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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Elizabeth (Dickinson) Clayton, 8 South 49 West

Elizabeth cash-claimed a quarter in 22, 8 South, 49W in 1891.

She probably had help from her brother John, who had come to Colorado in 1876 - and after 1900 was the Receiver at the Hugo, Colorado land office, transferring title to over a million acres of land.

In 1860 Leavenworth, Kansas, George Dickinson is 38, Sarah 41, with Elizabeth 15, Charles 13, Allice 11, Susan 9, John 5, Minie 2.
In 1865, still in Leavenworth, they still have Elizabeth 19, Charles 17, Allice 15, Susan 14, John 10, and Minnie 6.
Thursday, Nov. 11, 1856- Leavenworth Journal, Leavenworth, K.T.
Another of America's formost public men has passed from earth. John M. Clayton is dead! He has gone to the tomb, full of years and honors, and his loss will be mourned by the whole country.

In 1870 Lawrence, Kansas, John A. Clayton is 33, Elizabeth 25, with Mary A. 12, Rosalee J. 11, Albert L. 9, and a one-year-old son. Susan P. Dickinson, 20, born in Indiana, is with them.
Leavenworth Kansas.

Elizabeth's mother Sarah died in 1876- the Friends Review:

(Mary, Rebecca, and Albert are children of John and his first wife Malinda Stafford)
John Albert Clayton (Company D, 101st Indiana Volunteer Infanty) 1837-1878 is buired in Montgomery County, Kansas, # 50024434.
In 1880 Denver, Elizabeth is 35, with Anna 5 born in Kansas. Charles 10 and Edwin 7 are with her.
George Dickins is in Denver in 1880, 58, a retired merchant born in England, with Hannah 52, born in New Jersey. Sally Selzer, 33, step-daughter born in Missouri and E.J. Selzer 22 born in Missouri, are with them.
His first wife, Sarah Pool, per one tree, had died in 1876 in Leavenworth, Kansas.
1908 Leavenworth, Kansas "George Dickinson, of Denver, and daughter, Mrs. Alice Cochlin, south of Oskaloosa, attended church here last Sunday. The Dickinsons were formerly residents of Spring-dale and have a number of acquaintances 1 at this place, who were glad to see them. Although 88 years old, Mr. Dickinson is hale and hearty."
Alice H. Dickinson, age 21, married C.O. Thompson, 41, in Leavenworth December 24, 1870.
Charles O. Thompson, born 1828 in Massachusetts, had married Harriet Bailey (1837-1856) and he's buried in Lawrence Kansas # 25609703.
1875 Kansas State Census: Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas: C. O. Thompson (age 45, painter, born Mass. From Iowa), A. H. Thompson (age 26, born Ohio, from Ind.). Susan Jane (age 26, born Ohio, from Ohio). Charles O. Thompson filed for a pension on July 12 1880 in Kansas.
1880 Census: Jefferson County, Kansas: C. O. Thompson, (age 50, farmer, born Kansas), wife Alice H. Thompson (age 31, born Ohio), son Otis E. Thompson (age 2, born Kansas), servant John Stigal (age 36), and servant Lusinda Stigal (age 38).

1885 Kansas State Census: Jefferson County, Kansas: C. O. Thompson (age 56, painter, born Massachusetts, from Iowa to Kansas, Honorably discharged from the volunteer military service of the United States. Name of State: Iowa. Letter of Company: A, Name of Regiment: 27, Arm of Service: I.), Alice Thompson (age 36, born Kentucky, from Ohio to Kansas), and Otis Thompson (age 6, born Kentucky? it was just " under his mother's place of birth).
Charles O. Thompson died June 20, 1888 (Pension Index Record). He is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas.
His pension record is cross referenced with Thomas C. Plummer, who served in Company G, 44 Iowa. Thomas Plummer died Aug 31, 1907 at Chicago, Illinois. (Pension Index Record) Thomas C. Plummer's widow was Margaret B. Plummer. I'm not sure why they are cross referenced.
1895 Kansas State Census: Sarcoxie, Jefferson County, Kansas: David Cochlin age 53, born Penn.), A. H. Cochlin (age 46, born Ohio) and Otis E. Thompson (age 17, born Kansas). It appears that his widow had remarried. " David Cocklin, age 53, married Alice H. Thompson, 43, in Jefferson County Kansas December 20, 1894.
In 1900 Jefferson County, David Cocklin born Sept 1841 Pennsylvania, married six years to Allice January 1848 Ohio, are farming. Bert Perry 20, is a farm hand.

1910 Jefferson County, Kansas, David Cocklin is 70, "Alis" H. 61, born in Ohio.
November 1911 "Mrs. David Cocklin of Rural Township who died at Oskaloosa last week was a type of woman that is becoming scarce in Kansas. In early days it was not an uncommon sight to see a woman in the fields helping her husband with the farm work, but conditions that made such labor more or less a necessity are passing. Mrs. Cocklin did much of the work about her place, not because she was compelled by circumstances to perform the labor, but more, perhaps, from love of the out-of-doors and the joy of doing. She tended the stock with the jealous eye of a man inured to his work and in all her concerns she displayed rare judgment. With the business men of Oskaloosa she had much dealing and they all-respected her highly. When she came to buy a plow, a pump, a harvester or any of the other tools of her trade she knew pretty clearly what she wanted and once her selection made she did not haggle over prices. And when the sale was made she undid her purse strings and paid. The last time Mrs. Cocklin left her home it. was to return some lumber to an Oskaloosa yard. The illness that resulted in her death a few days later attacked her..."
The 1914 settlement of her estate "To Elizabeth Clayton, $561; Susan L. Seltzer, $561; Minnie B. Welsh, $561; John P. Dickinson, $561; to Chas. Dickinson, $561; Anna Cocklin, $142.34; Julia Cockiln, $142.34; Horace D. Clark, guardian of the estate of Raymond O. Thompson Clark, minor, $61; and to W. S. Wadley, guardian of Eva G. Thompson, minor, $61. "

December 1913 Lawrence Kansas :"Word reached Lawrence last evening of the death, late yesterday afternoon of David Cocklin, at his home in Kansas City. He was aged 78 years and death was due to the infirmities of old age. He is survived by four children, two daughters and two sons, and also one brother, Samuel Cocklin, editor of the Cincinnati Enquirer. The body will be brought here Thursday on the 12:36 Santa Fe train for interment. David Cocklin was one of the old timers of Lawrence, coming here in 1856. For twenty or more years he was employed in the J. G. Sands harness shop and later associated himself with a Mr. Vitt in the harness business, under the name of Cocklin & Vitt. With the dissolution of this firm Mr. Cocklin left Lawrence and for quite a number of years has been living in Kansas City. At the opening of the war Mr. Cocklin enlisted in a Kansas regiment and served his country long and faithfully in the struggle that followed. Mr. Cocklin was instrumental in the building of Lawrence and took an active interest in everything that pertained to the growth of the city. He was a member of A. O. U. W. lodge No. 7, of Lawrence."

Alice J. Searls, age 45, married John M. Gibbs, age 45, in Oskaloosa October 10, 1895.

Elizabeth Clayton is in Elbert County in 1885, 40, born in Indiana to English parents, widowed. Charles is 15, a drug clerk, Edward B. 12 is a cow herder, both sons born in Kansas.

Annie Flanagan, 25, is a boarder, a "waiter girl".
In 1892 Denver, Elizabeth Clayton lives at Maple between avenues C and D. So does Edwin B., apprentice Small Bros., and Charles J., Clerk at J. J. Riethmann # Co.

In 1897 Denver, Mrs. Elizabeth Clayrton lives at 1529 Lafayette. Edwin B. Clayton, plumber with Small Bros., also lives there. Charles J. Claryton, proprietor Acme Pharmacy - 18th & Humboldt, also lives there.
1896 Hugo "George Dickinson, an old-timer in Colorado, arrived Monday afternoon on a visit of several days to his son, J.P. Dickinson, our well-known hardware merchant.

Elizabeth's brother John Pool Dickinson is in Hugo, Colorado in 1900, a hardward merchant married 19 years to Annie P . March 1858, wtih Muriel Dec 1881 Colorado.
"Very few people now living know what an old time Roundup was like. A cow outfit would consist of a mess wagon to carry out the beds and food, a cook, about eight riders (each rider had about four horses to ride -- a different horse for different kinds of work), a foreman, and a horse herder. The outfit would start to work about May 1st down in Kansas, east of the present state line. When all of the outfits got together there would be sometimes thirty or more wagons and 200 or more riders with five to eight hundred horses. " Source: John P. Dickinson, "Life in Eastern Colorado," Colorado Magazine, 19 (1942):

John describes some of the early times in Hugo in a 1909 narrative.
1903 Hugo "George Dickinson, father of our well known hardware and lumber merchant, is down from Denver on a visit,. Although almost eighty-one years old, he is hale and hearty and moves around as lively as any of our younger men do."
1904 George stopped to visit John "while on way home to Denver from Kansas where he has been visiting relatives and friends."
1909 John's brother Chas. W. Dickinson, vice president of the Dickinson-Pierce Lumber Company at Paragould, Arkansas, was in Hugo visiting his brother John.

November 1911 Hugo - J.P. and Mrs. Dickinson left for eastern Kansas for the funeral of his youngest sister.
February 12, 1916 "John P. Dickinson received word Thursday morning of the death of his sister, Mrs. Susie L. Seltzer, at her home in Los Angles, California."

1918 Hugo, Colorado

Brother Charles W. Dickinson died in 1919
John and Anna applied in 1925 for passports to sail around the world - Europe - Algeria - Ceylon - China - Japan.
John 1855-1945 and Anna 1855-1942 are buried in Denver # 33130241.
So is Muriel Dicksinson Rothwell 1881-1905 # 13470714, and her daughter Anna Dickinson Rothwell 1905-1907.
"Anna Dickinson Rothwell the baby daughter of Dr William C Rothwell of Salt Lake City died Friday March 15, at the home of her grandparents Dr and Mrs William J Rothwell, 2073 Ogden street. The little one was 22 months old and at no time had been very strong. Her mother who was very well known in Denver as Miss Muriel Dickinson, daughter of Mr and Mrs J P Dickinson of Hugo, Colo, died in Salt Lake in October 1905 and the body was brought to Denver for burial. The funeral of little Anna occurred Monday afternoon from the home of Dr and Mr W J Rothwell, Rev M W Donovan of Logan avenue chapel reading the service. Dr W C Rothwell arrived from Salt Lake City Sunday evening"

In 1900 Denver, Elizabeth, born January 1845 in Indiana, widowed, has had five kids two living. Charles J. born June 1870 in Kansas is with her, as is granddaughter? Susan B. Nov 1882 Kanss. Her father George Dickinson May 1822 England is with them.
Elizabeth is living alone in 1910 Denver.
In 1910 Denver, Charles J. is a pharmacist, 39, married to Letta A. 35, with Lorna A. 7.
Charles is a druggist in 1920 Denver, with Netta A. 45, Lorna A. 17, and Cathrine M. 7.
Elizabeth is living alone in 1920 Denver, on Osceola Street.
In 1925 Charles is the secretary of the State Board of Pharmacy, living at 1838 Vine.

"Second Mrs. Clayton, mother of Charles and Ed, died in Denver, February 17, 1923"
"Wife, Malinda Stafford Clayton, died 1862. John and children Mary A., Rebecca I., and Albert T., moved to Kansas. John remarried (2nd wife unk) 2 boys from 2nd marriage eventually lived in Denver. One founded Clayton Plumbing."
In 1922 Denver, Mrs. Eliz Clayton lives at 453o6 sosceola.
Charles J. (Letta A.) is secretary of the Scholtz-Mutual Drug Co on Lawrence Street. He lives at 1838 Vine..
Edwin B. Clayton (Ethel M. ) is proprieter of the Clayton Plumbing & Heating Company, and they live ar 4420 Perry.

Elizabeth 1845-1923, per # 50026010, has an unknown burial. Clayton, Elizabeth 19 Feb 1923 16 DP Clayton, Elizabeth 20 Feb 1923 12(2) RMN Clayton, Elizabeth 20 Feb 1923 19(2) DP Clayton, Elizabeth 21 Feb 1923 9 RMN Clayton, Elizabeth Mrs. 19 Feb 1923 8 RMN Clayton, Elizabeth Mrs. 21 Feb 1923 25(2) DP
Charles J. Clayton 1870-1949 and Letha 1875-1949 are buried in Denver # 104699584.
So is Edwin Benbow Clayton 1873-1949 # 104694275 and Ethel 1883-1949.
In 1900 Denver, George W. Welsh is 47, Maryland, married 22 years to Minnie born Dec 1858 Kansas,. Eugene B. 17 and Ada G. 8 were born in Colorado.
March 23, 1910, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Welsh, occurred the marriage of their daughter, Ada G. to Mr. Charles D. Nichols of Hastings, Nebaska.

1915 Littleton "Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Welsh left here Saturday for their new home at Fort Lupton, COlo."
August 1917 Hugo
Minnie 1858-1917 is buried in Fort Lupton # 57282769, as is George dying 1925 # # 57282627.

June 1971 "Eugene Welsh Eugene Paul Welsh, 324 7th St., Fort Luplon, former owner and operator of the Welsh Fuel and Timber Co., died early Saturday morning at the Weld County Nursing Home. He was 88. A native of Colorado, Welsh was born in Denver on April 15, 1883, and was married there on Aug. 11, 1904. He and his wife, Edna, came to Fort Lupton in 1915, where Welsh farmed and ranched until he entered the feed, fuel and grain business in 1920. He retired in 19??. His wife preceded him in death in 1948. Welsh was a past noble grand of Lupton Lodge No. 100, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, The Fort Lupton Friendship Club. He was an active member of the Knights of Pythias for many years. Survivors include three sons and four daughters, Robert E. Welsh, George L. Welsh and Mrs. Dorothy (Lawrence) Dority, all of Fort Lupton; Clifford C. Welsh of Laporte; Mrs. Ruth Caylor of Lake George; Mrs. Muriel Drasl' of Ogallala, Neb., and Mrs. Peggy Cramer of Brighton. Also surviving are a sister, Mrs. Ada llaynor of Yuba City, Calif., 20 grandchildren and 48 great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday in the chapel of the Schmanski-Veller Mortuary at Fort Lupton. Interment will be in Hillside Cemetery al Forl Lupton. "

Dorothy Grace (Welsh) Dority January 20, 1920 – February 14, 2011 "Just grand!" Those were the words Dorothy Grace (Welsh) Dority often used to celebrate the sunshine, comforts of being home, and accomplishments of her family. She passed away peacefully in her sleep on Valentine's Day, Monday, February 14, 2011. Dorothy was born to E.P. "Gene" and Minnie Welsh on January 20, 1920, in Fort Lupton, CO, the fifth of seven children: Ruth, Robert "Bob," George, Min, Clif, and Evelyn "Peggy".
After graduating from Fort Lupton High School in 1938, Dorothy moved to Ogallala, Nebraska, where she met and fell in love with Lawrence Edward Dority. The couple married on August 23, 1943, in Macon, GA, before Lawrence shipped off with the U.S. Army Air Corps to join the war in the Pacific. After he graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lawrence joined with Dorothy in settling in Fort Lupton and raising five children in the same house in which Dorothy was born and raised. In 1995, the couple moved to Grand Junction, where Dorothy met and came to love her new friends as much as she did her "Golden Girls" in Fort Lupton. Dorothy enjoyed spending time in the Colorado mountains, flower gardening, working hard, and creating relationships with everyone she met. Honor and unconditional love were at the very core of Dorothy's being, as she tirelessly cared for her parents, husband, children, friends, and neighbors. Her family and friends are blessed to have shared in her long and happy life. Dorothy was preceded by a young daughter, Kathleen Diane Dority; husband, Lawrence, and son, William "Bill" Matthew (Kim) Dority.
Dorothy is survived by a brother, Clif (Edie) Welsh of Laporte; sister, Peggy (Jay) Cramer of Brighton; son, Timothy "Tim" Allen (Dena) Dority of Casa Grande, AZ; two daughters, Elizabeth "Beth" Ann (Frank) Keller of Grand Junction and Virginia "Gini" Ann (Randy) Keller of Fruita; eight grandchildren, and nine great grandchildren.
A Funeral Mass will be held for Dorothy at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, 330 White Ave., in Grand Junction at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, February 22, 2011.
October 1929 Minnie Muriel Welsh and William Drost were married in Platteville Sept. 4, by Father Shea. They were attended by Vivian Austin and the bride's father, E. P. Welsh. Mrs. E. P. Welsh and Ruth Welsh were guests. Mrs. Drost is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Welsh and has lived, most of her life in Fort Lupton. She graduated with the class of 1928 from the Fort Lupton high school. Mr. Drost is the son of Dr. and Mrs. L. I. Drost of North Platte, Nebr. He is attending school in Kirksville, Mo., where they will maKe their home.

1929 guests in Greeley were "Mr. and Mrs. Robert Welsh, Mr. and Mrs William Drost of Kirksvllle, Mo.,Joseph A Weaver, Ruth Welsh; George Welsh, Dorothy, Clifford and Peggy Welsh"
1930 "Clifford Welsh, eight year old, jumped off a bank into a sand pit near his hom in north- Lupton lasr Tuesday and sprained both ankles and bruised his heels. He 'jumped about 12, feet. He had to crawl on his hands and knees to his home and has been using crutches the last few days. His smaller sister, Peggy, jumped at the same time he did but she was uninjured. '"

CAYLOR, Ruth W (WELSH); 96; Colorado Springs Gazette; 2002-4-20

In May 1917 Mrs. John Dickinson was visiting her sister, Mrs. Foley, in Kansas City, Kansas.

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