Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

William Kivett, brother Elihu Kivett, niece Korwinna M. "Winnie" Kivett, 8 South 49 West

In 1870 Dallas County, Iowa, Levi "Kiveett" is 41, Elizabeth 34, with Elihu 12, William 10, Oscar 7, and Clarence 1.

In 1900 Jewell County Kansas, Elizabeth is widowed, born March 1846 Indiana., Elihu Sept 1867, Clarence January 1879, and Vernon January 1882.

On the same page is Oscar 27, married to Clara E. 27, with Minnie 5 and Mina 3.
In 1910 Kit Carson County, Elihu is farming, 42, Indiana, living alone.
Next household is William , 40, Iowa, married nine years to Jessie A. 31, Iowa. Clayton L. 7, Elmer L. 6, Estel 2, and Robert L. five months were all born in Kansas.

William proved up two quarters in 31, 8S 49W in 1914.

Elihu proved up two quarters in 7, 9S 49W in 1914.

Korwinna M. Kivett proved up a quarter in 23, 11S 48W in 1917.
In 1920 Kit Carson County, Elihu is still single, 52.
E. Kivett - no dates - has a stone in Seibert # 36383646. So that's a possibility for Elihu's burial.

William and Jessie are in Kit Carson County in 1920, with Clayton L. 17, Elmer L. 16, Lucile 12, and Robert L. 10.
"Kivett, William, Farmer and Breeder of Registered Poland China Hogs, S. 31, T, 8, R. 49, P. O. Seibert. Mr. Kivett was born in Iowa in 1869, settled in the County in 1910, and married Jessie A. Pearson. They have four children. "

Clayton L. Kivett and Julia J. Howard, both of Seibert, married in Burlington 8/9/1924, witness Ruth Howard.

William working at a sawmill, and Jessie are in Lane County, Oregon in 1930, with Robert L. 20 and grandson Kenneth H. one month.
In 1940 Lane County, William and Jessie are living with Clayton d family - Clayton is 37, Birdie E. 39, Lois A. 14 - Colorado, Kenneth H. 10, Kermitt a. 8, Cleta L. 4.
William 1869-1948 is buried in Lane County # 8831905 - married Jessie Pearson in Kansas Jan 1, 1901, survived by Jessie, Clayton of Springfield, Elmer of Creswell, Lucille Tye and Robert, both of San Francisco, brother Oscar of Grand Junction, Colorado.

Oscar Kivett 1873-1954 is buried in Grand Junction, Colorado # 32105055.

December 5, 1885
1892 Phillipsburg "Mrs. Kivett, who has just lately moved to town, has opened up a store on the west side."

In 1900 Phillips County, Kansas, Richard R. McAuly is 81, Margaret 65, and granddaughter "Korwina" Kivett born Oct 1885 in Kansas, is with them.
In 1910 Phillips County, Kansas, Margaret A. Mccauley is 76, widowed, born in Ohio, and granddaughter Korwinna M. Kivett 24, Kansas is with her.
Korwinna's uncle William E. McAuley is in Kit Carson County in 1930, widowed, 69 born in Iowa, with son Donald 25 Kansas.
Korwinna's mother was Elnora McAuley Kivett 1857-1898 buried in Phillips County # 29150738.
1895 Phillipsburg, Kansas "Last Sunday some one unknown broke down the back door of Mrs. Kivett's store during her absence. Nothing was taken except some fruit and candy. Probably some boys with sweet tooths did the deed."

In 1896 Phillipsburg, Kansas "A new lot of millinery goods just received by Mrs. Kivett. She has secured the services of a fashionable milliner to do her trimming."
"Mrs. Kivett has just received a new and complete stock of millinery, which will be sold at unheard-of low prices. Will take eggs in exchange for goods."

On Wednesday morning the people of this city were startled at the announcement that Mrs. Kivett was dead.
For several years Mrs. Kivett has been a sufferer from heart trouble and has several times seemed almost at death's door, but she would rally again and apparently be improving when she would again be seized with a return attack of this most treacherous disease. Lately symptoms of dropsy began to make its appearance and on the advice of her physician, Dr. Nelson, she went to Topeka a couple of weeks ago for treatment at Christ's Hospital. She received no benefit from the hospital treatment and so notified her father, who immediately went to Topeka and finding that her death was only a question of a few days, brought her home Tuesday night that she might spend her last few hours among her friends at home. She lingered until Wednesday morning when she quietly breathed her last.
Mrs. Elnora Kivett was the daughter of R. R. and M. A. McAuley, was born in Jackson county, Iowa, January 27, 1856; came to this county 19 years ago where she was married to Mr. Kivett. One child, Winifred was born to them. Mr. Kivett died some years ago. Mrs. Kivett has lived in this city for several years where she has been engaged in the millinery business in connection to her novelty store, which business she continued up to the time of her death.
Funeral services were held at 1 o'clock this afternoon at the Methodist church conducted by Rev. H. P. Mann.
[Phillipsburg Herald, Phillipsburg, Kansas, September 15, 1898, submitted by Mary Kay Krogman]
In 1898 Phillips County, R.R. McAuley was the administrator of the estate of Elnora Kivett.

1901 Phillipsburg, Kansas

Korwinia Minnie Kivett died Jan 13, 1919 and is buried in Phillips County Kansas, per # 29150730.

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