake born July 1860 in Virginia, married 14 years to Ella F. Aug 1859 Ohio, have Mildred G. Aug 1886 Kansas, Audrey J. July 1888, Mabel R. Oct 1891, Marion E. Oct 1891, and Edmund H. Jan 1894, - the last four in Colorado.
Next family is William Blake Dec 1858 Virginia, married 17 years to Dona Oct 1862 West Virginia, Grover Feb 1884 West Virginia, Elda B. Jan 1886 Kansas, Clara H. Dec 1888 Colorado, and Ethel N. Sept 1891 Colorado.

In 1910 Nampa, Idaho, William Blake is 51, Dona 47, with Clara 21 and Ethel 18, both born in Colorado.
In 1920 William 61 and Lidona 57 are in Thurston County, Washington, farming.
In 1930 Thurston County, William is farming 71, Lidona 56, and Clara 41 is a photofinisher.
1930 Chehalis "At the home of her parents, north of Centralia, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Blake, Miss Clara Blake entertained Sunday with a dinner honoring her niece Miss Artyn Conly who will be a bride of May 1. A three course dinner was served, at four o'clock for Mrs. Elda B. Conly, Miss Ethel Snyder, Miss Arlyn Conly, the honor guest, ISldon Resser (the groom-to-be), Lieut. Earnest Fergolia, Blake Conly, all of Tacoma; and Mr. and Mrs. William Blake, and Miss Clara Blake"

In 1940 Centralia, Washington, Lidona H. 77 is widowed, and Clara H. with her is a photographer.
In 1954 Centralia, Washington, Lidona (wid Wm.) rooms at 1326 Rose. So does Clara H. Blake.
Lidona 1862-1959 is buried in Pierce County # 105233912, and # 105233920 has William buried there 1858-1937.
1956 Centralia "Blake's family gathered at her home in Centralia to help her celebrate her 94th birthday on Monday afternoon. Representing the five generations were the honoree and her daughter, Mrs. Elda B. Conly; granddaughters, Mrs. Arlyn Res ser; great-granddaughter, Mrs. Dona Bridges, and a great- great- grandson, Michael Steven Bridges. Also present were Mrs. Blake's grandson, William Blake Conly, a great-granddaughter ; Nancy Ann Conly; another daughter, Ethel B. Siddoway, and Mrs. Elda B. Conly, all of Tacoma, and the daughter with whom the honoree makes her home. Miss Clara Blake as hostess. "

" The death of William Blake, 78, resident here 18 years, occurred last night at his home on Route 2. He is survived by his wife, Ladona; four children, nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. The children are: Grover C. Blake, Roseburg, Ore.; Mrs. Ella B. Conly and Mrs. Ethel B. Sideoway, Tacoma, and Clara Blake, Centralia. Three brothers and two sisters reside in the east.
Born in what is now West Virginia, Mr. Blake was married there in 1882. Later he and his wife pioneered in eastern Colorado. They came to Centralia from Oregon.
The body is at the Newell-Hoerling mortuary pending funeral arrangements.
Source: The Centralia Daily Chronicle, 8 Dec 1937, page 1. "

"Death Takes Centralian
Mrs. Lidona H. Blake, 96, a resident of Centralia for 40 years died Sunday evening in a local nursing home. Mrs. Blake was born Oct. 1882,. at Rockford, West Va., and was a member of the First Baptist church of Centralia. Surviving are a son, Grover C. Blake, Roseburg, Ore.; three daughters, Miss Clara Blake, Centralia, and Mrs. Elda B. Conly and Mrs. Ethel Siddoway, Tacoma; sister, George Goodwin, McKeesport, Pa.; 9 grandchildren, 18 great- grandchildren and 5 great-great- grandchildren. Private funeral services will be Tuesday at 1 p.m. at Newell- Hoerling's, Centralia. Rev I. J. Brame will officiate and interment will be at Mountain View at Tacoma."

Lidona's father was Oscar F. Hall, 1828-1916 # 101306523 ,mother Emily Wise. 1841-1891 # 101306524.

Clara Blake 1888-1969 that # 104754940 has buried in Pierce County is the daughter of William.
"Miss Clara Blake, 80, a resident of Centralia for the past 60 years, died Tuesday evening in a Centralia nursing home. She was born Dec. 1, 1888, in Seibert, Colo., and was a retired photographer. She was a member of the First Baptist Church, and the Ivy Rebekah Lodge, both Centralia. Survivors include two sisters, Mrs. Ethel Siddoway, Seattle, and Mrs. Elda Conly, Tacoma; a brother, Grover C. Blake, Roseburg, Ore., and several nieces and nephews. Graveside services will be Saturday at 1:30 p.m., at the Mountain View Memorial Park in Tacoma."

Grover C. Blake -1884-1973 is buried in Roseburg, Oregon # 111947450.
"Edda" B. Blake married Arthur B. Conly June 27, 1907, recorded in Kit Carson County.

Elda Conley is married to Arthur B. Conley in 1910 Nampa, Idaho, married three years. Arthur 33 born in South Dakota, Elda 24 in Kansas have Arline 1, and newborn Waltin.
Elda Blake Conly # 104782351, 1886-1971 is buried in Pierce County, Washington - children William Blake Conly 1909-2000 and Eugene Victor Conly.
Arthur B. Conly is in Los Angeles in 1930, married to Mary, and died January 17, 1962 in Los Angeles.

Ethel N. Blake, age 20, married Ralph H. Siddoway in Boise, Idaho September 27, 1911.

Ralph is divorced in 1940 Pendleton, Oregon


In 1910 Kit Carson County, Charles is 49, Ella 49, with Marion 18, Edmond 16, and Lavina 8, all kids born in Colorado.

In 1930 Denver, Ella Blake is married - but no spouse, with Bonie Jones daughter 24 born in Colorado and her son Robert D. Jones 2.
Charles W. Blake 1860-1953 is buried in Wheat Ridge, Colorado # 138473912. So is Ella F. Blake 1859-1943. # 138473842.

Mildred Grace Blake married Ross Edgar Ingram November 1907 in Kit Carson County.
Ross Edgar Ingram registered for WWI in Kit Carson County, born Nov 22, 1886 at Marshall town Iowa, married with two children.

Ross claimed two quarters in section s 25 and 30, 6S 47W in 1918.

Ross and Mildred, both 33, are in Kit Carson County in 1920, with Warren E. 11 and Helen V. 9.
They're in Routt County, Colorado, in 1930, with Ross a coal miner, and in 1940, where he's a mechanic in a coal mine.
1937 Oak Creek items "Mrs. C. W. Blake, mothr of Mrs. Ross Ingram, is here from Denver for a two weeks' visit with her daughter and family."
"Mr. and Mrs. Warren Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Ingram and Mrs. C.W. Blake motored to Stillwater on Bear river Sunday."

1944 Steamboat Springs "Mr. and Mrs. Ross Ingram and W.E. Blake of Oak Creek spent Sunday at the Mat Magill Jr. home in Steamboat Springs. The visitors are the parents and grandfather of Mrs. Magill." (might be great-uncle Charles or an uncle....)

Ross 1886-1946 and Mildred B. Ingram 1886-1971 are buried in Steamboat Springs, # 58532310.
September 5, 1946

Warren C. Ingram married Oleva Miller, both 23, in Steamboat Springs Nov 26, 1931.
Pat Magill, Jr. married Helen Ingram in April 1939 in Craig, Colorado.

Miriam Ella Jane Blake married George H. Thomas in Stratton, Colorado July 3, 1918, both 26.
George - an oil driller and Miriam are in Huntington Beach, California in 1930 and 1940.
They have Jack E., born about 1930 in Colorado.
Cressie Seal married Audrey J. Blake May 20, 1907, recorded in Kit Carson County.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Audrey J. Seal is 21, married to Cressie A. Seal, 24, a hardware merchant. They have Cecil C. five months. Cressie's brother Clyde V. 20 born in Colorado, is also a hardware merchant.
Cressie A. Seal and Audrey J. Seal divorced in 1917 Kit Carson County.
(Cressie is farming, married to Merna in 1930 Kit Carson County, and Cecil is back from New Mexico.)
Cressie 1884-1967 is buried in Burlington # 89656679.
Audry, 41, is likely married to Owen H. Sims, 39, a mailman, in Colfax County, New Mexico. Owen's father Robert, 69, widowed is living with them.
Robert Sims 1860-1941 is buried in Albuquerque # 23412589.

Edmund Henry Blake registered for WWI with a Seibert address, born January 30, 1894 at Seibert, single, farming.
Edmond is in Colfax County, New Mexico in 1920, farming. His sister A.J. Seal, 31 (Audrey), born in Colorado, with her son Cecil C. 9, Colorado.
He's single in 1940 Kit Carson County, living alone, farming.
Edmund 1894-1982 is buried in Wheat Ridge # 138473986.

Bonnie, 38, is in Mora County, New Mexico in 1940, married to J. H. Kendrick 50, with Robert 12 Colorado and Jerry D. New Mexico.
Bonnie B. Kendrick 1902-1990 is buried in Santa Fe National # 17563285, plot V - 2027, and John H. Kendirck 1889-1971 is buried there, too # 3872193.
"Jerry Dean Kendrick of Durango passed away of cancer May 15th, 2015 at home with his family at his side. He was 80. A celebration of life will be held Thursday May 21, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. at the Florida Mesa Presbyterian Church, 1024 County Road 230 Durango, CO. Jerry was born February 26th, 1935 in Levy, NM father John and Bonnie Kendrick. He was a veteran serving in the Army. Jerry then graduated from the New Mexico State University with a degree in Range Management/Chemistry. He was the area manager for the BLM for many years, Long time rancher on the Florida Mesa, he was instrumental in founding the Heritage Center in Dolores, was a member of the Colorado Cattleman's Association, and he was a member of the Florida Presbyterian Church Jerry never took away from the world without giving back he was a true steward of the Earth. Jerry was an all around Cowboy! He is survived by Carolyn Kendrick wife of 58 years, son Harl Kendrick, daughter Denna (Chris)Carney, granddaughter Harley Carney."
Edmund H. Blake is single in 1940 Kit Carson County, farming, 47.

Mildred B. Ingram 1886-1971 # 58532310 and Ross Ingram 1886-1946 are buried in Steamboat Springs.

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