Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Herbert C. Hefner , 8 South 49 West

father Colby Harrison Hefner and brother George M. Hefner , Seibert and Arriba


In 1860 Richland County, Wisconsin, Colby "Heefner" "is 23, with Eleza 21 born in Illinois, and Alice newborn in Wisconsin.
In 1870 Doniphan County, Kansas, C. H. Hefner is a plasterer, 31, Louisa 30, born in Illnois, with Oliver 4 Wisconsin and Herbert 2, Wisconsin.
In 1880 Richland County, Wisconsin, Herbert is 12, George 1, with parents Harrison Hefner 41 and Louisa C. 40. Oliver D. is 14, and William W. 7.
In 1885 Republic County, Kansas, C.H. Hefner is 47, a plasterer, with L.C. 45, Herbert 15?, george 6, and Mary 1.
Colby H. Hefner cash-claimed a quarter in 26, 8S 50W in 1892.
Colby proved up a quarter in 26, 8S 50W in 1893.
In 1900 Kit Carson County, "Dolby" Hefner is a stock raiser, born Sept 1846 in Kentucky, married 13 years to Mary J. May 1848 Pennsylvania, and Mary R., born Dec 1883 Kansas.
In 1902 Arriba, Colorado "E.S. Emerson and son Will, Pearl Lamm, and George Hefner were seen on our streets one day last week.

In 1910 Lincoln County, Colorado, Colby, 72, born in Kentucky, operates a boarding house, and Mary J. 62 Pennsylvania is a cook.

Mary R. Biddle is in Kit Carson County in 1910, 26, born in Kansas, widowed, with Ethel J.6, Harrison C. and Daniel E. 4
Mrs. Mary Biddler married Clyde A. Gwyn May 26, 1912, recorded in Kit Carson County.
Asa was farming in Kit Carson County in 1910. Next household is Robert I. 25, living alone. Household preceding is his parents Julius a. 65 9secont dmarriage) 28 yars to Louisa J. 51. They halso have Claude C. 20, Summerville 18, James M. 15, and Neva B. 10.
"Gwyn, R. I., Farmer and Breeder of Duroc Jersey Hogs and Holstein Cattle, S. 24, T. 7, R. 51, P. O. Flagler. Mr. Gwyn was born in Iowa in 1884, settled in the County in 1906, and married Mildreth C. Redding. They have four children."

Asa Clyde Gwyn, born Dec 30, 1882 in Iowa, is in Decatur, Burt County, Nebraska when registering for WWI - he's married to Mary Gwyn.
Mary (Hefner) "Gwynn", 1887-1920, is buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Burt County, per # 103072674.

In 1930 Clyde A. Gwyn is in Thurston, Nebraska, widowed, 47, born in Iowa, brother-in-law to either Joseph H. VanAkereen 32 or Opal V. Van Akderen, 30, both born in Nebraska.

Harrison Biddle, 24, born at "Ariby" Colorado (has to be Arriba), to Edward Biddle and Mary Hefner, married A. Leane Gilbert, born at Decatur Nebraska, living in Lyons, Nebraska, in 1929, recorded in Iowa state records.
Harrison Colby Biddle, born September 28, 1905, died March 6, 1981 in Placer County, California.
In 1930 Fresno, Ethel is married to Clinton Ploof, 32, born in Nebraska. They have Mary 8, born in Nebraska.
In 1940 Fresno, California, Ethel Ploof, 36 born in Colorado, and her daughter Mary 18, Nebraska are running a general store. Brother Daniel Biddle,, 34 a school bus driver, is with them.
Ethel J. Ploof, born Oct 30, 1903, mother's name Heffner, died in Napa County January 24, 1969.


The household preceding is George Hefner, a carpenter, 32, born in Tennessee, with Joan 19, born in Nebraska.
George M. Hefner, age 29, born in Nashville, Tennessee, married Mary E. Lindsley, 18, born in Kearney Nebraska, July 10, 1907 in Kearny.(1923 "Merwyn George, infant son of George and Mabel Hefner, was born Sept 4 and died the same day. Interment was made at the Eads cemetery."
Colby H. Hefner 1837-1917 is buried in Flagler - # 21417306 has him born 1897..

George, 40, and May 27, are in Colorado Springs in 1920, living with May's mother and stepfather Arthur and Addie Reed.
They're in Jackson County Oregon in 1940, , George 65, May 42,
George 1881-1950, per # 66329173, is buried in Jackson County.
May Lindsay Hefner married Hugh McGinty in Jackson County, Oregon between 1951-1954.
In 1953 Medford, Oregon, Hugh G. McGinty (May E.) is a logger, and they live at 1944 Stewart Avenue.

May R. (Heffner) McGinty 1891-1968, per # 66329407, is buried in Jackson County.

Colby's estate was probated in Lincoln County in 1918.

In 1891 Denver, Herbert is a clerk for the post office, living at 23 w. 18th avenue. In 1893 Denver, Herbert, still with the post office, lives at 1359 S. 13th. He earned $1,000 in 1895 working for the Federal service in Colorado, born in Wisconsin.
Herbert cash-claimed a quarter in 19, 8S 49W in 1895.

Annie L. Bills is in the 1885 Denver census, 10, born in Iowa, with Conrad M. Leonora E., Lilly M., and Frank N.

Herbert C. Hefner and Anna L. Bills married Jun 23, 1896 , recorded in Denver.
In 1900 Denver, Herbert, still a clerk, is married four years to Anna, born Aug 1875 in Iowa.

Anna L. Hefner and Herbert C. "Heefner" divorced in Denver in 1907.
Anna N. Bills married Robert Reynolds September 28, 1910, recorded in Denver.
Herbert and Dorothy C. Stanfield married March 4, 1918, recorded in Arapahoe County.
In 1918 Herbert had loaned $1,500 for Orlando Lemon, for two quarters in 3S. 54W, Washington County.
Dorothea C. Hefner married Frederick Korb Aug 24, 1921, recorded in Larimer County.
In 1920 Los Angeles, Anna L. Hefner is a clerk, 40, born in Iowa, with Earl C. 18, born in Colorado.
In 1920, Herbert C. Hefner sold three lots in Frontier City, Lincoln County, Colorado, and two lots to Frank Flindt.
He had sold two lots to Mrs. R.G. Adams in 1919.

In 1921, Herbert, born at Tomah Wisconsin May 11, 1868, and son Earl, born at Denver January 11, 1902, arrived at New York from Southampton. Herbert lived in Denver, Earl in Los Angeles.
His passport application said he was a merchant.
Herbert's estate was probated in Denver in 1926.
Also in 1926, Herbert C. Hefner had a cash claim in Morgan County, 4N 60West...

Anna L. Hefner, born August 10, 1875 in Iowa, mother Hichinlo, died March 22, 1966 in San Diego County.
"Born in Iowa on Aug. 10, 1875, Hefner settled in Los Angeles in 1906 and was active there until about 1950. She studied locally with John H. Rich at the Otis Art Institute and with Anna Hills and Edgar Payne in Laguna Beach. Her subject matter was often derived from her world travels. Hefner died in Escondido, CA on March 22, 1966. Member: Women Painters of the West. Exh: Hollywood Womens Club, 1940 (solo). "

Earl C. Hefner, born Jan 11, 1902 in Colorado, mother's name Bills, died April 21, 1994 in San Diego County.
Earl Carroll Hefner, 21, married Igerna Ferguson, 21, in Los Angeles County Sept 21, 1923.
In 1930 Los Angeles, Earl is a salesman for an oil company, with Iguna N. 28, Earl Jr. 2, and Robert A. five months, all three born in California.
In 1940 Redlands, California, Earl is managing an oil company, with Igerna N. 39, Earl Charles 12, and Robert Allen , 10.
Robert Alan Hefner married Elizabeth Sykes in Los Angeles Dec 17, 1955.
" A white lace ballerina length gown was worn by Elizabeth Sykes when she became the bride of Robert Alan Hefner during a 5 p.m. ceremony yesterday in All Saints Episcopal Church. Rev. Robert Henry officiated. The bride is the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. George Sykes and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Hefner of Spokane, Wash. Minray Pettinger gave the bride in marriage. Mrs. Lois McDonald was matron of honor and Earl C. Hefner was best man for his brother. Guests were seated by Donald O. Krog-sing and Robert C. Roick. The bride was educated in Canada and the bridegroom is a student of the Law School at University of California at Los Angeles, where he joined Acacia fraternity."

1961 Spokane, Washington
Former CNMI Superior Court presiding judge Robert Alan Hefner passed away peacefully on May 19, 2015, at his home in Port Orchard, Washington, after a long bout with cancer. He was 85.
Hefner served as the first chief judge (and, later, presiding judge) of the Northern Mariana Islands Trial Court (now the CNMI Superior Court) from 1978 until he retired from the bench in 1991. Before that, he had served for a number of years as an associate justice on the Trust Territory High Court, principally assigned to what was then the Palau Islands District (now the Republic of Palau). He was appointed to that judicial office by the U.S. Interior Secretary in the early ‘70s.
A veteran of the Korean War, Hefner attended UCLA as an undergraduate and, subsequently, the UCLA Law School where he received his law degree in 1958. He practiced law in Southern California until he was appointed assistant attorney general and, later, attorney general for the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.
He was born in Los Angeles, California on May 24, 1929. He was predeceased by his loving wife Elizabeth (lovingly known to many of their friends as “Betty”), who passed away in 2002; their son, Robert Alan Hefner Jr. (who taught at Marianas High School), who passed away in 1995; and his parents, Earl and Igerna Hefner. He is survived by his only daughter, Coral Elizabeth Hefner McCartney and four lovely grandchildren: Kelly, Forest, Thurman, and Elizabeth.
Hefner loved the islands and its people so much that he decided to devote most of his life in Micronesia. He had many friends and acquaintances in the CNMI, Palau, and throughout Micronesia. He presided over many of the high profile cases on the islands, including those dealing with the Compact of Free Association for the then-emerging Republic of Palau, as well as the first criminal jury trial in the Northern Marianas before self-government began for the CNMI.
A Celebration of Life Memorial Service will be held in his honor on June 27, 2015, at the McCormick Woods Clubhouse, at Port Orchard, Washington, from 1pm until 5pm. Food and refreshments will be served for those attending. There will also be an “open mike” available at the service for those who wish to reminisce and talk about his life and recount their experiences with him in the islands and elsewhere.
For those planning to attend Judge Hefner’s Memorial Service or to send messages of condolences, they may contact his daughter Coral Hefner McCartney at telephone number 360-876-5204 or her email address: Her residence address is: 6874 Kenfig Place S.W., Port Orchard, WA 98367.
For many of the attorneys who appeared before him, most will remember the following quotation at his desk in his chambers: “Are you here with the solution, or are you part of the problem? Indeed, Hefner will be remembered for his role in resolving many of the legal problems in Micronesia during his many years of service on the bench.
Earl C. Hefner got a BS in CE from Cal Tech in 1951, and an MS in 1952.

Earl Charles Hefner married Beverly Jean Shepard in Los Angeles December 30, 1955.
Earl, born July 19, 1927, died January 26, 2005, last residence Lomita, California.

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