Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Helen Myra Benway Dirstein, 8 South 49 West

John and Olive Benway had Charles D.W. Benway June 29, 1849 in South Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

In 1855 Hampshire County, Massachusetts, John Benway is a miller, 30, born in New York, with Olive A. 26 New York, and Danile W. 8, Massachusetts.
In 1860 Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, John Benway 35 and Olive 31, both born in New York, have Daniel W. 11, Massachusetts.

In 1870 Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, John Benway, a retired grocer 46, with Cloe A. 41, both born in New York, have D. W. 20, a son born in Massachusetts, and daughter M.F. 5, Wisconsin.

Russell County, Kansas history
"Helen Benway was the first known person to be born on the townsite of Russell after its founding by the Ripon Colony in April, 1871. Helen Benway was born Sep 12, 1871 to Mr. and Mrs. John Benway who arrived at Fossil Station (now Russell) in June, 1871, and was presented by the townsite company with a deed to lot 6, block 87, where the Hotel Holland was located. The lot was known as the "Baby Lot" in honor of the first child born in the new community. The family moved to Osborne shortly thereafter, where she grew up, and then taught school there for 12 years. "

In 1875 Osborne County, Kansas, John Benway is 50, O.A. 46, M.F. 9, and H.M. B. Benway 3.

In 1880 Osborne County, Kansas, Hellen B.M. Benway is 8, with John 55 and Olive A. 51 Benway, both born in New York. Mary F. Benway is 15, born in Wisconsin.
They're still there in 1885 and 1895. Helen was teacher of District # 10 in 1895-1896.
1886 "John Benway, near Bloomington, Osborne county, lost three head of cattle, death being caused by hydrophobia"

Myra H. Benway is in Osborne County in 1900, born September 1871, a school teacher, living with farmer parents John March 1824 and Olive October 1828. John and Olive's grandson Raymond Spencer, July 1884 Kansas is with them.

Per one tree, Olive A. Crosston Benway born October 13, 1828, died October 20, 1901 in Kansas.
John W. Benway 1824-1901 # 117894877 and Olive 1828-1901 # 117894962 are buried in Osborne.

Horace Raymond Spencer, Mary's son, was in Idaho in 1910, Portland, Oregon in 1920, and then in Los Angeles, dying there March 1, 1956.

William V. Dirstine, per # 124012328, son of Jacob and Maria Dirstine, is buried in Osborne, Kansas, 1868-1907.

American Miller 1907

Helen cash-claimed a quarter in 13, 8 South, 49W in 1909.

In 1910 Seibert precinct, Helen Benway is 38, born in Kansas, parents in New York, widowed.
In 1920 Grand Junction, Colorado, George W. Sievert is a yardman in a lumberyard, 49, born in New York, with Helen B. 47 Kansas.
1919 Iowa

1920 Denison, Iowa

In 1930 Grand Junction, George is a retail grocer, and they're living alone. George was mfirst married at 39, Helen at 32.
In 1940 Grand Junction, George is a church janitor, ,with Helen the head of the household. They have two lodgers, both elderly widows.
In 1951 Helen B. (wid Geo W.) lives at 816 Grand Avenue, apt 4 in Grand Junction.

Helen Myra Benway Seifer, per # 127205377, is buried in Osborne 1871-1959.
George W. Seifer 1872-1948 is also buried there # 127205343.
Birth Date: February 11, 1872
Death Date: December 19, 1948

Birth Date: September 12, 1871
Death Date: September 15, 1959
Grand Junction Daily Sentinel page 11 - September 15, 1959

Courtesy of the Mesa County Library
Grand Junction Daily Sentinel page 2 - December 20, 1948"
In 1870 Dubuque, Iowa, John 60 and Maria 65 are with son John 36 and his wife Carolina 35. They have Wilhelmina 10, Frida 2, and Lena 1.
In 1895 George Sievert is in Sioux City, Iowa, 31, born in New York, Catholic, a laborer. Lizzie Sievert is 24, born in Lind County Iowa, and they have newborn George, born in Woodbury County, Iowa.
George W. Sievert is in Benton County, Iowa in 1900, born February 1872 in New York.
December 21, 1951 Carroll, Iowa
"WALL LAKE—Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at Peace Lutheran church here for Mrs. Matilda Sievert, who died Sunday noon in a nursing home at Carroll, where she had been cared for in recent months. The Rev. Alfred Christiansen officiated. Music was furnished by the church choir. Burial was in the Wall Lake cemetery. Matilda Sievert, daughter of August and Johanna Peterson Hanke, was born March 13, 1871, in Bloomingdale, Illinois. -At the age of four she came with her parents to Sac county. They located at what is now Carnarvon, where she lived with her parents until her marriage. At that time she moved to Wall Lake. On March 15, 1892, she was married to John H. Sievert of Chittenango, N. Y., in Peace Lutheran church at Wall Lake. Six children were born to them, one of whom preceded her in death. Mr. Sievert died in 1935. Mrs. Sievert was a longtime member of Peace Lutheran church here, having been confirmed by the Rev. L. A. Mueller in 1885. For a number of years she had been in failing health. She leaves five children: August, Wall Lake; Bessie (Mrs. Vlartin Bretthauer) and George, Denison; Louis, Lake City, and Arthur of Charter Oak; nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. There are also two brothers, Ed Hanke, Lake View, and Carl Hanke, Ft. St. John, British Columbia, Canada; three sisters, Mrs. Wiliam J. Stock, Odebolt; Mrs. Mary Staab, Wall Lake, and Mrs. Ed Rink, Council Bluffs. "

Daniel W. Benway married Sarah F. Jewel January 1, 1879 in Cherokee County, Iowa. "At the City Hotel, Jan. 1, 1879, by the Rev. F. M. Cooley, Mr. D. W. Benway and Miss F. Jewell. Mr. Benway is proprietor of the City Hotel, a genial gentleman and a thorough square dealing business man, and his man friends will be pleased to learn of his good judgement in adding to his happiness a "Jewell" of no ordinary worth. A bountiful supper was prepared for the occasion, and many warm friends of the young couple indulged in the various good things."

In 1880 Cherokee County, Iowa, Daniel W. Benway is 30, a hotel keeper, with Sarah F. 23, born in New York.
"D. W. Benway. dealer in furniture of all kinds, established business in June, 1881. He was born in Massachusetts in 1849; from there he removed to Wisconsin; thence to Independence, Iowa. In 1877 he came to Cherokee, and for a time was proprietor of the City Hotel. In June, 1881, he engaged in business as above."

The hotel was opened in 1878 by D.W. Benway and Thomas Jewell - and it burned in 1883.
In 1885 D.W. and S.F. Benway are in Jewell County, Kansas, with Fern 4 and John 1.

(Thos Jewell 1825-1910 is buried in Cherokee, per # 65532191.)
William Keho, son of Edward Keho and Christina Smith, married Sarah "Benwary" January 19, 1893 in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Fern Kehoe, age 12, is in the Iowa 1895 census index, born in Cherokee County, residing "Donglas, Ida"

One tree said Daniel Wesley Benway, son of John Benway and Olive Crosson, died April 1895 in Clinton, Missouri.
In 1900 Sarah born Sept 1857 in New York, is married to William Keho in Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota, with her daughter Fern Benway June 1882 Iowa and Johnie January 1884 Kansas. She's been married seven years.
John is single in 1910, and in 1940 is in Fort Dodge Iowa - he died March 1968.
Fern Frances Kehoe 1882-1966 - per #33792832 - married Charles Francis Kehoe 1882-1944 and is buried in Fort Dodge, Iowa.
Charles Francis Kehoe born in Davenport, Iowa to Mathews Kehoe and Bridget Anna Duffy, married Fern Frances Fox in Fort Dodge Nov 25, 1907.
Fren Francis Fox born 1885 in Nebraska, married Chas Francis Kehoe . So this is not the same Fern.

William H. Sievert's biography said that Frederick C. Sievert and Frederica (Rossow) of german birth came to the U.S. in 1866. From Chittenango in 1851 the family moved to Cassville, N.Y, and in 1854 moved to Lohrville, Iowa.
Frederick and Frederica were in Watertown, S.D. when William';s biography was written>
Freda Grau 1867-1945, per # 99625077, is buried in Randolph, Nebraska, with Harry J. 1861-1943.
Lena Henrietta Sievert married Charles Martin Brauer in 1890 in Iowa.
Lena Brauer is in Woodbury County, Iowa in 1885, 21, with Ludwig, 33.
Lena 1869-1943 # 106305548 and Charles M. 1863-1947 are buried in Randolph.
1909 Cedar County, Nebraska "George, the little chilld of Mr. Sievert, died at the home of Chris Jensen on Wednesday, January 20. The little one was aged one yar, eleven months and seventeen days. The remains wee buried in teh Bow Valley cemetery at Wynot."

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