Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Frank and Ruth Arbella James , 8 South 49 West

In 1880 Clarke County, Iowa, Evan Lee is 27, Belle 25, with Bertha 6, Ida 4, and Dacie 1.
Ida is probably the Ida Allie Lee who married Charles Howland in 1898, and were Seibert in 1907.

Evan is probably in Marion County, Iowa in 1860 - saying he was born in Iowa. Brothers Thomas J. Lee, 1855-1919. and Josiah Lee 1843-1901, died in Brush, Colorado.
In 1870 Lucas County, Iowa, Harvey Lee 58, Evan 54 - brother- Elizabeth 57, Evan Lee 17, Anna 20, Thomas 15, and Andrew 11.
Evan Lee and Lillie May Wood had Florence May Lee Jun 17, 1891 in Clarke County.
Harley Lee, son of Evan and Lillie May Woods, was born about 1893.

If anyone has information about the parents of "Belle", please let us know.
E.C. Lee, age 31, married Belle Rice, 23 in Decatur County, Iowa, June 4, 1877. But this one died in 1928, buried in Cedar Falls.
Amanda Ellen Cherryholmes, in Lucas County in 1856, 1860, and 1870, apparently married a Gibbs and died in 1935.

Frank might have been in Shiawassee County, Michigan in 1870, 25, with John B. James, 56, farming, both born in New York.
There's a Frank James in 1880 Jewell County, Kansas, a preacher, born in New York. He's boarding with the Ira and Mariah Wallace family, so they might have given the information.
In 1900 Kit Carson County, Frank is a stock raiser, born Nov 1842 in New York, married four years to Ruth A. born May 1855 in Iowa. She's had four kids two living.
Next household is Paudacy (Candacy) G. Lee, stepdaughter, born June 1879 in Iowa.
Arbella timber-claimed a quarter in 22, 8S 49W in 1903.
Frank cash-claimed a quarter in 23, 8S 49W in 1908.

Candacy married Clay D. Frankfather in Seibert February 16, 1902.
Trhanks to the Farnkfather family.

In 1910 Kit Carson County they have Dwight L. 5.
(Clay E. was with his parents Samuel S. 61 and Annie M. 55 in Kit Carson County in 1900, sister Mabel 20 and Gracie M. 14.)
Clay Dengoree Frankfather registered with a Seibert address, born August 28, 1876, a merchant.

In 1910 Flagler, Colorado, Frank James is managing a pool hall, 65, born in New York married 16 years to Arbella, 52, Indiana - her second marriage. She's had four children, two living.
In 1911 and 1912 Frank was a stockholder in the Flagler State Bank.
Ruth Arbelle James, per # 37921652, 1855-1913 is buried in Seibert.
In 1918 Dacy is both Sunday School superintendent and treasurer of the 80-member Congregational Church in Seibert.

In 1920 Seibert, Colorado, Dacy Frankfather is a post office clerk, Clay no occupation, and they have only Dright L. 15.
Clay and Dacy are in the 1927 Denver directory, living at 91 Bannock - so is Dwight L..
In 1930 they're in Kit Carson County, where Dacy is a teacher, and Clay has no occupation.
Dwight Frankfather married Helen Heller June 28, 1936, recorded in Jefferson County.
In 1959 Denver, Clay and Dacy live at 115 S. Sherman, and Dwight L. (Helen) is a salesman in Boulder, living at 2027 S. Grant.

Dacy 1879-1961 is buried in Denver # 71451864, with Clay Demaree Frankfather 1876-1966 # 71451822.

Jasper N. James cash-claimed a quarter in 6, 9S 46W in 1891.
Thomas James proved up a quarter in 33, 6S 48W in 1913.

John C. James cash-claimed a quarter in 30, 9S 42W in 1890.
Lyle James proved up a quarter in 34, 6S 43W in 1925.

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