Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Henry and Phoebe (Cramer) Gallentine, sons Henry and Edward, daughters Lenora (Kleeman) , Margaret (Guy) and Kitty , 8 South 49 West

In 1900 Nemaha County, Kansas, Henry Gallentine born August 1853 , married 21 years to Phebe October 1857, both born in Pennsylvania. Emma March 1880, Ella May 1881, Frank Feb 1883, Nora Aug 1885, Kitty Sept 1887, Joseph Aug 1890, Edward Jan 1892, Vernon Aug 1895, and Florence Aug 1897 were all born in Kansas.
Lenora Gallentine married Theodore H. Kleeman October 4, 1908, recorded in Kit Carson County. Witness was Katherine Calentine.
In 1910 Frank is in Seibert precinct, single, farming. Next household is Kitty, 22. On the saime page is Henry 56 and Phoebe 52, with Edward 19.
Frank proved up two quarters in 5, 8S 49W and 32, 7S 49W in 1913.

Henry, also in 1913, proved up a quarter in 5, 8S. 49W.
Katherine proved up two quarters in 31 and 32, 7S 49W in 1913.
Edward L. Galentine registered in Iowa, with an address of Wetmore, Kansas, born there January 17, 1892, single, working for Ed Clark in Arthur, Iowa.
In 1930 Taos County, New Mexico, Edward is a miner, with Ethel 29 bornin Missouri a cook in a boarding house.
In 1951 Denver, Edward is a trucker for the DUT Ry, and they live at 1621 Williams.
Edward and Ethel M. are in Denver in 1958, living at 1621 Williams.
Frank J. is a driver for the Englewood schools, and he and Etta M. live at 1016 S. Emerson.
Edward 1891-1979 is buried in Fort Logan, Colorado WWI army. # 14124404.
In 1920 Nemaha County, Phebe is 62, Joseph 29, Katie 32, Edward 27, Verne 26, and Florence 23.
Henry 1853-1918, son of Joseph and Nancy (Miller) Gallentine, married Phoebe Carmer in Falls City Nebraska, in 1879, and is buried iin Nemaha County # 51199533.
Phoebe, daughter of Benjamin Franklin Cramer and Mary Miller, 1857-193- is buried in Nemaha County # 51199750.

Arthur Franklin Gallentine 1883-1914 died in Trinidad, per # 51198953, and is buried in Nemaha County, Kansas.
------------------ On September 26, 1882 Otto Kleemann, 29, a workman, with marie 26, Theodore 2, and Christine 3 arrived in New York - all born in Prussia.
In 1900 Thomas County, Kansas, Otto Kleemann born Nov 1852, Eliza June 1856, married twenty years, have Theodore July 1880, Christina March 1882, Germany, then born inKansas, Margriet Feb 1884, Otto Feb 1887, Henry Dec 1889, and Karl Sept 1895.
Theodore H. Kleeman married Lenora Gallentine October 4, 1908, recorded in Kit Carson County.
In 1910 Seibert precinct, Theodore is 29, married one year to Nora 26, and they have Otto N. 10(must be months) born in Colorado.
Theodore proved up 240 acres in 8 and 17, 8S 49W in 1913.
Theodore H. Kleeman registered with a Seibert address, born July 8, 1880, a carpenter, nearest relative Alice Kleeman of Seibert.
Also in 1913, Margaret C. Guy - formerly Margaret C. Kleemann, proved up a quarter in section 8, 8S 49W.
In 1920 Marshall County, Kansas, Theodore is an auto machinist, Nora, and Otto, 10
They're still in Marshall County in the 1925 census.
In 1930 Theodore an odd-job mechanic - and Lenora are in Elbert County, Colorado.
They're still there in 1940.
Lenora P. Kleeman -1884 -1955 is buried in Pueblo # 30731652 "Mother"
1945 "ELIZABETH, Colo. -At 63, Theodore H. Kleeman's musical career is on the rocks, but don't get alarmed about it. Kleeman has been making musical instruments as a hobby for several years - First a xylophone, then a set of chimes, and now his masterpiece, a piano. All are made from pieces of petrified wood. In place of the taut metal strings that produce the tones of a standard piano, Klceman's instrument contains three octaves of petrified wood slabs. Each one is eight inches to a foot long, an inch or so wide and carefully hewn to give the right tone.
Kleeman, a gold miner who turned nurseryman, started his hobby after a great flood swept this part of Colorado in 1935. Prowling over the ravaged countryside, he came upon an intriguing piece of petrified wood and took it home. When struck it gave forth a sonorous ring - the note G, as Kleeman later found. Except for the satisfaction of craftsmanship and from exhibiting his piano to callers, Kleeman gets little good from it. He can't play a note."

Lenora P. Kleeman -1884 -1955 is buried in Pueblo # 30731652 "Mother"
The announcement in the Pueblo newspaper says only "Mrs. Lenora Kleeman. Mother of Otto Keleman. Sister of J.H. and E.K. Gallentine."
Ictiber 18m 1855""
Theodore H. Kleeman 1880-1975 is buried in Fort Morgan # 68995320, with Grace L. 1887-1983. # 68995337.
Clarence O. Guy married Margaret C. Kleeman Dec 26, 1908, recorded in Elbert County.

In 1920 Seibert precinct, Clarence O. Guy is 38, born in Nebraska, Margaret C. 36 Kansas, with Melissa M. 9, Carl R. 7, Clarence V. 5, Annibell J. 1, and Richard H. newborn.
In 1930 El Paso County, Colorado, C.O. and Margaret have Marie 20, Carl 18, Victor 15, Anna B. 11, Richard 9, Hilda 8, Margaret 6, and Arthur 2.
Clarence and Margaret are in El Paso County, Colorado in 1940, with Hilda 18 and Athur 12. Elia Kleeman, mother-in-law is with them, 83,.

In 1930 Nemaha County, Katherine Gallentine 42 is a "poultry farmette", and sister Florence 33 is with her.
In 1940 Atchison Kansas, Katherine 52 is a seamstress for the WPA sewing project, and sister Florence 43 is with her.
In 1950 Atchison, Florence and Kath Gallentine live at 815 Atchison.
Catherine Gallentine 1887-1955 is buried in Nemaha County. # 51199154 says she died in Atchison Kansas.
Florence, per # 51199332 also died in Atchison, and is buried in Nemaha County 1896-1964.

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