Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

William A. and Lizzie (Ridpath) Helvey, son Cyrus and Mary A. Helvey. , 11 South 49 West

In 1872 Doniphan County, Kansas, W. A. Helvey signed a petition in favor of Ulysses Grant for re-election.
In 1875 Doniphan County, Kansas, William A Helvey is 26, Elisabeth 21, with Annie M. 4, and "Alfrod" M. 1.
In 1880 Sumner County, Kansas, W.A. "Helvy" is 31, "Elezabeth" 26, with A.M. 9, and A.A. 6.
They're in Wellington, Kansas in 1885, William A. a laborer, Lizzie 31, Annie M. 14, A.A. 10, Walter A. 4, AND cYRUS a. 1.
1899 Troy, Kansas "the young men from Missouri who had the trouble with Carl White and Les Anderson last week, were arrested Monday on complaint of landlord Helvey of the Hotel. The boys had been staying at the hotel for several days. Monday morning after breakfast, the landlord suggested that they pay. This they agreed to do in a short time. Later Mr. Helvey noticed that they had taken their grip from their room, but their trunk was still there. About 9 o'clock the landlord learned that the young men were seen walking west on the railroad track, carrying their grip. He immediately swore out a warrant and Under Sheriff Ramsey caught up with them about five miles west of town on the Rock Island right of way. He brought them back to town, where they were released on their own re-cognizence to appear in Justice Brown's court, Wednesday morning. Before the hour for trial Mr. Helvey dismissed the suit, the young men having settled their bill. The young men claim, they had no intention of jumping their bill but had started in the countrv to look for work. "
William and Lizzie's daughter Sarah is in Doniphan County in 1900, married to Samuel Zimmerman, a mercahndise salesman, married seven years. They have Marie 4, Ruth 3, and Wm L. eleven months.

In 1900 Ventura County, California, Alfred Halvey born Oct 1873, with Mary E. Sept 1872, both born in Kansas, have Elizabeth A. Sept 1897 California and Cyrus May 1883 Kansas.

Next household is William A. Halvey a hotel keeper, born July 1848 in Indiana, with Lizzie Nov 1853 Alabama. She's had five kids, four living. Walter Nov 1881 and Cyrus May 1883 , both in Kansas, are in school.
Walter Helvey, born in Wellington, Kansas, son of Wm. A. Helvey and Elizabeth Traut, married Bessie L. Ridpath in Des Moines, Iowa Dec 24, 1903.
1904 diretory of Doniphan County "Helvey, Wm. A. , Prop Hotel Avon, , Grocer and Slack Barrel Mnfr. "New Building - Steam Heat, Rate $2.00. "
1909 Railroad Commission

In 1910 Seibert precinct, William Helvey is 61, born in Indiana, married 40 years to Lizzie 56 Alabama, with Cyrus W. 25 Kansas. Alta Alexander,a school-teacher 21, born in Colorado, is an adopted daughter.
1911 Burlington, Colorado "W.A. Helvey, a prominent merchant of Goodland, was in the city Wednesday.

William A. Helvey proved up 181 acres in 2, 11S 49W in 1913, and 180 acres later in 1913. William Alfred Helvey, 1848-1923 is buried in Ventura County, California # 142843094, and so is Elizabeth A. 1853-1928 # 143157097.

His mother Elizabeth (Ridpath) Helvey 1817-1894 is also buried there.

Cyrus cash-claimed a quarter in section 30, 8S 49W in 1909.

Cyrus A. Helvey married Mary Haxton Jun 24, 1911, recorded in Kit Carson County.
July 1911 - Hagerstown, Indiana "It is reported that Miss Mary Haxton and Cy Helvey of Seibert, Col., are married .... Mrs. Helvey's parents are enroute for Wayne County and expected soon. "
(In 1910 Seibert precinct, Mary, 13, born in Indiana, is with her parents Joseph 52 and Orell 42, sister Lucinda 17. They'are all with her sister Gail D. Cain22, born in Illinois and her hsuband Paul H. Cain 22, Indiana. and Genevieve four months bornin Indiana.
Cyrus Alva Helvey registered for WWI with an address of Joes, Colorado, working as a deputy food inspector for "Stearnes", born May 16, 1885.
1918 Wray, Colorado
In 1920 Cyrus is farming in Eddy County, New Mexico, with Mary 24, born in Indiana. Haxton 2 was born in Colorado, Josephine 7 and Maxine 3 in Indiana.
Mary's parents Joseph and Orell were also in Eddy County in 1920, but not on the same census page.
1921 Hagerstown, Indiana "Mr and Mrs. Forest Knose are entertaining the latter's parents, Mr and Mrs. J. C Haxton and sister, Mrs C. V Helvey and children, of Kirk, Colorado. Mr and Mrs. Haxton are both well known here. Mr. Haxton was in the grocery business in Economy for twenty five years and left there three years ago on account of poor health. He went to Joes, Colorado, and from there to Malaga, New Mexico, where he engaged in farming. He then had a fine position offered him at Kirk, Colo , as manager and buyer of a large department and rented his farm and accepted the position. Mr Haxton's old friends here are glad to see him back and wish him success in his new position. Mr. and Mrs. Haxton and daughter and her children will leave next Tuesday for Colorado"
Cyrus A. Helvey and Mary Hayes Helvey divorced in Kit Carson County in 1925.
Josephine Elva Helvey married Robert George Crawford April 6, 1929, recorded in Kit Carson County.
In 1930 Kit Carson County, Maxine Helvey 14 born in Indiana and Robert A. Helvey 12 born in Kansas, are living with grandmother Orrell L. Haxton, 61, widowed.
"The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garrett died March 23rd aged 12 days. Indigestion caused the death of Essie, and Sunday her little body was laid to rest in the Akron Cemetery. Rev. E. Nolte had charge of the service at the grave. A little flower just budded on earth to bloom in heaven. How sweet to remember the words of Jesus, "Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not for such is the kigdom of heaven." The parents have the sympathy of all in their loss.
Akron Weekly Pioneer Press (Akron, Washington County) Friday, March 29, 1912 " # 67741512.
In 1921 Mrs. Charles Garrett was writing the Platner, Colorado news items for the Akron newspaper.

Charles had been in Washington County, Colorado in 1920, married to Elsie M. , with V. Eleanor 10, C. Lester 9, and Helen B. 6. Charles and Elsie divorced in Washington County in 1923.
SSDI has Charles Garrett born Sept 13, 1888, dying January 1964, last residence California.
California death index has him born Sept 13, 1887, dying January 7, 1964 in Los Angeles County, mother's name "Breckenr."
He might be the Charlie Garrett 1887-1964 buried in Olive Lawn, # 102727472.
His stone is the same style as Elsie Garrett - 1893-1972, # 102727500.

Floyd Tatro is an inmate at the Colorado State Penitentiary in 1930.

1935 Greeley "Roggen Woman Charged with Assault upon Doctor Is Given Quick Acquittal by Jury Here

The Dr Allen case went to the Jury after Mrs. Garrett's declaration not in any way touched the doctor and that he had fallen on the sidewalk to injure his side, had been | corroborated by Virginia Tatro, 12, and her father, Floyd Tatro. both of whom said they saw the incident. Both the 1 Tatros had originally been subpoenaed as stntij'o witnesses. The case was one of few to come into court here in years in which a man charged a woman with assault. Dr. Allen was tlie only witness for this case, except Dr. A. IX Kotterson of Denver who testified as to his injuries. Thoso wero not challenged by the defense. Tho story, as told by the defendant and her two supporting witnesses was as follows: On tho evening of Sept. 7 a telephone call came for Dr. Allen notifying him, of the death of his brother. Mrs. Garrett sent Virginia Tatro, who was staying with her, to call the doctor. Dr. Allen came into the office, answered his call, came out of the booth and stood staring at Mrs. Garrett. She told him that he had gotten his service and could leave now*. "I have just received some sad news," the doctor was . . . . "I have had a lot of bad news and you've caused it all," Mrs." Garrett retorted. Thereupon Allen was said to have called Mrs. Garrett a liar. Floyd Tatro said Mrs. Garrett then got up from her chair and thoe doetor started out. He went thru tho door and stood holding the screen. Mrs. Garrett milled it shut. As she did so the doctor fell against a tree located directly in front of the telephone office door. Mrs. Garrett offered to help him up. He would not allow her to do so. Tatro helped him to his [col. Tatro said he had come to visit his daughter and intended to take her to tho Keenesburg fair. He was sitting in the doorway between the office and the kitchen when the affair took place. Dr. Allon had declared that Mrs. Garrett struck him just as he was leaving and then kicked him when he was down. He admitted he did not see the kick, but said that Tatro told him the next day Mrs. Garrett had kicked him. Tatro denied making the statement, saying that the doctor had declared he had been kicked and he (Tatro) had admitted that if a man is kicked by a woman wearing high heeled shoes the kick was likely to hurt some. The exact location of the tree in front of the telephone office was the subject of much questioning, as was the nature of a wooden guard supposed to be around and against which Mrs. Garrett claimed the doctor fell after he had either slipped on the wet sidewalk or had lost his balance. Justice E. U. English, who presided, had to rap for order frequently during the trial as spectators wcro convulsed with laughter."
Elsie Garrett married Floyd Tatro Dec 23, 1935, recorded in Arapahoe County.
In 1940 Los Angeles, Floyd Tatro is 38, born in Kansas, Elsie 46 Nebraska, wtih Charles 16 COlorado. Maxine Garret 11 born in Colorado is with them. All were in Roggen, Colorado in 1935.
William F. Tatro, born July 29, 1901 in Kansas, died June 23, 1973 in Los Angeles.
He's probably the one buried in Los Angeles County # 72149566.

Per one tree, Helen Garrett married Basil Smith in California, divorced him, then married Dale E. McCord in Los Angeles in 1966.
Helen Maxine McCord 1928-2001 is buried in Mesa, Arizona # 66679132.
Vesta Leanor Garrett married Ray Calvin Emick Aug 22, 1925, recorded in Morgan County, Colorado- one tree said she died in 1929 there.
But state records show they divorced in Morgan County in 1929...maybe that's an error, and it was really a probate. Leanor Garrett Emick, 1909-1929 is buried in Akron # 75614461.


Mary Helvey married Charles Garrett in Littleton , Colorado Febrauary 2, 1935.
In 1940 Denver, Mary Garrett, 42, born in Indiana, is married to Charlie Garrett, a watchman, 52, born in Nebraska. Both were in Goodland, Kansas in 1935. Also in Denver is Haxton A. Helvey, divorced, 24, born in Kansas, in Goodland Kansas in 1940, a truck driver. He's listed as the son of George 64 or Hebe 62 Swearings. Also listed is George or Hebe's sister-in law Viola Ruth Garrett, 42, divorced, borni nPennsylvania, and a daughter of George or Hebe's, Anna G. Green single, bornin CColorado.

Maxine Avis Helvey married Reginald A. Tunstead June 23, 1935, recorded in Denver.
MAXINE AVIS TUNSTEAD Passed away on Thursday, November 11, 2004, in her home on Thornhill Drive in Oakland, California, at the age of eighty-eight after suffering with a long illness due to respiratory problems and advanced arthritis. She was the beloved wife of Reginald A. Tunstead for sixty-nine years, who passed away just one year earlier. She is survived by her loving son, Adam Hayes, who resides in New York City. She and her husband were well traveled and enjoyed many cruises around the world.
It will be a comfort to all who knew and loved her, that she is no longer burdened by her earthy infirmities. She will now be free to express her true essence, to once again be with the love of her life, to dance and laugh once more. She will be greatly missed by those she left behind. Her last resting place will be entombment at the Chapel of the Chimes Mausoleum in Piedmont, California" # 31299575.

Haxton Helvey is in Goodland Kansas, in 1940, divorced, a truck driver.
In 1948 Haxton and Grace are living in Denver at 3715 Monroe.
Haxton A. Helvey, 1917-1976 is buried in Thornton, Colorado, # 45087247. So is Grace L. Helvey 1917-1986 # 45087248.

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