Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

William H. Childers, 8 South 49 West

Preston R. Childers enlisted 1861, in K, 2nd Iowa Infantry, mustered out 1865.
Littleton Colorado September 1922

Preston R. Childers proved up a quarter in Washington County, Kansas in 1873 2S. 2E.

In 1880 Washington County, Kansas, Mary E. Childers is 31, born in Pennsylvania, with a confusing marital status, with Ella 13 and William H. 11 both born in Missouri. Leo Randolph Childers 9 and G. Allen Childers, 7, both born in Kansas.
Preston R. Childers, 39 is a carpenter in Denver in 1880.
In 1885 Denver, P.R. Childers is a carpenter, 40, Virginia, M.E. 36, Pennsylvania, with Ella 18, a printer, Wm. a telegraph operator , 16, L.R. 14, and Geo 11.

M.E. Childers, female, died Sept 30, 1888, to be interred at Riverside.
Preston married Etta V. Crigler Nov 18, 1890, recorded in Denver.
William cash-claimed a quarter in 24, 8 South, 49W in 1891, and proved up one in section 25 in 1894.
In 1895 Denver, William H. Childers is a bricklayer, living at 4524 Milwaukee.
George A. Childers, same address, is a clerk for the Republican.
1895 Sedalia Colorado "Miss Olivia Sobey is visiting friends in Denver."
W.Homer Childers married Olivia D. Sobey, at Sedalia, Colorado April 29, 1896, marriage performed by ministter T.E. Sisson of Castle Rock, Colorado.

Olivia had been in Douglas County in 1880, with Frank 36 England, Elizabeth 26 Illinois, Mary J. 6, Robert T. 5, Frank 3, and Olivia D. 2, all kids born in Colorado. Hattie M. 8. is listed after boardrs.

They're in Douglas County in 1885, with Elizabeth 32, Hattie M. 14, Mary 12, Rob 10, Frank 9, Olivia 7, and Elizabeth E. 4. Possibly William is back in Missouri in 1910, Christian County, 42, a stock dealter married to Martha A. 34, with Bessie 15, Missouri.
1897 "Mrs. Homer Childers of Denver spent Sunday with her mother Mrs. John Lewis at Lehigh."
In 1900 Denver, W. Homer Childers, a brick layer, born Feb 1868 in Kansas, married four years to "Olibia" March 1878 Colorado, have Sylvia Feb 1898, Colorado.
Paul H. Childers - April 21, 1901 - July 10, 1923 is buried in Sedalia #2 11440586.

( There's another Paul - born Aug 1896, with mother Hattie in 1900 Boulder. - Paul S. Childers registered for WWI in Weld County, born Aug 27, 1896 at Hooper Colorado, nearest relative J.H. Childers of Boulder.
Paul and Lulu are married in Yakima County, Washington in 1920, a grain buyer with two sons born in Colorado. Paul died 1964, and he and Lulu are buried in Tumwater, Washington, # 102985246._

"Homas" Childers is ranching in Douglas County in 1910, with "Ohid" 30, Paul, 12, and Sylvia 11. In 1919 Douglas County, "Olivis" Childers divorced "V Homer Childers."
Probably Olivia married Edmund Couch, and they're in Jefferson County, Colorado in 1930. Edmund is 46, Olivia 51, and on the same page is Frank Sobey.
Olivia's brother Frank P. Sobey married Lena M. COuch, daughter of SAam F. Couch, in 1906.
One tree said Edmund died 1944, and she them married Archibald Hempburn Michelson Curtis 1887-1973.
1953 Castle Rock " Lorna Sobey returned home from Mercy Hospital, Denver, where she had minor surgery on Friday. Mrs. Arch Curtis, of Golden, accompanied her to the hospital and remained with her for the day. Lorna and Mrs. David Curtis were spending the day in Denver, Tuesday."

Olivia D. Couch Curtis 1878-1967 is buried in Sedalia # 11440722.

In 1900 Denver, Preston is married eleven years to Etta, 43, and with them are Leo R. 28, George J. 26, and Eva 7. Stepdaughters Rosa M. Grigler 20. Kansas, and Mable B. Grigler 15, Colorado, are with them.

In 1910 Denver, Preston is a carpenter, 61, Etta C. 52, Iowa, with Eva L. 17 Colorado. Rosa M. Koogle 30, widowed, born in Kansas, daughter, has Wesley Koogle 6 and J.Edward Koogle, 4, both born in COlorado.
1911 Castle Rock "Homer Childers and daughter, Sylvia, went to Denver on Saturday and Sylvia stayed for a short visit with friends and relatives."
1912 "Mrs. John Lewis, Mrs. Homer Childers and Sylvian and Paul are visiting relatives on the river this week.

1914 Castle Rock "Homer Childers is rebuilding the brick saloon and house recently burned, for John Lewis."
Preston proved up a quarter in 1916 in Douglas County, Colorado.
1917 Castle Rock
In 1920 Otero County, Colorado, Frank is 26, sylvia 22, with Benjamin 1 and Robert four months.
They're still in Otero County in 1930, with six kids.
Frank J. Springer 1898-1932 is buried in Higbee, # 33399682, and so is Maude E. Springer 1928-1929.

In 1940 Sylvia is married to Joseph Duggan - they're buried in Higbee, Colorado Sylvia 1898-1969, # 33401461, Joseph H. 1898-1956.
1918 Sedalia Colorado "Mr. and Mrs. Preston Childers, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Goddard, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Payne, of Littleton, were Sunday visitors at Howarth's."
1918 Castle Rock "Mrs. Homer Childers intends starting for Trinidad next Saturday for an extended visit with her daughter, Mrs. Springer."

In 1920 Littleton, Colorado, William H. is a bricklayer, 50, divorced, living with father Preston R. 77, an ex-farmer, and Etta 62. Etta's brother Peter D. Van Hoosen and his wife and son are with them.
1921 Littleton "Homer Childers is on construction work at Yuma, Colo."
"Homer Childers motored to Greeley Sunday and spent the day with his sister Mrs. Rose Koogle."
1922 Littleton

1923 Castle Rock

1923 Littleton, Colorado
July 30, 1923

William Homer Childers married Cerena G. Muldrow September 6, 1926, recorded in Adams County, Colorado.
William Homer Childers, per # 1146006482, is buried in Littleton 1869-1939.
Olivia Delisle Couch married Archbald H. Curtis in Douglas County Feb 7, 1953.
Her niece was also named Olivia. The Bear Canon cemetery list has "Curtis, Ron(Ronald Arthur) 12/26/1896 2/16/1987
Married to Olivia Sobey Curtis, lost 2 premature babies, son Robt. Chas., and Cecile, Gene Monteith, and Kenneth "
Preston R. Childers died January 3, 1924, and is buried in Littleton # 11181972.

In 1930 Denver, Wm. Homer Childers is a brick superintendent, 61, married to Cerena, 41, both born in Missouri,

In 1940 Denver, Cerena M. Childers, 51 , widowed, born in Missouri, has her mother Bella L. Muldrow, 83 widowed, Missouri, and brother Forest A. Muldrow, a grocery clerk , 59, Missouri, with her.
Cerena is still in Denver in 1958, living at 1650 Locust.
Her father, Andrew W. Muldrow 1848-1906, is buried in Shelby County, Missouri, # 82791265, and her mother Laura Belle Muldrow 1856-1950. # 82791488.

John Lewis, a "miner and self-taught geologist," was the second husband of Elizabeth Monteith Sobey. Elizabeth and her first husband, Frank Sobey, homesteaded a ranch on Indian Creek in Jarre Canyon west of Sedalia, where they were living at the time of Frank's death in 1880. Elizabeth and her six children lived for a time with her mother and stepfather before moving to Lehigh, which was "a coal camp a few miles west of Sedalia," where Elizabeth "kept the boarding house" that had "eighteen or 20 boarders."
After her marriage to John Lewis, "they ran cattle on the Lehigh Coal Bank ranch and she continued to run the boarding house. ... Elizabeth cooked for the workers at the Silica Brick Co., located near the mouth of Roxborough Park between 1904 and 1913 and continued to run Ash House at Lehigh. Sometime after 1913, Elizabeth and John moved to Sedalia."
Keeping the lots in the family, John Lewis sold them to Lena M. Couch Sobey and Olivia D. Sobey Childers in July of 1919. Lena was married to Frank P. Sobey, Jr., who along with his sister Olivia, were two of Elizabeth Sobey Lewis's six children. Olivia's first husband, Homer Childers was "a highly respected man of Denver" where he intended to "ply his trade, that of brick laying" after their 1896 wedding. Two years after their 1919 purchase of the lots, Olivia married her sister-in-law Lena's brother, Edmund Couch. Couch, who was born on a "ranch on the old Deer Creek Road" west of Chatfield Reservoir in Jefferson County, was a rancher most of his life although he had been "in the U.S. Forest Service" until 1919.
In 1933, Lena and Olivia had transferred ownership of the lots to Edmund Couch for $25 and four years later Ed Couch sold the lots to Marshall Benn and Mary Jane "Mayme" McQuain for $10. A few months later Marshall sold his half interest to his sister for $1.

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