Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

James Frazier , 8 South 49 West

In 1860 Edgar County, Illinois, James Frazier is 39, Mary 39, with Caleb 16, Eli M. 10, David F. 6, Mary E. 2.

"Jas. Frazier and others started the town of Freeport, on the west side of the river, in 1868. In all, about ten houses were built, comprising a hotel, blacksmith and carpenter shop, and the printing-office of the Western Sun.
CALEB E. FRAZIER. Mr. Frazier was born in Warren county, Indiana, in 1843. He is the son of James Frazier and Miss Mary Rhodes, who were married in 1840. Mr. Frazier Sr. was the father of the town of Freeport, that flourished in the year 1868, to be washed away in the big flood of September 6th, 1869. Their children were: Caleb, Morgan, David, and Ella. Caleb married Miss J. Thompson, in Illinois, in 1866. They came to Nebraska with I. N. Thompson and others. Frazier with his father settled across the river from Jenkins's Mills, and Thompson settled out on Rose creek. When the town was washed away in 1869, Caleb moved with his family to Fairbury, where they resided till they went to Iowa in 1875. He moved to Kansas in 1879, and to Colorado in 1882, where he has extensive mining interests. They have but one child, Mrs. Cora M. Davis.
(In 1901 the Aspen Weekly Times - Crestone, Colorado items - said "The report that Caleb Frazier has sold the Cora M. property, at Pole Creek, upon which the rich strike was recently made, is not true.")
(1911 - "LIBERTY- . Milling town and postoffice in Saguache county, 21 miles northeast of Hooper. Tri-weekly mails. Population 60.
... Frazier C E. assayer, wagonmkr.
Frazier Mrs C E, dressmaker.)

Fraziers ran the Freeport Hotel at Freeport, and did a general live-stock trading business.
When the flood of 1869 inundated Freeport, most of the remaining building were moved to Jenkins's Mills, and with the coming of the St. Joseph & Denver City. Railroad, in 1871, the bulk of Jenkins's Mills moved up to Steele City. "

In 1880 Smith County, Kansas, E.M. Frazier is 32, L. Frazier 22, with J.E. 6 and D.G. 1.

David Frazier was stabbed at a schoolhouse social in Smith County Kansas in 1876 by a Riddle James proved up a quarter in 22, 8S 49W in 1897.

Mary (Rhodes) Frazier "Mrs. James Frasier" born 1821 in Ohio, is buried in Phillips County, Kansas # 51306251,

The book appears to be missing some lines.

In 1860 Vermilion County, Illinois, James W. Thompson is 49, Irena 44, Mandia 18, John F. 15, Mary Jane 13, Theodore 6, Laura 4, and Charles 1.
In 1870 Washington County Kansas, I.A. is 55, North Carolina, John 23, Theodore S. 18, Laura 15, and Charles 12, all kids born in Illinois.
In 1880 Washington County, Kansas, Irena Thompson is widowed, 65, with son Theodore 27, farming. Laura 25 is divorced, and (daughter?) Myrtle is 4.

Marion L. Rhode, born about 1842 to James W. Thompson and Irene Davis, died July 2, 1924 in Spokane, Washington.
In 1870 Jefferson County, Nebraska, Joseph H.B. Rhodes 27 and Eliza, 28, have Charles J. 1.
In 1880 Smith County, Kansas, H. Rhoades is 38, M.L. 39, Charley 11, Ernest and Ellen both 6, and Gertrude nine months.
Charles J. Rhode, born Sept 1868 in Nebraska, is in Crestone Colorado in 1900, a day laborer boarding wtih the Hl> and Emma Hopkins family.
So he must have gone there because of his aunt Mary....
In 1870 Jefferson County, Nebraska, Henry C. is 34, a plasterer, married to Lucinda 34, and they have Minnie, 3.
In 1880 Bent County, Colorado, Charles D. Thompson, 23, Illinois, is a farm laborer, and John B. Gould 29, New York, and stock grower, is living with him.
In 1910 Costilla County, Colorado, Mary's brothers Henry P. 73, widowed, and Theodore S. 57, single, both born in Illinois, are miners.
Two other brothers are in Trinidad, Colorado in 1900 - Albert Oct 1858 is a peddler of notions, and Charles Dec 1859 is a musician. Wonder if they are cousins.....
There's an Albert Thompson farming in Custer County, Colorado in 1885, 26, born in Ohio, marrid to Bessie , 24, born in England.

Charles is single in 1910 Montrose County, and in 1920 Delta County, Colorado.
Charles, per # 25527530, is buried in Delta, Colorado.

In 1885 Franklin County, Nebraska, Caleb E. Frazier is a poultry dealer, 41, Mary 38, and they have Cora 17 born in Nebraska.
In 1900 Crestone, Colorado, Caleb E. Frazier, born May 1844 in Indiana, married 33 years to Mary J. Nov 1846 Illinois. She's had two children one living.
Caleb and Mary J. are still in Saguache County in 1910.
Caleb E. Frazier, born May 26, 1843 in Indiana, died Sept 9, 1916, buried at the Colorado Veterans Center near Monte Vista.
Cora Montez (Frazier) Davis, 1867 - 1942, daughter of Calleb E. Frazer and Mary Jane Thomipson 1846-1920 is buried in Kansas City, Kansas, # 115608015.
James Frazier was father of the town of Freeport, Nebraska, that flourished in the year 1868, to be washed away in the big flood of September 6, 1869.

In the 1860 census the James Frazier family was living in Prairie, Edgar, Illinois: James Frazier 39 Mary Frazier 39 Caleb Frazier 16 Eli Morgan Frazier 10 David F Frazier 6 Mary Ella Frazier 2

In the 1870 census the Frazier family lived in Jenkins, Jefferson County, Nebraska: James Frazier 49 Mary Frazier 49 David Frazier 16 Mary Frazier 12

One tree said Eli Morgan Frazier married Lethinda Towers - born October 24, 1857 in Jackson County, Iowa - March 19, 1871 in Fairbury, Nebraska.
In the 1875 Kansas Census the following Fraziers lived in Cedar, Smith County, KS: James Frazier 54 M E Frazier 17 Morgan Frazier 24 Lethinda Frazier 18 (wife of Morgan) James Frazier 1 (Son of Morgan and Lethinda)

Eli M. Frazier proved up a quarter in 1876 in Smith County, Kansas.
In the township south, James Frazier had claimed a quarter in 1883, and James H. one in 1880, and another timber-claim in 1883. "Heirs of David Frazier" also proved up a claim in 1880 in Smith County.

In the 1880 census of Cedar, Smith County, Kansas, Eli Frazier, 32, born in Illinois, and his wife L. (One newspaper mentions Lethinda Frazier) 22 Iowa, and children J.E. 6 and D.G. 1.
On Sept 8, 1892, in Burlington, E.M. Frazier of Kensington, Smith County Kansas, age 46, married Mrs. A. Clark. age 47, of Seibert. James Frazier was a witness.
One FindAGrave note says "Eli Morgan Frazier-Born July 1845 in Edwardsville, Illinois. He married Lethinda Towers. They had two children, James and D. G. Frazier before Lethinda died in 1900. "
In 1870 Jackson County, Iowa, Lethinda Towers is 13, born in Iowa, with mother Lethinda 50, Tilman 21, Daniel 19, Evyline 9, and James 2.
Mother Lethinda (Matney) Towers, per # 40230446, 1818-1897, is buried in Republic County, Kansas. In the same cemetery is Lethinda (Towers) Frazier 1857 - ? # 40230071.

In 1998 Iris Lee wrote "Would like information on Lethinda (Towers) and Eli Morgan Frazier; married in Jefferson Co., NE in 1871. Ira was son of James Frazier and Mary Rhodes according to marriage certificate. Lethinda died very young and was buried in Republic Co., KS with her mother and sister Esther. Lethinda was also sister to Margaret (Towers) Brock and Daniel Webster Towers both lived in Fairbury. "

On May 25, 1900, in Seibert, George L. (or E.) Leser, 22 of Seibert, married Glennie Esther Frazier of Seibert, age 16. Her father was E.M. Frazier, witness Annie Frazier.
In 1920 Hutchinson, Kansas, George Leser is 41, divorced, running a restaurant - Gustave 67 and Elizabeth 63 are with him.

Also in Seibert, August 4, 1900, George H. Thomas of Seldon Sheridan County, Kansas, age 33, married Ivah J. Frazier 18, of Seibert, witness Augustus Thomas. In 1900 Kit Carson County, Iva J. Frazier, born Nov 1881 in Kansas, is a servant for John and Rosa Halstead, stock growers. She's likely Eli's daughter "I.I." - age three in the 1885 Smith County Kansas, census.
In 1910 Ogden, Utah, there's an Ivy Thomas, 29, born in Kansas, widowed, a servant in a Joseph and Josephine West household. She's had five kids, only one living. But Iva Irene Thomas Coult - born Nov 11 1880 - death certificate says she was born in Salt Lake City, father James William Thomas, mother Laura Matilda Lee.
After Eli's first wife died, it is possible the kids went to different households....
Iva L. Thomas married Charles L. Cunningham May 18, 1911 in Wilson County, Kansas. THIS IVA WAS BORN ABOUT 1895- TOO YOUNG

George Thomas was in Sheridan County, Kansas in 1900, born Dec 1865 in Illinois , a laborer for the Vanwry widow.

On January 7, 1903, William O. Weems of Seibert married Addie Mae Frazier of Seibert.

In 1900 Kit Carson County, Ely M. Frazier born July 1845 in Illinois is a stock raiser, and with him is Margaret A. Frazier "Step-Mother" born January 1847 in Kentucky. She's had eleven kids, six living.
Anna Frazier, age 57, married Calvin Tice, age 64, August 11, 1903 in Vona, Colorado.
Calvin P. Tice, born about 1840 in New York, is widowed in 1910 Cope, Colorado.

1914 Akron News

The Cope mail "at first was brought from Otis. It was carried by a cart to Cope and came once a week. Later, when the Rock Island Railroad went through Seibert, the mail came there. It was brought to Cope by state coach which also carried passengers. The first driver was Mr. Tice..."

Peter Calvin Tice, 1839-1916 is buried in Cope # 15477446. - FindaGrave has spouse Harriett Rachel Fuller 1862-1944.
There's a Margaret A. "Fraizer" in 1850 Boone County, Kentucky, daughter of James and Miama.
In 1900 Atchison, Kansas, Mary E. Frazier is widowed, born January 1826 in Virginia. James H. was born April 1853 in Ohio, single, a carpenter, and James H. August 1885 in Colorado, father Ohio, mother Wyoming.
James H. Frazier, born in Colorado, and Edna Herren born in Washington, had son James H. Frazier Jr. in 1914 in Idaho, who died January 6, 1915 in Coeur 'Alene, Idaho.
This is probably another James Frazier in Kansas - son of Robinson Frazier.

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