Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Jeremiah and Candacy (Wells)(Goben) Lee, possible sister Arbella Lee, son Robert Evan Lee, brother or son John H. Lee , 8 South 49 West

One tree says that Harvey Lee 1812-1893 died in Lucas County and Elizabeth Wilson 1812-1882, had John 1834-1905, Jeremiah 1846- ,Jerry 1848-, and Evan 1853- - others liste In 1856 Marion County, Iowa, Harvey is 43, Elizabeth 52, Winny 17, Margaret 15, Josiah 10, Jermiah 8, Arrena 6, Evan 3, and Thomas 1.

In 1860 Marion County Iowa, Harvey is 48, Elisabeth 46, Winney 22, Josiah 17, Jeremiah 12, Arena 10, Even 7, Thomas J. 5, Andrew J. 2.
In Kit Carson County, Evan Lee cash-claimed a quarter in 34, 8S 49W in 1893.
John H. Lee proved up a quarter in 29, 8S 49W in 1900

Arbella claimed a quarter in 22, 8S 49W in 1891 by scrip - originally Fredrick C. Paine, private in Captain Stevens Company New York Militia and his widow Susanna E. Paine.


Jeremiah Lee is in Clarke County, Iowa in 1870, 22, married to Amanda S. 21, with Robert E. Lee 2, and Corena E. Lee eight months.
Amanda might be the Amanda Comer in 1850 Warren County, Iowa, age 1, born in Illinois, with Irene Comer 21 and Hardin 2.
In 1854 Liberty Township, Clarke County, Iowa, John D. Comer has two males and two females in his household.
They're in the John Roberts 40 family.
In 1855 Lucas County, Harden is 8, Mandie 7, and Serena 28 is married to John Roberts.

In 1860 Lucas County, "Sirena Roberts" 30, "Harden Conner" is 12, Amanda 11, still with the John Roberts family.
One obituary from the Chariton, Iowa area said "Hardin Conner, who died at Davenport while on his return home from service."
Harden Comer, age 18, residence Clarke County, Iowa, enlisted May 9, 1864, and mustered out Sept 23, 1864 at Davenport,."

In 1880, Jeremiah and Amanda are in Lucas County, Iowa, with Robert 12, Cora 10, John H. 8, Viola V. 6, and Charles L. 1.

(Viola per one tree married Alexander Allen, and in 1900 they're in Las Animas County, Colorado Alex 37, Viola V. 27, Thomas G. 7, and Elizabeth A. 3.
The tree said they lived in Denver in 1910, Routt County in 1920, and Viola 1873-1928 is buried in Denver # 31798097)

"William D. Goben, born Abt. November 12, 1846 in Des Moines County, Iowa. He married Candacy Abt. 1879 in Iowa; born 1854 in Missouri."
Candacy is likely the Candacy Wells in 1860 Missouri, sister of Clinton Wells.
In 1880 Lucas County, Iowa, Candacy Goben is 27, born in Missouri, with probably husband William D. Goben 35, born in Iowa. They're living with William's brother Jesse A. Goben and his family - five kids.
William D. Goben died Dec 17, 1881 at age 37 years 18 days and is buried in Lucas County, Rose Hill Cemetery.

Jeremiah Lee, age 35, married Candacy Goben, 30 in Lucas County Iowa July 19, 1883.

In 1885 Lucas County, Iowa, Jerry Lee is 35, a butcher born in Marion County, Iowa, with Candacie 31, Missouri.
In 1885 Lucas County, Evan Lee is 17, Cora 15, John 13, Viola 11, and Charles 5. All were born in Lucas County.

Elizabeth O. Lee was born June 9, 1887 in Cleveland County, Iowa to Jeremiah Lee and Candacy Well Lee.

Jeremiah Lee cash-claimed a quarter in 25, 8S 49W in 1891, and with Candacy Lee proved up a quarter in 28, 8S 49W in 1907.
Jeremiah Lee -1847-1899 is buried in Seibert # 37961068.
In 1900 Kit Carson County "Paudacy Ree" is a stock raiser, widowed, born January 1853 in Missouri, with Belle B. A. June 1887 in Iowa. On the same page are Frank and Ruth A. James, with stepdaughter Candacy G. Lee, June 1879 Iowa, a teacher.

Candacy G. Lee married Clay D. Frankfather February 16, 1902, recorded in Kit Carson County. THIS IS A DIFFERENT ONE
In 1910 Kit Carson County, Candacy Lee is 58, with daughter Arbelle 23 and her husband Levi P. Manion, 27, and their daughter "Bulah" 3.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Arbelle Manion is 23, married to Levi P. Manion 27. They have Bulah 3, and Candacy Lee 58 born in Iowa. is with them. <
In 1920 Candacy is 67, born in Missouri, farming
br> In 1930 Denver Levi P. is 47, a carpenter, with Belle E. 42, and her mother Candacy Lee, 77, Missouri. Philip C. Ferrelli, 27 and Beulah Ferelli 22 are with them.
In 1932 Denver, Phil J. Ferretti (Beulah M.) is a secretary for the Gardner Agency, and they live at 81 W. Cedar.
In 1940 Denver Levi and Bell still have "Lee Condacy" 87 with them, and daughter Beulah Fretti, 20,
Ancestry says Candacy (Wells) Lee buried in Denver 1853--1946 # 71451799.

One tree said Robert Evan Lee died in Canon City.
Robert E. Lee married Ida May Davis July 4, 1899, recorded in Gunnison County.

In 1900 Fremont County, Robert E. born Jan 1870 in Iowa, married one year to Ida May March 1880 Iowa, have no kids. Robert is a butcher. In 1910 they have Mabel 9, Robert 8, and John 6.
In 1920 Fremont County, Colorado, Robert Evan Lee is a retail merchant, 51, born in Iowa, with Ida M. 45, Iowa. Mabel is 20, Robert 18, John 16, June 9, Dorothy T. 3, and an uncle William H. Davis 71 born in Wales is living with them.
In 1930 Ida is 50, widowed, father and mother both born in Wales. June is 19, Dorothy 12.
John E. Lee, 21, married Geraldine E. Moss, 18, on March 24, 1925 in Pueblo, Colorado.
In 1930 they're in Platte County, Wyoming, Geraldine is 23, born in Missouri.

Helen June Lee born 1910 married James Elsworth Corwin 1902-1982, and died 1995 in Vancouver, Washington .
June is in the Chicago census of 1930, too, with sister Mabel Sells 29, and her husband Robert W. Sells 30, both born in Colorado. their Daughter Barbara is eight months old.
Robert had been in Fremont County, Colorado in 1920.
Mabel is in Morgan County Colorado in 1940, divorced, (had been in Greeley in 1935). She's a high school teacher, and has Barbara L. 10 born in Illinois. Lodging with a Da mailman's family.
Mabel 1900-1966 is buried in Vancouver, Washington # 52317656.
Dorothy Lee is in Greeley in 1940, 23, a teacher, living alone.

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